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  1. Same here, 7 years of bringing stuff into Mexico for our house, never once paid duty or was asked to, even when we got the red light. This includes food items, sheets, towels, stereo system, lamps that fit into luggage, etc.
  2. Hi All Seems like we need to have a yard sale this weekend and I am looking for local help, preferable English speaking and someone who has done this before. Alas Julie is busy. Any suggestions out there?
  3. Hola Does anyone know if Estaben the electric garage door repair man is still around? I called the numbers I had for him but got no answer. Our garage doors keep opening and closing - not good. Muchas gracias
  4. Pappysmarket........your post reads A little more advice. We always got a 50% deposit at booking with the balance due 60 days from arrival. If they questioned why we responded that almost all of our business came from the internet, not walk ins. A cancellation almost always resulted in an empty room. This policy is quite common for vacation rentals. Does this mean you get the full rent upfront before the person comes in? Or is the other half due 60 days after they arrive? Just wondering.....thank you!
  5. I brought down 2 magic jack pluses for spares in case mine blew out. I would sell one if you wish.
  6. Hi all, Wanting some advice on granite kitchen counters...... can they or do they need to be polished, or sealed periodically? They do look like they could stand a polish at least, Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.
  7. Are we all talking about the same malecon? I walked down it today and took some pictures. There are many many shade trees. If I could post a pic here I would. I also took a pic of the hideous mish mash of stuff planted around the side of the amphitheatre. It is just an eyesore of mismatched plantings. I find it hard to believe that a degreed horticulturalist planted that mess. I guess its the same story as always....we come here and think we know better than the people who actually have lived here for years, we think OUR idea of what is good or attractive should prevail.
  8. The pier as it sits is not only an eyesore but a hazard. A renovation is welcome and needed. Since the topic of trees and plantings on the malecon is mentioned here I do not understand why people want to plant misc. trees, and unwanted items from the gardens of others down there. IMO it was fine when it was just grass and palms, lots of room for kids to play and families to get together and a clear view of the lake from all angles. Some of those trees will undoubtedly grow to eventually obscure all view of the lake. Plus there is no manpower to maintain and no planning at all to the plantings. It looks like a mish mash. I apologize in advance if I offended whomever did all this work, but I think your energies could be put to better use on another project. The malecon was more beautiful and enjoyable before this.
  9. Hello ! Our metal garage doors are not closing properly, they do not actually close together neatly but rather overlap and leave a gap. Can anyone recommend someone who can work on these and adjust them properly? Gracias!
  10. Another vote for Carmen, plus there is a guarantee.
  11. Thank you! Finally got through on the cell number. Apparently the office phone is temporarily out of service due to problems with weather.
  12. Still no luck getting through to Spring Clean, anyone else have a suggestion? Coming soon and don't want to clean the house when I get there....lol Gracias!
  13. No I have been dialing correctly, and I have reached others 011 52...etc. Tried the cell phone number but no answer, at least it rang!
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