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  1. Last time we looked there were a number of flight to Europe from Mexico City but it was always much more expensive to go that way than through the U.S. Didn't check Canada.
  2. Small stores simply don't offer the variety and one stop shopping of places like WalMart and Soriana. That is why you see them largely populated with Mexican shoppers pretty much anytime you go. Same with Costco. On weekends you see buses bringing in Mexican shoppers from outlying areas to these stores. To single out WalMart as some sort of evil for offering what consumers clearly want is more about ideology and elitism than reality. You see many of the same big box stores going like gang busters in places like Oaxaca where there are just a handful of expats. Mexican consumers have m
  3. Hasn't been any for weeks. Now what? Also none of those great peanuts in the big can, no packaged bacon, no link sausages. What's up with that?
  4. OK, as I said I'm not really around there enough to figure out what is going on. I have met a Mexican who put a deposit on one.
  5. You mean the guys on the municipal trash truck or the private guys? What did you give them? Trust me, this stuff isn't worth salvaging.
  6. As the title reads, how can we get some old furniture that has been dumped in two places in the neighborhood picked up? Thanks!
  7. The workers may be working out back. There are a lot of cars parked across the street from this place during the day. It does look pretty dead in front though. I only go by there briefly a few times during the week. Not sufficient to determine the activity there.
  8. It has? Looks to me like they are still working on it. Amazingly ugly. Trouble is, if it fails, there it will be forever, a huge blight.
  9. I can't imagine the noise level in that location. Good luck to the buyers. When it comes to development, anything goes with the Chapala government. That's just the way it is and has been. Sure a lot of this type of development piling up around here. We'll see how well they sell. The condos around the corner from me on Constitucion haven't sold worth a damn. But they are seriously pricey.
  10. We ran into the same problem with the Actinver debit card. They will not let you use it for on line purchases. Not worth the trouble to wade through all the stuff they require to do so and then they only approve on a per purchase basis.
  11. Damn, I'll bet you are correct Bisbee. You can tell we don't fly much. Some useful information here for the future, thanks to all.
  12. We didn't schedule it. After we bought tickets for later in the day and they confirmed, a day later they came back with this. You can see we are coming in T1 but have to go to T2 to make the connection flight to Oaxaca. These teFlrminals are a couple of kilometers apart. Should we just go out front and pay a taxi to shuttle us over there? Just another example of how bad flying sucks these days.
  13. We are flying to Oaxaca on AeroMexico and have a very tight connection, coming into Terminal 1 but catching the Oaxaca flight in terminal 2. At best a half hour to get there. Has anyone done this and can describe how to do it? They are pretty far apart. Thanks.
  14. Hotel Cordelias is located well away from all that. Very quiet. No hawkers. No nothing.
  15. I should clarify Hotel Cordelias is on the NW side of Puerto Angel. Great little hotel and restaurant/bar, wonderful beach and swimming. We preferred it to Huatulco. Not nearly as fancy, not an expat hangout, just a really neat spot. Not much to Puerto Angel but just a little further is this funky artsy town. Just drive west on 175 and you'll definitely know it when you get there. Maybe 10 kilometers.
  16. OK when we picked someone up a couple days ago I went into regular parking. As we pulled up it looked like there were two new entry gates to a separate area on your left. Is that the long term parking area?
  17. I keep seeing ads which seem to indicate they now have a rate of 75 pesos per day. Has anyone used this? How does it work, only in a special area? Thanks.
  18. They are at the top of their game. It can easily take two years to get the wood, carve it, cure it, finish it and then paint it. We have a number of their pieces in our home, if you are interested in seeing any of them, PM me.
  19. That drive over the mountains to Puerto Angel is spectacular. And long. Figure 6 to 7 hours with stops to view the scenery. Next year there is supposed to be opened a toll road that will cut the time to Puerto Escondido to 3.5 hours. It has been in the works a long time and appears to be finally going to happen. I highly recommend Hotel Cordelias, try and get Room #1 for a great balcony over looking the bay. Restaurant and watering hole downstairs, then walk out onto the beach and it is an excellent swimming beach at that. This place is great and very reasonable.
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