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  1. I actually posted three different pieces. That was the first. Since you want to start this again, chew on this: https://www.technocracy.news/masks-are-neither-effective-nor-safe-a-summary-of-the-science/ https://thepalmierireport.com/7-studies-that-say-masks-are-ineffective/ Settled science it ain't. And "fact checks" from known biased sources are about as useful as those cloth masks. Have fun.
  2. In 13 years we really haven't had that many problems. When i consider the cost, TelMex is a screaming bargain compared to NOB. I will say today's speed check was the first time ever to get the speed we've been paying for. A good way to appreciate what we have is to talk to someone about what TelMex was like when the government ran it.
  3. We were down for a day, neighbor called this morning. Wondered what was up. Just checked speed, over 21 down and 4 up. Have never seen that speed here. SE Ajijic centro.
  4. The view from Oxford University https://restofworld.org/2021/mexico-cellphone-data-law-crime/?fbclid=IwAR2npm94vjEk6Dnqo0a5kaE2wmLPbCFcqNpGy4VEHyMyudQbmiHP710k1os
  5. I looked at our latest bill in this block and the text starts with the sentence beginning with "Su...." There is no "Usted cuenta con..." line at all. Since our consumption is about 70 percent of our production I would expect to see something about accumulated credits. Do we have a problem with CFE I'm hot aware of?
  6. Some good news: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/COVID-19-Jalisco-volvera-a-semaforo-verde-gobernador-pide-no-bajar-la-guardia-20210422-0100.html The much feared by some great increase in covid as a result of people getting together over the two week Easter holiday didn't materialize.
  7. Like here, just as in the U.S., it depends where one lives as to the level of personal crime. There are parts of GDL that are almost as safe as here and parts that are more like Chicago. "Location, location, location" works with crime too.
  8. Could you post a picture? There is a gang that also uses chalk markings. I can determine which is which once I see it.
  9. If I quoted sources you all like they would all be of one persuasion and we both know that. Rather I go to professional sources like the last one that are heavily documented and present you the opportunity to go directly to the source material and read it independently. I do that often to make sure the reference document is quoting the sources accurately. I'm finding that foreign sources in general tend to be much more rigorous and much less political. IMO the "science" NOB has been for the most part so heavily politicized both pro and con as to make it useless and misleading. I don
  10. You're joking, right? Hard to get more credible than the scientists involved in this. I've now posted three different professionally done, highly documented and at least one peer reviewed study of this topic. Really, draw your own conclusions and do accordingly. For myself, I am under no illusion whatsoever these non medical masks used and cleaned more or less, mostly less, by the public do anything other than create a fiction of safety. Repeatedly I have seen this pointed out even in many of the references which support the use of masks by the public. The other common deno
  11. I think you missed he was obviously referring to 54D. I have ridden 54 libre, it could never be confused as being fast though it was fantastic for motorcycle riding and really scenic. I definitely recommend the part south of Ciudad Guzman for spectacular scenery and you actually can drive under one of those really big bridges. Were you referring to 54D or free 54, Cedros? For fuel consumption it is almost a wash, 80, vs. 54D because the former is shorter but more variable in speed.
  12. Yes the science behind real masks properly worn by medical professionals is well proven. And should not be confused with silly porous cloth masks worn incorrectly and seldom if ever cleaned by the public. https://swprs.org/face-masks-evidence/ There is no version of future history yet, obviously. That is my opinion of how future history will view this covid craziness. You are entitled to your own opinion. The majority of "respected" posters are not the medical and research professionals who prepared and continue to expand the findings on the efficacy and limits of m
  13. You can make your own. This is just one of numerous recipes on the internet. https://www.food.com/recipe/homemade-rice-a-roni-24476#activity-feed
  14. Why not? Given that covid is so minimal here, what vaccines there are should be left to the Mexicans IMO. Also they just found counterfeit Pfizer vaccine in Mexico and Poland. We will continue to follow the reports on side effects and efficacy and decide whether to take it at all and if we do, will get it when north on an extended RV trip in the fall.
  15. Vaseline works well also but Alan's recommendation is the best.
  16. I posted two references from credible sources, the second of which is quite detailed and ongoing. If the papers and their references were beyond your capacity to understand, I apologize. BTW the text of the first, a peer reviewed study, is supported by the references which can be viewed by clicking on them. I feel pretty confident none of you have done any of that. Kam, I seriously doubt you have 1% of the qualifications and the backgrounds of the medical and research professionals who prepared these two references. I don't either but I do know how to read technical literature. The
  17. This is parroting the narrative. Thanks. I have a lot of fun showing how uninformed you are.
  18. Especially when the crap calls into question your positions on something.
  19. Actually no. Try looking up the homicide statistics instead of parroting the narrative. Mass shootings as a percent of gun deaths there are tiny, as they are here. Gang crime accounts for a big share of gun deaths there and a far bigger share here. Most gun deaths are from suicide. https://usafacts.org/data/topics/security-safety/crime-and-justice/firearms/firearm-deaths/ https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/08/16/what-the-data-says-about-gun-deaths-in-the-u-s/
  20. Neither a nothing burger nor the worst pandemic ever. Certainly not even close to being worth the havoc wreaked on jobs, childrens' educations, small family business, health of the healthy and, you know, those regular folks who don't have those nice SS checks, pensions and 401Ks who used to be self supporting but are now wondering where their next meal is coming from. History will see this as being the cure worse than the disease. I'll be glad to do a thread count on covid topics so we will see who has started the most threads and made the most posts about it. The winner gets the t
  21. Is there another big fire somewhere in the area?
  22. Hell yes and the other problem is I may forget what I read 5 minutes later.
  23. Great example of fear mongering Andy, thanks. Very scientific too!
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