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  1. 2 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    You can order directly:


     I highly recommend the model  Portátil  for$100. It has a holder to install on the windshield and you can remove it in a second to use in another vehicle. It is also has a better signal reception than the RFID sticker named Calcomanía and is now the same price. 

    After you have it you open an account at https://apps.pase.com.mx/up/   and register the device. Then you can pre-load up to a total of $3000 in advance, however the maximum per deposit is $2000.  You can print out a payment slip for BBVA or pay online. There is an app that will allow you to deposit from the app as well. Also the app will alert you to each charge and show  your charges.  

    As posted earlier you can also setup automatic withdrawals from a Mexican card.

    I know this but it requires either AMEX or a Mexican CC, we have neither.  However I wonder if it would work with a Mexican debit card from Actinver.  I'm going to try that.

    Good information about the signal reception, I'll find a Portatil.

    Looks like it will only let you buy a new Pase online using AMEX.  Don't have one and don't want one.


  2. Rather than risk money on this older "Pase" tag I have I want to pick up a new one.  A friend got this for me and the package had been opened.  Their website shows a different version now and cautions against buying if the package is not sealed.

    Last time, though, I went to both Oxxo and 7-11 locally and neither had tags although the Pase site indicates these are sources.  Has anyone found a local store that does have them?

    Thanks.  It was very helpful to find out that only Mexican CCs are taken because the web site doesn't tell you this and they don't give an error message showing that either.

    We are going north in a few weeks and I'd prefer not to be interacting with toll collectors if possible, hence wanting to get this working.


  3. Our visitors from south of Oaxaca have a different kind of Toll Tag than Tag Pase.  Theirs is called TeleVia and appears to cover the same roads as Tag Pase.  Tag Pase will not accept recharges from our U.S. credit cards though it doesn't give that message when rejecting.  So we are thinking about trying the new one.  IAVE apparently became Tag Pase quite some time ago.

    1.  Anyone know of or are using TeleVia?

    2.  Does it have an I phone app?

    3.  Will it accept U.S. credit card recharging?

    What is your recent experience in using either one when traveling north?  Are they still problematic?

    Thank you!


  4. FYI, from this morning's PV news.  Cases continue to increase there.



    The “Emergency Button”, which was designed to completely stop all non-essential activities, will be redesigned to only stop entertainment activities at night and on weekends, the governor announced.

    “The design is going to be rethought so that when we stop, it is without significantly affecting economic activity, but rather stopping social life and recreational activities that are causing us the most problems,” he said.


  5. 1 minute ago, Kyle said:

    I think a lot of people,  Mexican and expats, feel that the gov't is so curupt that the 16% will just go into someone's pocket and the people will see no changes 

    Polling shows that feeling is near universal among Mexicans.


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