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  1. Good point, I'll do that from here on out. Now can we move on?
  2. No, I can't remember which hat. Try reading what I posted. Doesn't happen very often.
  3. Sometimes I forget which hat is on and post a like with the mod hat on. So sue me.
  4. LOL, nailed it Angus. Actually it is a pretty good description of what goes on here and on other similar boards. LOL
  5. Politics here is defined as partisan politics. Again, if you have complaints take them to the appropriate venue. Moderation is not a public topic here as you've been told this many, many times. Please now do so.
  6. Get used to it. It is the case on most boards including TOB where you also post. Let's face it, if you liked the opinions you'd have no problem with it. Stop trying to censor people who don't agree with you. Support free speech, it is good for humanity. It is permitted on this board. If you have a problem with that you should take it up with Admin Chapala who also posts his opinions from time to time. All the mods also post opinions here.
  7. But you care enough to complain about it repeatedly. OK. Your complaint about thread hijacking is well taken although that, too, never seems to come up when you like the opinions being expressed. It is hardly unusual here. Nor is the selectivity of that complaint among some here unusual. As a material participant I am not going to close the thread. Please address that request to Admin or another moderator. I will take the admonition about hijacking to heart and get back on topic with your help. Thanks.
  8. You do know that as the well based water system here continues to decline from over use the alternative now being discussed is the construction of a surface water treatment system using water from the lake? A lot of people in GDL already drink "treated" water drawn from Lake Chapala.
  9. You do not know this but I do wonder what the impact of thousands of untested and unvaccinated people streaming across the border there is going to have on covid levels. That may also be apparent in 4-6 weeks. If outbreaks occur, where they occur will tell us a lot. This just in: https://www.vallartadaily.com/mexico-wants-to-tap-into-u-s-stockpile-of-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccine/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta)
  10. Same comment for you, take your complaint to the proper authority. Which theory is "wild"? The one you like or the one you don't? Some might see labeling all that has happened as just some majestic coincidence quite wild.
  11. Draw your own conclusions. It is no secret the CCP withheld revealing the infection for months until it had spread quite widely. It is also no secret the Wuhan lab received funding from western sources with a distinct ideological agenda. It also no secret China benefitted directly from the economic injury caused to its main competitors. This is all a matter of record at this point. All just a coincidence? Well, that is a "theory" as well, is it not Rick? And mudgirl, if you have a problem with my post as a member like you please feel free to report it to Admin Chapala or anot
  12. Every place people want to be is overrun. This is the result of a world population that has doubled since 1960. One can have little traffic and crowding in many places in the U.S. with such abominable weather few want to live there. They aren't lining up to live in North Dakota for example. Don't worry there are more pandemics coming from The people who funded and developed this one and who are on a crusade to reduce world population and create a global version of 1984 are hard at work. They'll do a better job of it next time. Personally speaking I'm just glad I'm old and won't be ar
  13. True, the point being it was brought to market without sufficient testing. This "vaccine" is not the same as those vaccines as you well know. If you are comfortable with it, you should make your own call as to whether to get it now or not. The point is now everyone shares your point of view. Interestingly there are reports that first responders and health professionals are refusing the vaccine in pretty substantial percentages. Why?
  14. Some people just can't handle opinions and observations that different from theirs. And they react with personal vitriol. Dichosalocura cited a good example here. IMO the level of covid in this area does not justify the extreme fear some exhibit on this board and eleswhere. Particularly when one realizes that the great majority of the handful of local deaths over now an entire year involve corollary exacerbating conditions of obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and extreme age. Case loads are now dropping very significantly throughout the country and most places in the world. The
  15. We recently switched to a higher efficiency solar pool water heating system that was able, when used with a cover, to heat our pool to the mid eighties when highest daytime temp poolside was mid to upper sixties. That is pretty good considering we just didn't have the space for 10 and had to go with eight that are not installed in the most optimal way because of the nature of our rooftop. If you want to see them PM me.
  16. Bike built for two. They'll rescue you but you have to help pedal to the hospital. But they actually exist.
  17. Do you have my post confused with someone else? The elected Mexican legislature, both houses, is currently working on Marijuana legalization. They are the politicians being reported on in the press. The story is reported on in this week's GDL Reporter and also several times in El Informador. The criticisms the bill is too bureaucratic and restrictive is coming from Mexicans. I suggest you get up to speed on the story and skip ranting about something that isn't in my post at all.
  18. You missed my point which is the same one you made, that government greed and overreach have made legalization laughable for the most part. The existing "illegal" distribution network is very well established and very ready to take advantage of excessive "legal" prices caused by said government. I think we see that part the same way if I understand what you posted.
  19. El Torito works for us for the occasional stuff and on some things they are quite good. Walmart is once per week or less now, at opening time on Monday morning, absolutely no traffic or crowd problems. Wednesday tianquis is back and fills many needs as well. We just don't eat as much or need as much and a little management makes it pretty easy. We love the convenience of our location and the traffic is no where bad enough we'd want to give this incomparable climate up.
  20. The topic here is legalization in Mexico. As far as NOB there has been major movement towards decriminalization well before this year. As noted though, the politicians see it as a cash cow making much of the so called legalization rather laughable. In any place it does no good to pile a bunch of taxes and regulations on it as the black market will simply end run around all of it. So if they are going down that road in Mexico too nothing much will change except the cops can still shake down the "illicit" growers and sellers a bit as they do now.
  21. I think there are still less traffic impacted locations here and would suggest this is one of the factors, along with noise, that needs to be very carefully evaluated before choosing a location to settle here. Nevertheless, we have a lot more traffic here than we used to, IMO largely due to the growth of car ownership in the Mexican community and the renewed interest in the area from GDL to the point we are somewhat of a suburb for that city now. And it is compounded by the ineptitude of the local government which appears to be headed for a new low when it comes to the traffic man
  22. We are certainly glad we chose a highly walkable pueblo location as opposed to out of town fracs where you have to get the car out for everything. That choice has proven to be more and more useful as traffic worsens. Our choices in easily walkable shops, restaurants and services have multiplied since we moved here.
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