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  1. They wouldn't mail it to your bank. If you had it mailed here, good luck.
  2. They brought a standard copper wire modem as a replacement. We hadn't requested it.
  3. Here it was weird. They brought a new modem to the door. Hooked it up and speeds jumped into the mid teens. For a week. Then back down to only a little faster than before.
  4. I know this but it requires either AMEX or a Mexican CC, we have neither. However I wonder if it would work with a Mexican debit card from Actinver. I'm going to try that. Good information about the signal reception, I'll find a Portatil. Looks like it will only let you buy a new Pase online using AMEX. Don't have one and don't want one.
  5. Rather than risk money on this older "Pase" tag I have I want to pick up a new one. A friend got this for me and the package had been opened. Their website shows a different version now and cautions against buying if the package is not sealed. Last time, though, I went to both Oxxo and 7-11 locally and neither had tags although the Pase site indicates these are sources. Has anyone found a local store that does have them? Thanks. It was very helpful to find out that only Mexican CCs are taken because the web site doesn't tell you this and they don't give an error message showing t
  6. Our visitors from south of Oaxaca have a different kind of Toll Tag than Tag Pase. Theirs is called TeleVia and appears to cover the same roads as Tag Pase. Tag Pase will not accept recharges from our U.S. credit cards though it doesn't give that message when rejecting. So we are thinking about trying the new one. IAVE apparently became Tag Pase quite some time ago. 1. Anyone know of or are using TeleVia? 2. Does it have an I phone app? 3. Will it accept U.S. credit card recharging? What is your recent experience in using either one when traveling north? Are they st
  7. Mexico doesn't really know how much CV they have. You get away from the major cities and the medical system, testing and monitoring is pretty sketchy. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/covid-case-numbers-could-actually-be-7-million/
  8. They are perma banned. Let us know if they show up in a different form.
  9. I don't believe that is local as WalMart must continue to comply with Jalisco rules. It is a rather long drive to go to a Walmart NOB so of course I'll be happy to boycott those from here.
  10. FYI, from this morning's PV news. Cases continue to increase there. https://www.vallartadaily.com/jalisco-will-weaken-the-covid-19-emergency-button-response/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta)
  11. Interesting read. https://qz.com/125708/why-mexicos-tax-reforms-wont-apply-to-majority-of-its-workers/
  12. Polling shows that feeling is near universal among Mexicans.
  13. Except the death rate is dropping, is it not? That being the case you cannot straight line project to predict the total death count.
  14. Among the other things Antonio does ( he also rents and sells cars) Antonio will act as your inspector and agent when purchasing a car. Based on very strong recommendations on Facebook from local folks who have used his services for car buying I had him help me buy a newer used car recently. The knowledge and level of service he provided were simply excellent. It was pretty obvious the seller was a bit slippery but as soon as he dealt with Antonio the games stopped. First, Antonio and his mechanic inspected the car in high detail, pointed out several issues and advised me as to how ser
  15. This has been a problem as long as we've lived here, not surprised it is getting worse. Having foreign plates here has always been problematic and I suspect it is getting worse.
  16. Speeding tickets are a fat source of revenues NOB, it was only a matter of time before the Mexicans cashed in too.
  17. From this morning's Informador: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Avanza-reforma-para-aumentar-costo-de-fotomultas-20200727-0054.html
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