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  1. We are at the beach now in a place called Playa Grande Condos just outside of Cihuatlan, Jalisco. No noise, no trash, no crowds, just perfect conditions every day. We've been coming here for years. Costs under a thousand to rent a 2BR condo for a week. Check out goplaygrande.com for more information. This is a serious get away from it all vacation spot. We have to go this week because that is when our Oaxaca college students are out for spring break.
  2. But it didn't need to be. From the beginning, when the direct ingress and egress was blocked, this has been screwed up. This latest simply compounds the earlier errors in spades. When added to the problems already being caused by the west side traffic light in San Antonio, that entire area will be gridlocked most of the day. There was a simple solution here, a single four phase light setup at the main intersection, no change to right hand turning off the libremiento towards Ajijic and east bound exit only at the east end of Walmart. This is the near universal (NOB) solution for this
  3. On the rent you are unusual and fortunate. We aren't off grid but make 100%+ of our consumption and definitely are fortunate. Waiting for better batteries to go true off grid.
  4. This has to be the worse mess ever designed around here. A complete disaster.
  5. Restaurant meals, while still reasonable by U.S. standards, have gone up a lot IMO. Tolls are even more ridiculous than they used to be. Gasoline and LP gas though changes in our systems have really controlled the latter. SIMAPA charges. Drugs and doctors Rent for those who rent and not own.
  6. Thank you both. Do I need to take the Portatil off the windshield to keep from being charged at that last booth?
  7. Well it's a little sneaky but seems to work on Volaris, I just say I'm a Mexican citizen and they don't charge it. They've never said anything at the gate, I just show them the Permanente.
  8. I heard they are not charging tolls to cars now, only trucks, at that last toll booth outside of Cuyatlan. Is that correct? What were tolls on your last trip? I want to put some money on my Portatil.
  9. Bring it back about 20 percent a day. Sometimes there is chlorine in the water here, sometimes not.
  10. Fun with the English language: Have you ever wondered???? Why is “abbreviated” such a long word? * Why is the third hand on the watch called the second hand? * If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know? * If Webster wrote the first dictionary, where did he find the words? * Why do we say something is out of whack? What is a whack? * Why does “slow down” and “slow up” mean the same thing? * Why does “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the same thing? * Why are they called “tug” boats? Aren’t they really “p
  11. What was the condition or other problems you encountered?
  12. Although the map suggests Torreon to Chihuahua to Juarez it does not say that in the legend and our last trip I was told Chihuahua has their own and will not accept Pasa. This was true from the last toll booth on the north side of Torreon all the way to the border, even including the short cuota to Santa Teresa.
  13. Haven't driven it in several years. Maybe the governor's road program has made some repairs. Has anyone driven it more recently?
  14. On the toll plazas where it was accepted it seemed that most of the manned booths had sensors for it and we used those in case it didn't work. Otherwise you are stuck with backing out if it is an unattended lane solely for Pase. I've seen even trucks backing out of those so we avoid them. This system is far from foolproof here, not like the ones up north. Have cash ready in case you need it.
  15. 80 is very scenic. Last time I went that way the pavement quality was pretty mixed. About 30 minutes slower for me but save a bunch on tolls.
  16. Pizza still good? Plan on ordering there on Friday.
  17. We have a "Pase" toll tag that you can get at Oxxo and also put money on it. Once you have it, it has a number on it that can be used to monitor both your additions of toll prepay and the deductions as you travel. I am told it works pretty much everywhere in the central part of the country. It did not work in Chihuahua for us, the last time it was accepted going north was on the toll bypass around Torreon. Have not used this one in centro but our friends have one and they have. Lots of information here: https://www.pase.com.mx/
  18. Great. We are going to the beach in a week but could do it afterwards. Early April after Semana Santa? We are in Ajijic, set it up for any time after 6 April and we are in. Ours is a 1906 Ivers and Pond upright grand, fully restored.
  19. Hmm, who is it that introduced partisan politics to this discussion? To start with, the $69,0oo figure is for ALL stimulus packages as I clearly stated in my post. Not the entire U.S. national debt. Did you miss that? And I really can't have a meaningful discussion with anyone who thinks having $69,000 in debt added to a household's legal obligation as citizens of a country in just the last several years, let alone how much they've piled up in the last 20, is anything remotely resembling positive. Fortunately I expect to die before the piper has to be paid. So I suppose
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