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  1. Addendum, 2020-07-23 It's been a year and a half wearing the overdentures on my upper arch, with no problem at all. They're very comfortable, and an easy and complete removal for cleaning is a real advantage. As mentioned in the original post, at night I'll wear my night guard, as it's much smaller, just covering the top of the teeth, and thus allows free flow of saliva. I purchased the night guard 3.5 years ago, specifying Lucitone FRS (a nylon resin rather than the default acrylic) and it's still going strong! The overdenture is so comfortable and protected the upper teeth so well,
  2. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions. From expert advice earned from years of experience, to valuable laymen's experiences, all are most helpful. I learned a lot! Thanks again.
  3. From what little I understand, adding lots of new subscribers does not degrade DSL (as each subscriber has separate, physical wires to the telco), but will degrade cable internet (which has a shared circuit). What about fiber optic?
  4. Would 20 minutes of keeping the milk at a simmer (with bubbles coming up, a slow boil) for 20 minutes do the job? I'd read that 13 minutes at sea level will kill most water-borne parasites... Plus a minute for every 1,000 feet in elevation. So that's another 5 minutes, plus an extra couple minutes for a safety margin, so that's 20 minutes total).
  5. I don't know what Dental Express' policy is regarding walk-ins. I would suggest giving them a call and ask for a free consultation with Dr. Edgard or Dr. Rodrigo, whoever has the next available opening. Dr. Rodrigo did the actual overdenture work. Dr. Sergio also has experience with overdentures (I've never met him). The same design that holds a nightguard in place. I think it's made just a little smaller than the actual teeth, so the overdenture "snugs in". Also, it has protrusions that act as "space holders" for my missing teeth, to keep the remaining teeth fro
  6. [Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner. I'm simply relating my experience in case it's useful to you. Each person's situation is different. What works for me might not work for you. Please consult your dentist for professional counsel tailored to your unique situation.] This is not a widely-promoted option in the West, as mentioned by a dental research organization (based in India) in this study: The cost of the overdenture? 4900 MXN My overdenture is basically a heavy-duty plastic night guard that you wear during the day, at meals, etc. It's worn on the upper arch
  7. I purchase 100 pesos of credit every 59 days to keep my cellphone alive. I used to transfer all 100 pesos of these paid credits to a friend's phone, and I simply use my "regalo" or gift credits for my limited use. (actually, I specify 94 or 95 pesos, because there is a 5 peso fee added, so the total is under my 100 peso balance) However, now when I try to initiate the Pasa Tiempo transfer right after having purchased 100 pesos of credits (and thus having a 100 peso paid credits balance), I get this message: "Estimado usuario para poder realizar tu solicitud es necesario tengas r
  8. Just for those who are trying to find his office: Saw the place the other day. No big sign on the garage. But there's a little sign, easy to miss. If it helps: Address is 106 Carretera Poniente. North side of the Carretera, and as mentioned -- on the lateral.
  9. From what I understand, there's no sign outside. If that's true, I wonder why?
  10. Sure enough, an odd charge appeared on his Telmex bill. Examining his past bills, he found a number of odd charges, ranging from 90 pesos to 200 pesos. Some were labeled "Salud" or health insurance. Another was labeled "emergency health call". I think there was at least one odd charge per month. He said Telmex was very good and helpful (they pretty much have to be since they are the ones who “provide” their clients’ phone number lists to third parties). He was refunded immediately for the extra charges. And those particular charges were blocked. However, they said there will probably
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