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  1. You might try the computer guys in Riberas and see if they can read it onto a thumb drive for you.
  2. Not much of a surprise since this board's membership is essentially all expat.
  3. The lesson here is definitely check it before you leave the shop. We're lucky we can get so much stuff fixed here. Almost impossible NOB.
  4. Jalisco now requires insurance. I don't know if they are checking for it when a cop stops you. I haven't seen anything that indicates the emissions program is in general operation. They were supposedly testing it with government vehicles.
  5. They have the Royal Canin gastrointestinal high energy in can. It is definitely Royal at nearly $3 per can. Brought two cans home for him to try. He wolfed it down. Looks like that is what he'll be eating along with his Virbac dry. Again, thanks to all of you for the help!
  6. And after the three short weeks when they take the masks off, it is back to the races. We've already seen that demonstrated as soon as these repeatedly extended quarantines were lifted. This virus isn't going anywhere for a while. Get used to it.
  7. They have to pack the planes to make it profitable and American and United are already doing that and the rest are going to follow suit. It is either than or close the doors.
  8. This was the report we needed. Thanks. Can anyone confirm working OK today?
  9. LOL. Max (the guy in my avatar) told us that about Mini, the annoying female rescue cat I brought home.
  10. Flying business class is damned expensive. I'm not getting on any airplanes until there is a proven vaccine, period. Bisbee is right, high risk no matter how you look at it. May as well go hang out in a bar if you are going to fly.
  11. Allan, it is 4 percent only if you get the virus and are diagnosed with it hence becoming part of the data. The asymptomatic and/or very mild cases are not likely to be included yet they are a big percentage of the total. Definitely with you on staying off of airplanes!
  12. The point is we have a bunch of people running around in Chapala not wearing masks and often getting close to each other but there is no run up cases. And the Tapatios have been back for a while now.
  13. The death rate varies by age and complicating factors. This is why the death rate has been so high in nursing homes. There is no one size fits all. Assuming you are up in years as I am, we are in the higher risk for death age bracket. I believe the overall death rate for those over 70 is at least twice your 4 percent figure. I've seen analyses that suggest 10 percent is likely for the over 70 cohort. Of course the data are skewed by the nursing home mortality. People are in nursing homes generally because they have other serious health or mental issues. In terms of evaluating t
  14. Yes I am. That is the basis one calculates the total impact of a pandemic. Since we do not really know how many in total are or have been infected it is the only realistic basis for evaluating the total impact. Without knowing the total number of cases,, your 4 percent figure is meaningless. Even at the levels of testing in the U.S. it is impossible to determine the total number of people who have had some encounter with the CV, asymtomatic or mild. Yes, back in March it was. And then there's always the question of how many of these people actually died from other causes. The
  15. Yeah, your math is off. Try 0.404% 133,291 x 100%/330,000,000
  16. The Tapatios have been back for some weeks now, where's the explosion of cases?
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