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  1. You might find this interesting. For the most comprehensive view, read the first study and then the updates. This is science. Belief generally falls in the category of religion. https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/full/10.7326/M20-3213 As to an earlier comment finding the questioning of the general real world public use of flimsy fabric masks often neither sanitized nor worn properly as "aghast." I'm a little aghast as well that any experienced medical professional would equate the use of surgical grade masks in environments where there is also strong emphasis on air and tota
  2. That is supposed to four lane that one part of the toll road that is still two lanes and is routinely brought to a near standstill by the trucks. Sure seems to be taking a long time to finish, though.
  3. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/mexico-eases-restrictions-at-northern-border/ And I just got an email from the U.S. Embassy stating the U.S. has issued a do not travel to Mexico advisory.
  4. Do you have anything other than personal commentary to contribute to the topic here? I'm all ears.
  5. I have seen them on Route 101 the free road that runs through Ciudad Victoria.
  6. I am tuned. Are you? For example are you aware of the increasing number of vaccinated people showing up with covid? Stay tuned. I'm not the cooker but I do like to share stuff that doesn't fit the narrative around here. That ain't over yet.
  7. In fact the death rate of Mexicans WHO GET covid is close to 10 percent, a very high figure. The data source I cited shows 2.3 million cases and 212,000 deaths. That is pushing 10 percent. Clearly the combination of poor general public health and minimal medical facilities is a factor here. One in one thousand locally is correct. As a municipio our population has really out performed the norm in Mexico. And this despite being exposed to higher infection rates in GDL from our large weekender population. The point being that when one looks at the history of pandemics, there have
  8. It is an Op Ed, Gringal. And this piece is definitely over the top but it does make a point. LOL I'm of the belief that the key preventative measure is avoiding or minimizing exposure time in the most vulnerable settings. I limit mask wearing to those situations but the first line of defense is avoiding them as much as possible, with the side benefit of not needing a mask so much. Here is a good summary of those most likely places to get covid from a source I suspect most here like: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/most-common-places-covid-spreading_l_5fd778cec5b62f31c1ff042b
  9. Lazaro Cardenas can also be very, very slow at times. That, together with the fact that Lopez Mateos is a more modern Costco setup is why we stopped going to Vallarta. They sell and mount tires at Lopez Mateos also.
  10. I'd be concerned about all the debris floating on this lake and the stuff that is just below the surface as the lake level continues to drop. If this drought continues we may be looking at a repeat of when the lake got so low the shoreline was a mile further out.
  11. What the hell, since I'm going to be hated for questioning the mask religiosity, may as well post this. Read it at your own risk, I don't want to be responsible for causing death by apoplexy. https://townhall.com/columnists/scottmorefield/2020/11/23/face-masks-are-a-religion-now-all-hail-the-almighty-mask-n2580495
  12. I made no statement in reference to the original post. I posted a peer reviewed paper from a government site and suggested only that one draw their own conclusions. There is plenty more out there on this topic both pro and con. Assuming one is a proponent of anything for simply posting something about it is jumping to conclusions. Cats, TOB has run off all the dissenters. The same folks would like to do that here as well. It is easy to have "manners" when everyone agrees with you. It is unfortunate that the holders of a certain ideology just can't handle dissent without getting
  13. First, it is not my information. Second I'm always aghast at how some here just can't resist getting personal. A little research on this topic would show one that there is a great deal of discussion and dissent about the efficacy of masks and their health effects when worn for long periods of time. I realize however if one is more of a covid religionist than a skeptic one will tend to feel angered and threatened by anything that challenges the dogma.
  14. Thanks for the correction. That also is quite the massive number. Wonder what the local death rate is from drug crime? Lakeside you should know by now that threads like this will drive the covid religionists to fury. Lots of data here. https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus/country/mexico and here, this morning: https://www.vallartadaily.com/coronavirus-in-mexico-april-19-2021-update/
  15. Putting that in terms of per capita numbers, less than 0.01 percent of municipio population after a year, hardly any from the local expat community and most with accompanying conditions of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
  16. Note the peer reviewed source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/ Don't shoot the messenger. Read it and draw your own conclusions.
  17. Can definitely identify with Herk trying to pill his cat. We have an author living at our place.
  18. OK so tell us from whom exactly and how you buy this beef. Does he come daily, weekly, what time of day and how do we find him?
  19. None. 8 family members have had it. All but two were able to take hydroxychloroquine + zith + zinc + vitamin C regimen quickly and had mild cases. Two were in U.S. without access to this and fared much worse but recovered fully. One of them was hospitalized.
  20. Tell us more about how you are buying the Sonoran beef, Pedro. Does the guy come at a certain time and day? Is it tender?
  21. I'm still working on that leaner part. Meaner I got down cold. Stronger gets handled with three trips to the gym per week. Interestingly I don't like steak near as much as I used to, even the high dollar stuff from Costco. I greatly prefer chicken and fish and hamburgers and Costco hotdogs over steak. Now that is a bit weird I will freely admit. In the larger view, covid and over population has put the entire supply chain for a lot of stuff, including food, under great stress. There's just not much slack in the system these days and it is more easily disrupted.
  22. Not everyone can afford a $1000 cell phone with those anti theft features. The legal question here is not about the phone. It is about the right of the Mexican government to treat everyone as a potential criminal and require the submission of such detailed and very personal information. I expect the Supreme Court here won't have a lot of trouble figuring that at all. Can't imagine why you would be comfortable with that last sentence but different strokes for different folks.
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