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  1. Great. We are going to the beach in a week but could do it afterwards. Early April after Semana Santa? We are in Ajijic, set it up for any time after 6 April and we are in. Ours is a 1906 Ivers and Pond upright grand, fully restored.
  2. Hmm, who is it that introduced partisan politics to this discussion? To start with, the $69,0oo figure is for ALL stimulus packages as I clearly stated in my post. Not the entire U.S. national debt. Did you miss that? And I really can't have a meaningful discussion with anyone who thinks having $69,000 in debt added to a household's legal obligation as citizens of a country in just the last several years, let alone how much they've piled up in the last 20, is anything remotely resembling positive. Fortunately I expect to die before the piper has to be paid. So I suppose
  3. We are definitely not going to take any of Mexico's options. To begin with, the treatments should go first to the Mexicans since they are obviously the most exposed and need to keep working and not get ill from covid. We can wait and we will.
  4. A verified number can't be "unfair" LOL. That is the amount of debt per household added just by stimulus packages from the beginning. Both parties have been voting to pile this debt on. The last round is only one third of the total piled on. They would have happily voted for it had their man been in the White House. Don't be naive, all this amazing and unpayable debt has been piled on in a most bipartisan manner beginning, really, some 20 years ago. Now please do not make this discussion partisan.
  5. That's how much of the debt piled on actually went for stimulus checks in this latest round. As I recall, the total debt per household added for all the stimulus packages, not just the latest, is somewhere north of $69K. My checks didn't add up to this, how about yours? And before we start with the usual tiresome "it's politics" accusations from the usual suspects, please note all this debt was piled on in a most bipartisan manner. Past or present, party label of any kind, they are all responsible for this. No magic, just computers talking to each other. This was the system
  6. For the first, we went to the very easy to use and well publicized IRS site and put in the bank info. Haven't had to do anything since. I doubt there's been any changes to the system. Anyway, glad you got it and hope you enjoy your 9 percent.
  7. This doesn't tell us much without specifying whether or not Permanent Residents will be allowed to leave and reenter as in the past when the border was supposedly closed to "non essential" travel. A little more on the topic: https://www.vallartadaily.com/u-s-extends-travel-restrictions-at-canada-mexico-land-borders/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta) Think the cartels will comply?
  8. Once per year is quite sufficient. We do not have the harsh weather conditions that require it more frequently.
  9. Problem is unless you stop them they'll hit the plant again and again until it runs out of the energy to leaf out and it dies. We learned that one the hard way from first ignoring the ants. Now we look at our plants closely and when we see evidence of cutters we come out at night and find the nest and trail of ants and hit both with Hormigon.
  10. The dealer. What I do is pick up the correct oil while in the U.S. for a lot less than it costs here and then provide it and a quality filter to the shop.
  11. Glad to help as I've noticed you can use a lot of it on this topic.
  12. At the risk of getting slammed, I would like to suggest it would be better for the expat community, which has proven quite effective in protecting themselves from covid, to let the Mexican community who have to be out there working or are living in larger family groups, to get the first few rounds of vaccinations. Personally speaking I'd also be leery of getting around those large crowds of vaccination seekers.
  13. Chapala is David Tingen of Chapala Real Estate, the owners of this board. Mod 2 is me, Mainecoons, Dan Houck Mod 5 is Pete Johansen, posts under "Johansen." Three and Four are inactive. classified are staff of the Ojo. They only deal with the classified section and coordinate it with the print classified of the Ojo. This board is set up with Mods separate from members and a Mod can chose to be both. I believe the mods on TOB go under their actual or member names. Now I'm going to put on Mod 2 hat and close this thread since your question has been answered. If
  14. I have found a nest will go inactive for weeks at a time and suddenly they start coming out of it again. Keep a close eye on it. The granular stuff has worked so far very well for us and doesn't have the hazard for pets the white powder does. Recently a neighbor lost a dog after the dog walked in the powder and then licked it off.
  15. Once again, with thanks to Angus. It is a food thread, people.
  16. Absolutely agree Andy and we need that whackamole meme Angus posted for this thread. With thanks to Angus.
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