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  1. Recommend you start a new thread for your request.
  2. Correct. Big issue in that decision aside from drastically reduced air travel and visitation here is that volunteer hosts were hard to come by because many did not want to risk exposure to CV from other parts of the country.
  3. The real key here is social distancing. Health professionals are almost forced to be within 6 feet of others for sustained periods. The rest of us are not. Particularly when I see so many masks of ineffectual materials not worn properly out there I don't set much confidence in that measure. I focus on keeping my distance and making that considerably more than 6 feet, more like twice that.
  4. My wife buys them routinely at Walmart. The visiting kids are hard on them.
  5. No, she just confused me with you. I say that all the time. It is sure true in this house.
  6. I wear hearing aids which makes the wax problem worse. One per month i use an ear wax cleaning kit I get at Walmart to clean them. The kit lasts about a year.
  7. That is simply not proven. There are quite a number of references which suggest it does confer immunity and this is very much being debated in the scientific community. Sometimes I wonder if you confine your reading to sites which share your apocalyptic view of things. A more balanced and recent discussion of it here: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-52446965
  8. I wonder how this is adding to the toll in Mexico City: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/air-quality-in-mexico-city-responsible-for-11000-deaths/
  9. 60 pesos per can but he devoured it once from a fresh can but wouldn't touch again. So we are still looking for something he will eat consistently in addition to the Virbac which he does eat consistently.
  10. Ditto on that recommendation. These guys are the best. If they don't get it right the first time they take care of it. They are the only ones we call for this service.
  11. From this morning's PV News: See the part in bold above. Like it or not, Mexico is going to test the herd immunity theory..
  12. Now the Taptios are back it would probably be a good idea to stay at home from mid day Friday through Monday morning.
  13. You might try the computer guys in Riberas and see if they can read it onto a thumb drive for you.
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