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  1. We've been maintaining several stands of milkweed on our property that just showed up several years ago and have a fairly steady presence of Monarchs seemingly as a result. This may be one way to help sustain the population. They are so beautiful to watch!
  2. That's like the old joke about how you know how far to drive south. Strap a snow shovel to your roof and when someone stops you and asks you what that is, you have arrived.
  3. Jerry didn't specify his nationality but obviously there is some risk with this strategy. He could find out on the Canadian side before he goes further if he would be forced to quarantine in the event the U.S. wouldn't let him in. My point was that the border is the best place to see if they can get into the U.S. Once that is done, the rest is just slogging out the long drive across the U.S. More than anything this is a graphic example of how absurd this whole business has become.
  4. Jerry maybe you should drive to the U.S. Canadian border and see if the U.S. will let you in. If they do, as a Permanent Resident with visa you will have no problem on the Mexican side of the U.S. border getting in. We recently came back from NEW Mexico into Mexico in our Mexican plated car and they didn't even check our visas, just looked at the car, at us and waved us through. As others have noted, what they tell you on the phone versus what they say at the border can be quite different.
  5. The terms are getting a bit confusing for me. I take "license" to be driving license. I take "registration" or "plates" to be where the car is registered. If you are referring to the latter, handfaf, I believe if you have valid insurance and current registration in CDMX you are covered in an accident. Is this not correct?
  6. What she said and I might add when we got Mexican plates the transito hassles pretty much went away. Not worth it for an old vehicle and the other thing is with careful shopping you can get a car here for the same or less than it costs NOB because of the exchange rate.
  7. From New Mexico a really big "political" issue. Definitely agree with this one, experienced it first hand there.
  8. That describes my experience with him. Definitely recommend and it was a D35 Martin I had him working on. He also suggested changing the weight of strings I was using and that has worked well.
  9. I've heard tell there are a number of wandering old goats around lakeside but never a young one. 🤣
  10. Have incoming family friend would like to take her on a visit.
  11. And of course the people who are constantly attempting to insert U.S. politics into threads here have no prejudices. LOL
  12. I had him do some work on my guitar. Did a good job. Nice guy and nice shop. About 2 blocks west of the SA Plaza on Ramon Corona. Best to use his FB page to set up appointment, he is not always open.
  13. Good read along these lines here. I have to say I agree with almost all of it. https://www.smartertravel.com/real-reason-fliers-hate-airlines/
  14. What makes me nervous about all these places is their staying power. Imagine living in one of them for some years, being really infirm, and waking up one day to find out you have to find another place.
  15. I'm wondering how long it will be before Volaris has an extra charge for using the head while in flight. IMO they've become a poster child for everything that is wrong about flying these days. And they have a lot of competition for that distinction.
  16. To unhijack the thread: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/will-there-be-a-southward-migration-this-year/
  17. The U.S. sends much more water to Mexico than vice versa. Climate change has nothing to do with it. Droughts are endemic to the American SW and northern Mexico and among other things caused the predecessors to the Aztecs to move south and the cliff dwellers of Mexico to move down to the few water sources that remained running during said droughts. As that area appears to be entering another drought this conflict is going to escalate. Bear in mind because considerably more water is provided to Mexico than vice versa the withholding of the latter is a no win game for Mexico. We no
  18. https://www.vallartadaily.com/mexico-aims-to-vaccinate-116-million-against-coronavirus-by-end-of-2021/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta)
  19. https://news.yahoo.com/mexico-poised-become-biggest-legal-080010096.html Should make some of the local aged hippies happy. But what will be the impact on the young?
  20. As you can see from the data, not so easy to get it from two of those. Restaurants? You bet. We are sticking with take out
  21. Some apparently do, the dance bar across the street has reopened after already having at least one case of covid. I would suggest avoiding anyone who goes to bars for the duration. As you say, just common sense.
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