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  1. Yes traffic is much worse. Mexicans have far more cars per capita then they did when we moved here 12 years ago, both locally and in GDL. The government is not only not dealing with it, they are making it worse, witness the crazy overcomplicated sure to gridlock nest of signals just installed in front of Walmart. Some have suggested only locating east of Walmart now, that may make sense.
  2. Naw, it's the combo of chocolate and peanut butter which makes these great. I love 'em.
  3. Yeah so come to a country where many if not most don't wear them at all.
  4. I keep hoping AMLO will keep his promise to get rid of it here in Mexico.
  5. That may be true but there was no alternative that had twice the efficacy. For covid there is.
  6. Yes but can they pass out those pricey citations? Someone was at it at 4AM.
  7. Sounds like quite a revenue opportunity if they send enforcers out early in the morning, late at night and on weekends. The polluters for the most part are smart enough not to do this during regular daylight hours. Harry, want to pass this along?
  8. A first year civil engineering student would have done a better job than this. You can bet we have far more engineering expertise among the old farts around here than whoever came up with this over complicated mess. Among other things, now bike path users have to run a double gauntlet to get across the libremiento. That whole southbound libremiento to west bound carretera separate lane was unnecessary. You have two lanes coming down the hill One goes straight or right, the other left. No need for anything new there but some directional arrows and signs. (with correct spelling)
  9. It doesn't look like they are even bothering to staff the sales trailer.
  10. I think it depends on where you are at. For us, TelMex and CFE more reliable. I haven't started up my generator since they did all the work in the area. When the power goes down it comes back much faster. Our TelMex internet while pretty slow is cheap, fast enough to stream and more reliable. Water more reliable too. For me, the most crumbling is the condition of the streets, potholes and trash. Not just where I live, Riberas for example far worse. Seems most of the street money going into Chapala with some into San Antonio. Carretera in far better shape than it was a few
  11. How many here in the hospital? How many confirmed deaths? Is there any backup at local funeral facilities? Not many. That's one indicator. IMO we are far safer here than many places NOB and have a great deal more freedom of movement and the ability to take healthy outside exercise. OTOH hand we have still some expats here who don't have the sense to stay out of dance bars. If you know some, give them a wide berth.
  12. This might be an option but unfortunately I think I've reached the point where I need someone who can jack up my butt and roll a whole new body underneath.
  13. I don't think there was much wind in Ajijic yesterday evening when this was happening. What is making that booming sound when it happens? Don't recall hearing that before they redid the power lines in this area.
  14. I am told thee are no regular appointments but might be able to request emergency one. This really isn't an emergency. Guess we'll have to wait.
  15. The pastries are awesome. Don't be on a diet when you go in there.
  16. Feels like an intermittent overload situation causing something big to trip and reset. Accompanied by booming sound. Getting worse, never had three in such a short span of time.
  17. Turbotax makes sure you report this correctly and then all you have to do is go to the on line FBAR reporting site and fill out that form, about a 10 minute job once you've done it a couple of times.
  18. You must not drive through there much.
  19. Is it possible to call for an appointment?
  20. Interesting though, the on line appointment system shows no availability through the end of the year.
  21. Yes it is very clear in the on line information she must visit the local consulate. The links are great, thanks for the info. It takes 3 months after she applies to get the passport. Supposedly they will accept U.S. cash in person at the time of her appointment but we'll check that too.
  22. Those lights in San Antonio are already creating gridlock daily. Wait until they add another one a block west.
  23. OK here's the deal. One of our Oaxaca students is an "accidental" American. She was born in Santa Fe, NM, and has 4 certified original copies of her Santa Fe, NM, birth certificate. We want to get her a U.S. passport so she can travel in the RV with us this summer but with all the covid business not sure how to proceed. Wonder if there is a local expediter who can help us out with this.
  24. I haven't seen liquid chlorine here either, only the powdered version.
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