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  1. I did a google search to see if I could find some kind of official page about that document, and there's not much. But I found this page for an immigration lawyer in Mexico City, and it makes reference to it. https://www.diamsc.com/post/naturalización-mexicana-carta-de-naturalización-en-méxico-ciudadanía-mexicana They mention a "constancia de flujo migratorio" and "constancia de historial migratorio". I have no idea what the difference is. But I'm pretty sure one of these is what you'll need if they question your stamps. According to this page, these documents can't be older tha
  2. As far as I know, they check the passport stamps meticulously. I was strongly advised by SRE on my first visit to have the copies of the passport pages in color, and magnified. By all accounts I've read, they check the stamps very carefully, and expect both the entry and exit stamps to be there. They checked them in front of me before the application was accepted, and I assume they corroborate this with immigration later. INM has to sign off on your citizenship application and presumably they check their own records before doing so. When you get your entry and exit stamps, INM keeps track
  3. No. You are still a Canadian citizen effective from the date of your birth. The certificate is "proof" that you are a citizen, but you are technically still a citizen even without the document. There's a form to fill out to declare that it was lost, stolen or you never received it. That is a good first step. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/solemn-declaration-citizenship-certificate-lost-stolen-destroyed.html
  4. One case where it is important to do it the right way is if you ever want to apply for citizenship. If you apply for citizenship, they will carefully scrutinize your entries and exits to make sure you meet the time in country requirements. Any discrepancies may prevent them from accepting your application. Some people are asked to prove their entries and exits by formally requesting a print out from the INM, which they can actually provide, so they are tracking it. In a citizenship group I was following I saw people saying they had problems from not checking in and out properly when crossing b
  5. You can see a lot of the questions here: Mexican Naturalization Flash Cards If you just want a document not a website, here's a PDF with the same questions: Mexican Naturalization Study Guide They haven't been letting people take the exam since March, and these questions were current at that time. I found you have to be careful with which guides you study (apart from the official sources), because a lot of them contain old questions that are not being asked anymore, and sometimes incorrect answers since they are just being put together by other people who are studying for the exa
  6. Did you get in touch with them? I really think you should before making a trip to Mexico City for this. I don't have time to go through all the DOF entries where they keep changing and updating everything, but here's two relevant ones: https://dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5591687&fecha=16/04/2020 "SEXTO a) Durante el periodo que comprende del 20 al 30 de abril de 2020 se suspende la atención y recepción de las solicitudes y cualquier trámite relativo a los procedimientos administrativos de nacionalidad, naturalización y artículo 27 constitucional, que proporciona la Di
  7. You can't apply right now due to COVID-19. They haven't been accepting applications since March.
  8. I've never heard of them directly soliciting a bribe either, but I don't doubt that there are lawyers or facilitators who can make things go more smoothly. In my experience taking the test, it was done in the office of a higher ranking official, the "subdelegado" I believe, not with the same front-line workers who checked all of the other paperwork. They are federal officials and probably aren't going to straight-up ask you for a few hundred pesos or something like a municipal traffic cop. If anything shady is going on, is probably going to be through lawyers offering "expedited" services
  9. Here is a study guide for the new test with questions & answers in English. It is a compilation based on other study materials that can be found on Quizlet & Cram, but with original translations and any answer making it into the guide was vetted on Wikipedia before being copied from those other sites. Mexican Naturalization Study Guide Here is the same guide in Spanish. Guía de estudio para el examen de naturalización mexicana Here are the questions on Quizlet. Quizlet Flashcards The questions are changing and they keep adding new ones, so it's not enough
  10. I applied in Cancun, under the category of having a Mexican child. Here's a few of the general requirements that were slightly different from the listed requirements in the DNN3 form and on the SRE website: 1) The DNN3 form says to provide the filled out form and 2 photocopies of it. On the first visit I had the original filled out in ink, and 3 photocopies. They told me that if one copy is filled out with ink, all of the copies must be filled out by hand with ink also, no photocopies. They also wanted the original + 3 copies. In the end I filled it out in Acrobat Reader and provided 4 pr
  11. I applied last year somewhere else. Not surprising it's different in each delegation. There were several requirements that are not listed on the SRE website where I did it. I downloaded the payment form from the SRE website and paid at a bank, before my first visit to SRE.
  12. My guess is that they will not accept your application without the passports covering the years for the residency requirement, or the print out from INM. The constancia de flujo migratorio from INM is not in the requirements, but from what I understand, they ask you for it if your passport stamps are not legible. If you don't have passport stamps to show, I'm guessing that they will ask you for this. You would need it before you submit your application. After your application is accepted, one of the steps you see in the status page they give you is waiting for it to be approved by immigra
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