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  1. Thank you all for your help and especially Sonia. I can’t find the title and have been approved by the State of Florida to receive a replacement in about 15 days. Thank you again Yo1, RVGRINGO,CHILLIN, RickS. Sonia I see you help with MX driver’s license, I need one of those too so I’ll be contacting you soon. I sincerely appreciate all your help. SirGadabout
  2. I don’t know why but I waited a very long time before I finally became Permanente, the sticker on my windshield is from before they started requiring a deposit. Also the US plates have been expired for several years. I have Mexican insurance through Lewis and Lewis in California. I’ve been driving the car here for 12 years without an accident but I know it could happen and I’m concerned that the Mexican Insurance company would use the rules to keep from paying. In order to take it out of Mexico I need to buy insurance and tag from Florida where it was last registered which is not a problem. I want to take the car to Aduana at the border and get the sticker removed and the car taken out of the system. The car gives me very good service, has never left me stranded and I wouldn’t mind driving it until it’s ready for the junk yard but to save myself from all the worry and bother I’ll be glad to buy a new car with Mexican Plates.
  3. I just realized that Yo1 said “you can get a permission through INM to remove it within 5 days.” Does that mean that since I already have Permanente I need to get permission from INM and then I have 5 days to get the auto to the border? It’s a very good car in very good condition with only 93K miles but 12 years old and Kelly Blue Book says it’s only worth about 1500usd.
  4. Suppose I was able to make it to Aduana at the border where they remove the TIP?
  5. After becoming Residente Permanente, how much time does one have to turn in the TIP and take the foreign auto out of Mexico?
  6. Septics101 (Full Course): A Guide to Septic System Maintenance Funded by a grant from the Washington State Department of health Learn how on-site sewage systems (septic systems) function and how to take care of them. This video shows the entire course (5 video chapters) and runs about 19 minutes. You can also view each video chapter separately.
  7. Some of these posts are using the term Septic Tank and maybe those with a lot of land do have a septic tank, you can find the description of septic tank at the following URL https://www.google.com/webhp?tab=mw&authuser=1&ei=fGkHVOvrCYnMsQTw94GAAw&ved=0CAUQqS4oAg#authuser=1&q=septic+tank But since a septic system requires a drainfield that uses a lot of land area, they are not suitable for densely built communities like what Riberas del Pilar has become and septic tanks should be prohibited in areas adjacent to water bodies with fish or shellfish intended for human consumption, improperly maintained and failing septic systems contribute to pollution levels that can force harvest restrictions and/or commercial or recreational harvest closures But what almost all of properties in Riberas del Pilar have is not a septic tank but a simple cesspool, you can find the description at https://www.google.com/webhp?tab=mw&authuser=1&ei=fGkHVOvrCYnMsQTw94GAAw&ved=0CAUQqS4oAg#authuser=1&q=cesspools and cesspools must be pumped out every three or 4 months, which is not cheap otherwise raw sewage is running out into the streets and can and does have a filthy odor. Even if you have your cesspool pumped regularly, your neighbor will not and it has been reported that at times the streets are full of water overflowing from the cesspools and the odor is overcoming.
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