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  1. None of the above, thanks. We'll wait until we go back to the U.S.
  2. The sheer number of Oxxos in and around this area makes me wonder if there is a deliberate strategy to drive out the competition. Hard for me to believe Riberas justifies two of them within a few blocks of each other.
  3. I tell her that when I'm in trouble around here. She goes on Monday when they first open and the store is empty. Never had a problem.
  4. 79 year old esposa just went to Walmart, no problem.
  5. According to the Mexican census the population of Chapala municipio is 55,000 +. 41 deaths in a year, from reports almost all with contributing factors of age, obesity, diabetes, heart problems, amounts to 0.075 percent over a year. I wonder what the body count is from the poverty and depression caused by endless lockdowns? Asking for a friend.
  6. Bravo! Not all of us have supported this nonsense. These endless lockdowns have accomplished nothing but prolonging the agony and adding a bunch of economic misery to it. The poverty rate in this country has increased drastically, how many people are dying from that? They have very little support in the Mexican community as well. As Spencer has noted in his comments, the older Mexicans are paying the greatest price for this illegal age discrimination as well. The "rich gringos" have the resources to pay someone to do their shopping. Hypocrites indeed.
  7. I'd tell you to do your homework on this as there is quite a lot of data out there about where and how people get covid and it isn't from going shopping in uncrowded surroundings while wearing a mask. But I'd be wasting my time.
  8. Here is something Spencer posted on Facebook:
  9. No it is not mandatory to GIVE the discount. Hence this is not applicable to this situation. Here's a reference on the provisions in the Mexican Constitution for handling crisis. In order to suspend basic civil rights Article 29 must be invoked. It has not been. https://blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2020/10/20/mexico-constitution-crisis-covid19/ Again Spencer has posted on this topic and explained why this is an illegal infringement of a basic civil right in Mexico. He has done so on Facebook and maybe somewhere here. I'm sure he'd be happy to reiterate it for you.
  10. No because it is not mandatory. That is why some chose to give it and some don't. Nor does its presence or absence affect your basic constitutional right to move about. I suggest you have Spencer explain the difference clearly to you. I'm just pointing out the obvious.
  11. Uniformed is not knowing that virtually all cases of covid in people over 60 are gotten at home, shopping while wearing mask and keeping distance has virtually a zero chance of getting covid and per Spencer this is a gross case of age discrimination specifically prohibited by the First Amendment to the Mexican Constitution. Please contact him for his detailed explanation the latter.
  12. And just how much have the other two been tested and would the Chinese tell you the truth about them? No thanks.
  13. That is correct, hence imprisoning them in their homes is about as dumb as it gets. Of course people are going in and out, believe it or not there are people here who have to make a living to survive.
  14. Brazil found the Chinese vaccine to be only about 50 percent effective.
  15. So let's lock the seniors in their homes where they are the most exposed. How stupid can you get?
  16. People over 60 should stay at home where most get covid now. And good luck if they need food or medicine. Brilliant, just brilliant. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
  17. Anything new here? She is our vet too.
  18. I waded through it, Alan. The citations are selective. The publication hardly qualifies as a credible medical journal. Once again, if you like it, go with it.
  19. An op ed piece in a publication that hardly rises to the level of the American Journal of Medicine. But go with it if you buy it.
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