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  1. Check the references at the bottom of the piece.
  2. After we had our pool reconstructed I took over maintenance because it really is easy and having a lot of experience I do it better than anyone we have had previously. It also helps I go out each morning and skim the floating stuff off and brush it down every couple days. I'm looking for someone who can come and do maintenance using my tools and chemicals for a month while we are up north. Suggestions appreciated.
  3. Well, some have pointed out it is so costly it will drive more into the informal economy, which already makes up about half the economy in Mexico.
  4. No, just a vision check. But bring all the documents and copies like you are getting new license.
  5. Yes, found it at that hardware store just down the street from you. They had it in 25 and 40 watt sizes even. Thanks for the help!
  6. There's no reason why you can't do this safely but as it is an exercise class with elevated respiration I'd consider spreading out more, say at least double the usual distance.
  7. Yeah I was going to check the lighting store that moved to Riberas and then the hardware store over by Pedro. Amazon prices for this $3 U.S. bulb are ridiculous. Push comes to shove I'll bring one back when we go north in a month.
  8. Where is the best place to look for a 40 watt oven light bulb? Must be high temperature resistant. Thanks!
  9. Mainecoons


    Interesting stuff. Where to try locally? https://mexiconewsdaily.com/mexicolife/pulque-is-a-pre-hispanic-drink-with-nutritional-qualities/
  10. Thank you all very much. Figure we'll get the local membership here since we are here most of the time.
  11. If you get a Sams Club membership here in Mexico can you use it in the U.S. too? Costco U.S. accepts Mexico card but not sure about Sams. Thanks!
  12. Expats need to keep a lower profile IMO.
  13. Location was definitely a problem for us with this restaurant. Noisy.
  14. Exactly right. Move your cursor over the person's name and a menu will pop up, one choice at the bottom is ignore user.
  15. Bet they still set off a bunch of fireworks! Love the castillos, will miss those.
  16. they sell them at the pool store where Handymail is.
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