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  1. Is that the latest label? Don't tell me y'all have given up on racist.
  2. Maybe just guilty of pointing out the obvious. As for your comment, no, I just put myself outside of same, quite willingly and happily. Outside of same is a much bigger place.
  3. I guarantee if I had posted anything like that the people of a certain ideological persuasion around here including you would be all over me.
  4. Well he'll have to work a bit to top this.
  5. They do it early in the mornings on the weekends around here. Apparently the bomberos can't write them up for it and they know there are no government enforcers around early and on weekends. Have one up the hill from me who does it every Saturday 7AM regular as clock work.
  6. The place has strict occupancy limits and they enforce them.
  7. That's the guy I was thinking of. Thanks!
  8. The garden center in Riberas, just east of the old 7-11 has a guy our friends use regularly and they are satisfied with him.
  9. That's a budget stove that is now 13 years old. I'd replace it. Tio Sam still best local place IMO. They sell junk at Walmart. Otherwise, call Gualberto Real. Definitely the best for this sort of thing.
  10. I've used the Michelin tire place on the Libremiento a number of times always with good results.
  11. Because Mexico gets so much of its propane from the U.S. and there was a recent supply disruption due to weather there there has been a bump in prices. Will that go back down in a few months? Maybe at least some. Of course if Mexico ended the Pemex monopoly on petro energy they might not have to import over half their propane...
  12. We have gotten some great ideas from you all, thanks a million!
  13. Finally, someone answered the simple question. Thanks Angus.
  14. The time and distance to San Antonio is very close and the tolls are considerably less. Another benefit, we can easily make McAllen in one day and the hotel and eathing choices are much more extensive and better priced.
  15. We tried Impatiens, the sun here is too strong for them. They are not recommended for direct sun NOB and it is even stronger here. This is all really helpful, thanks folks!
  16. Read up on this. Doesn't like direct sun. The location has direct sun for most of the day.
  17. We have crossed many times at Pharr now, never a problem. The route bypasses Reynosa complete, in fact it bypasses every town of any size after Lagos de Moreno.
  18. That Laredo crossing area has had problem cops for as long as we've lived here, 13 years.
  19. Not a lot of families at Playa Grande. They seem to prefer the busier places in that area. Also these condos aren't really big enough for large families, most are 2BR. To answer your question about restaurants, there are restaurants in Colimilla and they were open this weekend. 15 minutes. Also the Gran Hotel Isla Navidad, several restaurants, elegant but not cheap. Also 15 minutes. 20 minutes to Barra de Navidad, lots of restaurants.
  20. What flowering plants that like full sun will work well here? Thanks!
  21. If the news is correct, the Argentinian president now has covid even though earlier he got the Sputnik vaccine.
  22. Gladly. The CDC changes its tune weekly, LOL. If one thinks there is anything like complete consensus of the utility of these flimsy cloth masks being really effective, one may not be keeping up. Distance is the #1 most effective hands down. I'll wear it when going into a store. Otherwise, no. Bad for my asthma and really unnecessary when you aren't around someone. The silliest thing I see routinely is someone in a car alone wearing a mask. I even saw some guy on a scooter, no helmet, wearing a mask. LOL
  23. True, but this is an easy one and the polling seems to indicate most of the country would like to be rid of it.
  24. Have they really? And at what cost? And how many REALLY died of covid? It is certainly unrealistic to expect a country with very poor general public health, very limited medical resources, large often uncooperative rural populations and very dispersed, corrupt and incompetent governance to be some sort of covid star. A Mexico is not going to be a South Korea under any circumstance. Just not going to happen no matter how much one complains. One needs to accept the reality of where they are at or go someplace different. Is it better in SE Asia? Otherwise if one is going to
  25. AMLO let us down here. He said he was going to get rid of this nuisance.
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