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  1. At this stage in life somethings are a given. Evidently you are beyond(or not up to date) the rest of us. jaja!
  2. Thanks! It seems every year things change. They must be trying to keep everyone busy. jaja
  3. Thanks John but the only reason I brought the color up is because recently the different agencies have requested curp printed directly from the website not copies. Currently on the site the curp is in color rather than b&w and in a new format which is larger than the previous wallet sized version. Also if you use Telmex do they want all the pages?
  4. What documentation did you take for your renewal? Did they require the new color curp pages or accept black & white copies?
  5. hmm just above Adelitas and 1/2 block west
  6. With the excell ent bus system here Lakeside it is doable. Chapala or Jocotepec.
  7. Certainly took long enough. I was 69 when the whispers started and now I am almost 72. I watched alot of paint dry but AT LAST!
  8. Hasn't he been closed for awhile now?
  9. Hmm! exactly. Why request irritation. Unless you guys are bored?
  10. I remember paying 8.5 pesos@litre at the end of Nov 2018. Juan says it will be 11 soon. I paid 10.79 today.
  11. Folks there are no experts in this area. Be aware of whats going on around you.
  12. Alot of money was put into this project. It will take some time to make it back. Let 's hope the y can manage and cook well enough to keep it open.
  13. I know but I thought I would ask. LOL! That is what should happen----But not here!
  14. Are any of the developers going to pay for the necessary improvements to the roads,water sewage and etc as part of the deal? Is there a possibility that the people responsible fo r this problem will be willing to take some of the grease off their palms to take care of what the developers do not?
  15. You are right to be concerned because she could have sight and hearing problems. But! What about all the fearless (mostly moto) drivers that daily disobey traffic laws and either are involved in or cause many accidents.
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