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  1. There's more to the story  Before we got there we ran into a bloqueo over the water rights fight on the main road into Chihuahua.  They were back up like 5 miles in either direction.  As we were at an exit, I boondockedit along side the road to the exit and got off and was sitting there working the gps trying to find a way around.  A Mexican couple in a pick up pulled up along side and said they knew what was going on and how to get around it.  So we followed them cross country, sometimes on the berm of an irrigation canal (this is why I will only own 4 wheel drive sport utes in Mexico) until we emerged at the site of the bloqueo.  The couple then conversed with another guy in a pickup and he led us down village streets and back onto the highway above the bloqueo.  

    Of course no one would take anything for their help other than heart felt thanks and big smiles and we went on our way marveling at this great Mexican experience.  It put us back about an hour and that put us smack in the middle of the border slowdown.  Still we were able to get across early enough to pick up our RV, move to our RV park "base camp" and go get some Freddy's burgers.  

    All in all it was a great reminder of what makes living in Mexico special.  :D 


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  2. Just an update on our use of the Toll tag between Ajijic and Santa Teresa NM traveling by way of Aguascalientes, Torreon, Chihuahua and the border.  

    Basically worked great until we got north of Aguascalientes, then very hit and miss from there.  One toll on the Zacatecas bypass worked, one did not.  Torreon bypass worked great.  Did not work north of Torreon to Jimenez and then not north of Jimenez to Chihuahua.  Worked on one of two tolls on Chihuahua bypass and the first tool booth north of Chihuahua.  Did not work on the toll booth south of Juarez or the toll both on the bypass to Santa Teresa.


  3. We came primarily for the weather and walk everywhere life style.  We view our presence here as a win win given the obvious higher standard of living most everyone in this community enjoys.  To some degree that benefit is also a byproduct of the popularity of this area with middle and upper class Tapatios, whose presence also creates business opportunities and jobs for locals.  I don't think our Mexican workers or businesses view themselves as being on a plantation any more that we do.

    I've visited enough places in Mexico that doesn't have the economic benefits of this area to see what things are like without them.  We are grateful to our Mexican hosts for the great life style we live here and I believe they are in turn grateful for the opportunity brought by expats and visitors alike.  Everyone should be working together to preserve the appeal of this place.  It is too bad that too often the Chapala government approves development that is clearly bad for that appeal. 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, artsnob said:

    I have a question about Multiva ATM s can you take 10,000 pesos in one transaction or do you have to do two 5,000.  I have been using CI Banco and get 9,000 in one. But lately there machines were not working and I can walk to Multiva ...

    Yeah, that is the problem I'm finding.  CI Banco ATM doesn't seem to be working much at all these days.


  5. 9 hours ago, RickS said:

    I think that the biggest shock is the amount of vehicles on the road since 2009 and it's surely not just Gringos. Traffic is a nightmare in 'the season' and on any weekend due to visits from Tapatíos (Guadalajarians) since there is only one reasonable way to get from east to west. 

    There has been a massive increase in the number of cars in Jalisco.  That is what you are seeing.  Has little to do with the expat population.  Look at the license plates.

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  6. I think you almost have to come visit to get an overall view of the changes since your last visit.  We arrived here in 2008.  Much, much more development and traffic than at that time.  Shopping, finding stuff much improved.  Better medical facilities.  Scads of restaurants.  Much improved movie theaters.  It is definitely different.

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