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  1. Friend who lives near Fort Worth says temps above freezing not expected until Sunday or Monday. Are we the lucky ones or what?
  2. Well not a false alarm in general, it was officially announced and implemented, just not here. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Apagon-afecta-al-menos-a-43-municipios-de-Jalisco-20210217-0002.html
  3. I intend to ask them to extend my membership for the month they refused to honor it.
  4. I think you miss the point about how fact is often determined. As is endangerment. I think people who seek to force their "facts" on others are a danger to civilization. I always like to remember the Galileo story where the flat earth "fact" believers suppressed dissenting views. Real science never thinks it has all the answers and supports strong discussion and dissent. Politicized science which is what much of the covid scene is based on, seeks to suppress alternative views and investigations. And dictation of "fact" and suppression of dissent is core to fascism. Let's lea
  5. True, only 22 percent though another source says 24 percent. When you lose even 10 percent in a situation where every kWh is needed, you have to resort to rolling blackouts as is the case in Texas. The experience in Germany with these things freezing up even worse than Texas really calls into question their reliability in critical situations. Short of being blown away in hurricanes or tornadoes the gas turbines are going to function with high reliability. We have a generator for backul that can run our water system and refrigerator. Power here used to be considerably less re
  6. Didn't realize you followed them. Not your style. Mine either. Nope, here's just one of many sources reporting this: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/frozen-wind-turbines-texas-power-outages-b1802596.html You can wipe the egg off your face now.
  7. I did. It is an op ed advocating thought and opinion control If the elite or oligarchy or some majority they have swayed with propaganda decide your beliefs don't fit their narrative, out you go. Sad. Sad that after several hundred years so many are ready to throw away the freedoms that made western civilization so successful over a "pandemic" that in historical terms is hardly apocalypic. Fortunate there are still many who do not agree with this tyranny. And it most definitely is fascism. Here's always the trap--sooner or later someone or some group comes along who decides
  8. Yep. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Apagon-en-Jalisco-anuncian-cortes-aleatorios-de-energia-en-12-entidades-20210216-0060.html Big reason is a bunch of those windmills froze up solid in Texas. Also from the Informador: Man, we got off light here.
  9. And just who determines that? Oh, the "experts." At least the experts in favor. Fascism anyone? Sad.
  10. Sorry there is nothing in my post that says any of that. What I am trying to get across is the reality of where we live. Mexico is NOT going to handle covid in a first world manner. Mexicans DO NOT by and large follow the precautions you would like them to. The asymptomatic carriers ARE NOT going to be discovered here by massive testing and tracking. The vaccination program is going to be very slow. The Mexican implementation of lockdowns has been largely unsuccessful except in the massive economic damage and expansion of poverty it has caused. They've only served to delay the day o
  11. So without massive testing, that is unlikely to happen in Mexico, there is little likelihood of determining who carries covid. Overall, there is little tracing here. Get used to the idea it is going to run its course in Mexico. If one can't handle that reality they have the choice of either locking themselves down near totally here or going somewhere where testing and tracing is far more common than Mexico. And it will take many months before a large part of the population is inoculated here.
  12. And just how would you know they are infected? A covid test with a very high error rate? How many seemingly healthy people are actually being tested, particularly here in Mexico?
  13. They have 20 kg of clumping cat litter for sale at the Riberas cat shelter. Seems to work very well, clumps thoroughly and cleanly. We are trying it out this time. 330 pesos per bag.
  14. Agree. Have you shared that thought with him? Also, I think teachers should be very high on the priority list for getting vaccine.
  15. No, from Riberas. Julie and Wayne Hensley. They are really good at it. They are on Facebook. julieywayne@yahoo.com
  16. Oh for sure, everyone will die if the kids go back to school. LOL Even the CDC thinks schools can reopen.
  17. Check the Texas news. So cold there state of emergency declared. Never have experienced this kind of cold in mid February here, however.
  18. Just got this in an email, very sad story. Apparently the dog was poisoned by the white powder used to control cutter ants. --------------------------- The Price of Beautiful Lawns: Our Dog Sammy It took 35 hours for his death. After ingesting lawn poison on a walk Thursday evening in lower La Floresta, Ajijic, he died Saturday at 7:39 in the morning. Why did our dear 12-year-old dog, a hairless Chinese Crested officially named “Little Black Sambo,” have to die such a painful death? Because many lawn lovers don’t appreciate ants, cutter ants, rats or weeds. We wish our l
  19. So when these $%&/()s get covid rolling again is our even bigger :() of a governor going to lock us out of shopping for essentials again? And will some here think that is just ducky? Inquiring minds want to know. Photo outside of GDL bar. Bars, in case some of you still don't know, are notorious for covid transmission. Unlike shopping for essentials. https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/COVID-19-Tras-relajar-restricciones-agolpan-bares-en-ZMG-20210214-0016.html
  20. Mexico has reported 166,731 covid deaths after a year. Population of Mexico is 126,014,000. Death toll percentage is 166,731 x100/126,014,000 or .132 percent total in one year. Poverty increased by 12.6 million in 2020 largely due to government actions. How many deaths from that, do we know? What percentage had major contributing conditions of obesity, diabetes, pulmonary problems, very old age? Children have been kept out of school for nearly a year, what are the long term costs in poverty and death of that? Was the "cure" (which basically did not work) worth than the dise
  21. As I understand it the library will not reopen today but possibly next week.
  22. That has nothing at all to do with restricting your constitutional rights. I've had four Mexican lawyers now tell me this was blatantly discriminatory and a clear violation of the Mexican constitution. Spencer has told you the same thing. Voluntary discounts by businesses for seniors is totally irrelevant. For the most part it is a marketing tool or just simple kindness on the part of business owners. It has nothing at all to do with restricting the basic right of anyone to be able to move around and get the food and medicine they need. It was nonsense as far as the science goes as w
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