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  1. Samsung Mexico has this deal: https://www.samsungonlinemx.com/?fbclid=IwAR2-w--VvX-wB6TvCIJrgXvXxe3kSmX1w3vS8ESxHVZguEY6nVK_wNjl824 Reviews show this to be a competent TV that is best in rooms that are not too bright. They will deliver it to you. Dan Houck
  2. Check this out: https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/pdfs/mm6936a5-H.pdf Note the summary on the next to last page and what it says about restaurants and masks. And the chart showing where the greatest hazards are. Glad I have a private alternative and haven't returned to my gym. There's a very graphic depiction of hazards on the page before the summary. Bars are even worse.
  3. We've never had anything other than a good meal, and excellent value, at Cocinart. My only gripe with them is you can't get french fries with their excellent burger. I wish they'd offer the option of potato chips as the diced sauteed potatoes they serve are good but not with a traditional burger.
  4. TelMex is "stuttering" quite regularly these days. Pretty clear they don't have the bandwidth to meet the demand. And they aren't doing anything about it either. All of the local providers suck IMO. The contrast with the service our college students receive in GDL, for less money, is stunning.
  5. The unnecessary introduction of one sided views of U.S. politics notwithstanding Pete, I would agree your wait for the vaccine is probably going to be significantly longer than you anticipate. And as I have noted, I'd think carefully whether or not I would want to be an early user of whatever they come up with. Crash programs tend to have not so good crashes as you know. Just as we older folks are more vulnerable to serious side effects from covid I would expect the same would be true with any vaccine for it. And regardless of what happens in the U.S., the vaccine programs and int
  6. I have found for relatively easy things like this and even not so easy I can usually find a UTube video showing me exactly how to do it. For example:
  7. There have been some mustard bandit and purse snatchings. My wife goes in there only with what she needs in a fanny pack worn in front. These are hard times in Mexico, one needs to be more vigilant and make it extremely hard for someone to get something from you. All you really need is one form of ID and some cash, or one CC if you are using that. Leave everything else at home. You do NOT need to carry an immigration card for some local shopping. I don't know a single person in the 12 years we've been here that got check for this when in a local store. Leave it at home! This bu
  8. We do too but they close up too early for us. If they even stayed open until 7 we would go much more often.
  9. Whether it be buying cars, getting the latest home theater gear or taking medicines or vaccines I have found it is best not to be an "early adopter" but rather to observe the subsequent performance after the introduction of any of these. We'll continue sensible precautions, have proven medication on hand just in case, and wait and see how the rather hastily developed vaccines do in the real world. In any case, I'd rather be here in a small town with superb climate and readily available health care than I would be in a big city with the gloomy winter coming on.
  10. Several of the folks running shops, one now closed, indicated to us that sales had been really drying up well in advance of the corona virus. It seems the visitors here have been less interested in these kinds of shops for at least the last few years. They didn't know why, just chalked it up to changing tastes.
  11. Traveled by car to and from Las Cruces, NM. Some delay northbound, none southbound. No special tests or treatment at border.
  12. Mainecoons

    The Wok

    Being started by the folks who own Chopsticks, also in Plaza Bugambillias as upstairs. Anyone tried it yet?
  13. I would say yes. Early strong cold fronts from the north have pushed the moisture out and given us the crystal blue skies we are enjoying. Chillier at night than usual. Good site for watching those here: https://eldoradoweather.com/current/surface-analysis/mexico/mexico-surface-anal-loop.php
  14. I've seen guesstimates of 50-60 percent not coming. If true this should serve to inject a little reality into the inflated local rental market but also may spell the end of many local businesses that have been holding out until the snowbird season.
  15. It seems to be a real crap shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Maybe each of us should list the time of day we tried to use it. For us, mornings.
  16. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/mathematician-warns-of-coronavirus-flare-up-as-positivity-rate-stops-declining/
  17. Well we did manage to get the phone line fixed but the DSL is still going on and off. Truly lousy service. Maybe someone needs to call Carlos Slim. If their phone is working.
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