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  1. Renewing system in home theater, I have the following pieces up for sale all in immaculate condition, as you can imagine they didn't get abused as they were used in a Hometheater server application. Gigabyte H87-d3h , LGA 1150 socket, 32gb ram maximum, sata 6gb/sec , asking 1799 pesos Intel core I5 4570 quad core 3.2 ghz, 3.6 boost. $ 1,600 (have original heatsink) Cooler-master water cooling solution Seidon 240m, absolutely silent under normal operation, 2 x 120mm fans 240mm radiator. $ 1,499 Ultra X4 fully modular power supply, 1050w output, 80 plus certified. nice cables etc $1450, All items are boxed as new, and are from a fully climate controlled room. Reason for sale is upgrading. Would make a real nice mid level rig for someone. If you want to take the lot we can work out a price for everything. More photos upon request to interested parties. P.M's welcomed.
  2. Happy_guy

    agente aduanal/customs broker

    Cheers Spencer.
  3. Hi can anyone recommend a good customs broker here in Jalisco, i need to bring in some speaker kits that id like to build value around 1500 bucks, so its a small import, and a few that i have contacted are looking for container loads etc ... thanks for the help
  4. Happy_guy

    Mexican Credit Card

    I Have Santander Light, the interest rates are scary, 36.5% !! but if like me you are a "totalero" (pay the total balance of the card on the due date) then the interest rates are of no concern. You can use the cut off dates and enjoy upto 50 days interest free credit as long as you are totally disciplined and pay in full on the due date. regards
  5. Happy_guy

    Exterior security door

    I have bought various ones from homedepot's "Gensteel" line and they a great for the price, last one i paid 6,000 pesos and 350 for delivery, iirc its the "Texas" model and has a wood look finish to it. Nice doors for the price. mesurements are 217 cm x 94cm
  6. Happy_guy

    Asking about hot water heaters again.

    We have a 280 liter high pressure (because we use a 70lb pressurized pump) solar heater and its awesome! Great for the 2 of us, and always have very hot water available even after 2-3 days cloudy weather.
  7. Happy_guy

    Cost to Build

    Hi, average will be between 4,000 and 5,500 per sq meter medium grade, 7,500 to sky's the limit high end. Ball park
  8. Happy_guy

    New Amazon Prime Streaming Content

    hi guys, i use getflix a pretty good unblocker, works 100% for amazon prime, but is a little sketchy at times for U.S based netflix. I would say 85-90% of the time its working, I also have to recommend Billions (US netflix) that's really addictive. I have full 11.1 atmos but sadly i can only find disc based media so far, hopefully netflix will upgrade sooner rather than later.
  9. Good morning , I trust everyone is well. Does anyone know where i can buy/rent a nitrogen cylinder (dry) 4500 psi, or if there is any service for tank filling locally , scuba/scba to 3000 psi compressed air would be fine. I tried the local Gotcha place on the chapala-guad highway but they only have Co2 and its no good for my purpose, Im also not sure if the "bomberos" would have a compressor or be willing to fill? thanks in advance Gary
  10. Happy_guy

    Dichos, refranes y citas

    How about this one, very popular too.. Seeming its my first post i think its alos quite fitting.. camaron que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente. Translation .. literally .. the shrimp that sleeps gets carried away by the current(tide). meaning.. he who hessitates looses! HAHA. saludos Gareth.