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  1. 16 hours ago, slainte39 said:

    Who were these "politicians" before they were elected?  You speak as though they are imported from some distant planet.  And how do they manage to do so well in getting elected in a democracy of native citizens?  Are superior intellectual people incapable of being politicians or getting elected?

    Do you have my post confused with someone else?  The elected Mexican legislature, both houses, is currently working on Marijuana legalization.  They are the politicians being reported on in the press.

    The story is reported on in this week's GDL Reporter and also several times in El Informador.  The criticisms the bill is too bureaucratic and restrictive is coming from Mexicans.  I suggest you get up to speed on the story and skip ranting about something that isn't in my post at all.

  2. 2 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    Yes, the topic here is legalization in Mexico. The same reasoning is a major part of the legalization, and AMLO has come out publicly this year against privatization in disarray which is rampant. So my comments stand. Minorities, I'll grant you, is probably not part of the equation.

    My point being that CASH is not the only reason. And your commenta about legalization being laughable are questionable. I don't see it your way at all.

    You missed my point which is the same one you made, that government greed and overreach have made legalization laughable for the most part.  The existing "illegal" distribution network is very well established and very ready to take advantage of excessive "legal" prices caused by said government.

    I think we see that part the same way if I understand what you posted.

  3. El Torito works for us for the occasional stuff and on some things they are quite good.  Walmart is once per week or less now, at opening time on Monday morning, absolutely no traffic or crowd problems.  Wednesday tianquis is back and fills many needs as well.  We just don't eat as much or need as much and a little management makes it pretty easy.  

    We love the convenience of our location and the traffic is no where bad enough we'd want to give this incomparable climate up.

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  4. On 3/11/2021 at 12:04 PM, AndyPanda said:

    Prisons and jails overcrowded with minorities being busted for a joint or two, for something that has been proven medically effective, is not addictive, and causes no harm to others. Those are just a few reasons I can see. Overcrowding led to private companies running prisons, leading to intolerable conditions and billions in wasted tax money. Exactly the reason the new administration is trying to reverse that.

    The topic here is legalization in Mexico.  As far as NOB there has been major movement towards decriminalization well before this year.  As noted though, the politicians see it as a cash cow making much of the so called legalization rather laughable.

    In any place it does no good to pile a bunch of taxes and regulations on it as the black market will simply end run around all of it.  So if they are going down that road in Mexico too nothing much will change except the cops can still shake down the "illicit" growers and sellers a bit as they do now.



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  5. I think there are still less traffic impacted locations here and would suggest this is one of the factors, along with noise, that needs to be very carefully evaluated before choosing a location to settle here.  

    Nevertheless, we have a lot more traffic here than we used to, IMO largely due to the growth of car ownership in the Mexican community and the renewed interest in the area from GDL to the point we are somewhat of a suburb for that city now. 

    And it is compounded by the ineptitude of the local government which appears to be headed for a new low when it comes to the traffic management in front of and to the east of Walmart and through Ajijic.  There is simply no way that scheme is going to work, particularly unless the snarl in front of San Antonio due to the lights and the left turning there is addressed.

    Chapala has its own bottleneck in the center where the carretera meets Chapala highway, that one is pretty hard to relieve as there are simply no ways around it on the west side.

  6. We are certainly glad we chose a highly walkable pueblo location as opposed to out of town fracs where you have to get the car out for everything.  That choice has proven to be more and more useful as traffic worsens.  Our choices in easily walkable shops, restaurants and services have multiplied since we moved here.

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  7. 14 minutes ago, blankletmusic said:

    Sounds like driving is major aggro there now (and I used to complain about the traffic back in 2006.) That was apparently nothing compared

    to the current state of things.

    It can be.  As suggested above, and the strategy we use for the most part, shopping early and hiding out on the weekends helps.  

    Interestingly GDL is computerizing their signals and fixing their streets and it is getting easier to get around in it in some parts now.  Also the reconstruction of the Periferico definitely helped.

    At some point everywhere, the number of cars overwhelms the capacity to move them and all urban areas have this problem.  Our problem is really compounded by a local government that just doesn't seem to have a clue how to keep things moving.  

    We used to live in Albuquerque.  There, for about 6 hours per day, 3 each morning and 3 each afternoon trying to get across the river was a real chore  They were pretty good at optimizing what they had but the number of cars just caught up with them and further easing would be frightfully expensive.

  8. Yes traffic is much worse.  Mexicans have far more cars per capita then they did when we moved here 12 years ago, both locally and in GDL.  The government is not only not dealing with it, they are making it worse, witness the crazy overcomplicated sure to gridlock nest of signals just installed in front of Walmart. 

    Some have suggested only locating east of Walmart now, that may make sense.


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  9. 17 hours ago, wanderer said:

    there is a sign on the wall across the carreterra from pechugon in ajijic and it explains the fines for burning garbage, 145,000 pesos.

    Sounds like quite a revenue opportunity if they send enforcers out early in the morning, late at night and on weekends.  The polluters for the most part are smart enough not to do this during regular daylight hours.

    Harry, want to pass this along?

  10. On 3/4/2021 at 10:34 AM, bmh said:

    Rick you are so right , it would be so much simpler if the expats would be consulted on everything.. but then what would they be talking abou on tChapala.com.. 😃

    A first year civil engineering student would have done a better job than this.  :D 

    You can bet we have far more engineering expertise among the old farts around here than whoever came up with this over complicated mess.  Among other things, now bike path users have to run a double gauntlet to get across the libremiento.  That whole southbound libremiento to west bound carretera separate lane was unnecessary.  You have two lanes coming down the hill One goes straight or right, the other left.  No need for anything new there but some directional arrows and signs. (with correct spelling)

    East bound from Walmart uses the new east exit before the colossally ugly new development.  Northbound and west bound protected left at the light.  East bound from Ajijic goes into Walmart via existing driveway next to Autozone.  Westbound from San Antonio protected left at the light.  Four phases, one for each leg of the four way intersection.  That gives automatic protected turns for each of the four legs of the intersection.

    Pedestrians and bike path users get green when the light is green for the west bound carretera traffic as the right turn to northbound from west bound is the lightest turning traffic there.

    One set of easily understood traffic lights and logical turn setups.  

    One traffic light, the existing one, updated to include the northbound main exit out of Walmart.  Hell people, you can go to almost any Walmart in the U.S. and this is how they do it.  Quite successfully.  This ain't rocket science it seems anywhere but here.

    Watch how this thing interacts with those badly set up lights in San Antonio.  We'll all have plenty of time to do so while sitting in mile long backups.  :D 


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  11. I think it depends on where you are at.  For us, TelMex and CFE more reliable.  I haven't started up my generator since they did all the work in the area.  When the power goes down it comes back much faster.  Our TelMex internet while pretty slow is cheap, fast enough to stream and more reliable.

    Water more reliable too.

    For me, the most crumbling is the condition of the streets, potholes and trash.  Not just where I live, Riberas for example far worse.  Seems most of the street money going into Chapala with some into San Antonio.

    Carretera in far better shape than it was a few years ago.  Bike path more functional and very popular.  Not the best design, those barriers are car and truck eaters and the planters already an abject failure.  But the path itself greatly improved and soon to be continuous all the way to San Juan Cosala.

    Basic problem here IMO is runaway and truly bad development.  Like that blight next to CocaCola.  Looks like it has stopped dead in its tracks, we could have that hulk sitting there for years like the second El Dorado tower did.


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  12. 10 minutes ago, RickS said:

    Just a question...  is the infection rate really low at Lakeside?  How would one know? Is there much of any testing and even if so how does one know the results Lakeside?




    How many here in the hospital?  How many confirmed deaths?  Is there any backup at local funeral facilities?

    Not many.  That's one indicator.  IMO we are far safer here than many places NOB and have a great deal more freedom of movement and the ability to take healthy outside exercise.  

    OTOH hand we have still some expats here who don't have the sense to stay out of dance bars.  If you know some, give them a wide berth.


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