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  1. Sadly, no Feria this year. However we are helping the Fuentes family of world class alibrije artisans sell their museum quality works of art here. You pick the piece, they ship to our mailbox, we pick up, then you pick up from us. You don't pay until you come for the piece, cash is accepted, we call them for credit card charges. Some of you may remember them from the Feria as they are one of a few "resident" artists invited to show and sell every year. They are also prominent at EnArt where they have won a number of first place awards. You can see what is available and prices on
  2. Yep, one of the great things about living in Mexico is how good they are at fixing things.
  3. This is very sad and far too often the dog dies a horrible death because their owners are negligent or just plain bad neighbors, allowing their pets to bark endlessly or roam the streets. Unfortunately these types of dog owners just tend to get another unlucky dog and do the same thing over again. It is tough being an animal in Mexico. 🤕
  4. We finally managed to get it done by running it through PayPal and using a debit card.
  5. Trying to book flight to Oaxaca and two different credit cards will not go through their system. Credit card issuers both say problem is AeroMexico not them. Is there somewhere locally we can take the reservation number and pay for the tickets. After half hour waits on long we got nothing out of them. They can't fix the problem and they can't tell us alternative way to pay for the tickets. Beginning to see why they are bankrupt.
  6. Wells here have high iron and this causes that clear green tint in pool water. NOB they have something call Poolmate Iron Out. Is something similar available here? Thanks
  7. Isn't that road in pretty poor condition?
  8. Definitely can recommend this hospital. Clean, modern and well staffed. Not the easiest to get to from here however.
  9. Having your pain in advance Angus? Little snark there Xena You two have demonstrated exactly what gets threads locked. You both might want to consider the concept of self fulfilling prophecies.
  10. Thanks everyone, found it on Amazon MX for about the same price as U.S.
  11. I fear nothing but there seems to be a lot of fear in this expat community despite their success in almost universally avoiding covid. That fear is being manifested by constantly obsessing over what others are doing or not doing and over unqualified numbers which are truly minimal when expressed as a percent of the population. As an engineer I know that unqualified numbers tend to distort reality and indeed this is a common tactic among those that seek to influence using them. I am not wrong I just don't agree with your opinion. We have no idea what method is being used or how many of
  12. Our otherwise good Oster blender needs a new jar. The plastic one just quite unexpectedly split open. Anyone know where it can be found locally or in GDL? Gracias!
  13. Property taxes are considerably higher adjusted for inflation (pesos) then they were 10 years ago when we got pretty good service from local government. Potholes were fixed regularly, we had a standing crew of Chapala workers who kept the trash swept up, the Malecon was maintained. SIMAPA rates when one takes into account one has to take what they deliver and spend significant money storing, it, treating it and pressurizing it are hardly cheap. Fully treated and pressurized water cost us a lot less in NM than they do here after factoring in those costs. And the water never went off.
  14. Was out last evening arounf 5:30. The usual Friday afternoon traffic jam, Mexicans everywhere without masks, parking lot of Walmart jammed with customers who would have gone on the weekend increasing the crowd. Draw your own conclusions.
  15. Here is what qualifying data looks like: Low Risk: 1 Opening the mail Low Risk: 2 Getting restaurant takeout Pumping gasoline Playing tennis Going camping Low-Moderate Risk: 3 Grocery shopping Going for a walk, run, or bike ride with others Playing golf Low-Moderate Risk: 4 Staying at a hotel for two nights Sitting in a doctor’s waiting room Going to a library or museum Eating in a restaurant (outside) Walking i
  16. Posting unqualified data accomplishes just what other than to create fear?
  17. This doesn't mean much unless the corresponding weekly testing rate is also shown. We know the number of actual cases far exceeds the known cases. We also know the testing rate is increasing. Also, how many of these cases are expats? I've yet to see much information on WHERE people are encountering and contracting covid. From other places it appears that most cases are contracted at home. Are people getting covid in Walmart, Costco, Soriana with all their precautions? If not, why are they being closed? From other places it appears bars and public gatherings are the most haz
  18. Ding, ding, ding. Give that man the Cupie Doll. The definition of insanity is....
  19. Maybe for this reason? https://amfelect.com/the-7-coldest-places-in-canada/?fbclid=IwAR0tXLWGlygKpLPLNNFXK2XbHXUN9FHWztc7bB3wXQbEUF1e6BKK-iN6L9I
  20. Do I understand correctly WalMart will be closed on the next two weekends?
  21. We've been maintaining several stands of milkweed on our property that just showed up several years ago and have a fairly steady presence of Monarchs seemingly as a result. This may be one way to help sustain the population. They are so beautiful to watch!
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