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  1. I heard a rumor yours looks like this. True?
  2. It happens everywhere including here. This is sad but true. We've had our share of killings for all purposes including but not limited to drugs and I expect we will continue to do so. But Chicago we aren't. Thans to Tingting for this well written expression of sympathy.
  3. I have a retired contractor buddy in Albuquerque who did quite well building homes there and never got caught in a down cycle. He said his secret was simple, when everyone started doing it he stopped and started doing industrial or infrastructure work. He got to watch time and time again as the overbuilders lost their shirts.
  4. I'm happy you like it. We seriously considered living at the beach when we moved here and spend time there every year. But not in the summer.
  5. Well if someone who lives in Sayulita thinks that is a better year round climate, with all that seasonal heat and humidity, I'd suggest there are probably many more that would find this climate, with it's near lack of extremes, more salubrious. Not to mention how that salt air there corrodes everything.
  6. Bottom line is I would challenge anyone to find a better year round climate anywhere NOB or for that matter in Mexico. This is a world class microclimate. You won't.
  7. it's official. They had a ceremony in Mexico City and declared Ajijic as a Pueblo Magico. Now it will be interesting to see if anything changes from the current Pueblo Trashico and Pueblo Bacheco status.
  8. If they can build sidewalks in Chapala and San Antonio, why not here?
  9. Would be curious as to what the email said. Would you post the text?
  10. If so why was the municipio installing handicap ramps in them? I doubt anyone would object if they fixed some sidewalks around here. They have put new sidewalks in Chapala with all of that street rebuilding going on there. Also they installed some new sidewalks in San Antonio. Are they only the responsibility of the property owners in Ajijic? Pedro I seriously doubt the Feds told Chapala to put a church on that corner. Let us know if you have proof to the contrary.
  11. Given the dismal condition of the streets and sidewalks in Ajijic I really have to wonder about the priorities in using tax money to build a religious edifice. But I guess there's no skim money to be made fixing pot holes. That lot is an eyesore but could be sold for a more productive use IMO.
  12. I've observed that if you live on the Pacific coast itself, instead of on one of the bays the sea breezes are longer and stronger and it is less hot. Having said that I'd still want AC there. I find the humidity to be the bigger issue personally.
  13. I'm assuming this will be on that small lot next to the water tower. That has been blighted ever since we moved here and apparently a lot longer. Now do something about that blight on the pier.
  14. Those 90 degree readings may be coming from GDL. Even so, the climate here is different south of the carretera as opposed to the hillside. The closer you get to the lake the less gap between high and low. On a hot day in May as you walk towards the lake from El Torito the temperature change to cooler is noticeable. This is a better climate by far than even Southern CA and a heckuva lot cheaper to live in.
  15. Good news Harry, thanks. You do understand some of us might be a little nervous after the way the Chapala government messed up the Chapala plaza.
  16. Us too. It has been politicized. No longer members after more than 10 years.
  17. I've never eaten inside at Jardin Plaza. I would think that even having their outside dining closed for the usual months of bumbling construction would do them in.
  18. Second that motion. We have it in our students' apartment in GDL. Flawless service and great quality water. Adds very little to the electric bill.
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