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  1. Interesting read. https://qz.com/125708/why-mexicos-tax-reforms-wont-apply-to-majority-of-its-workers/
  2. Polling shows that feeling is near universal among Mexicans.
  3. Except the death rate is dropping, is it not? That being the case you cannot straight line project to predict the total death count.
  4. Among the other things Antonio does ( he also rents and sells cars) Antonio will act as your inspector and agent when purchasing a car. Based on very strong recommendations on Facebook from local folks who have used his services for car buying I had him help me buy a newer used car recently. The knowledge and level of service he provided were simply excellent. It was pretty obvious the seller was a bit slippery but as soon as he dealt with Antonio the games stopped. First, Antonio and his mechanic inspected the car in high detail, pointed out several issues and advised me as to how serious and the cost to remedy. He negotiated a fantastic deal with the seller, used a number of techniques to verify the factura was genuine and corresponded to this car, verified registration several ways, worked with the Acura dealer to get a second, highly thorough inspection and arrange for service and repair. He handled everything right up to closing and final pick up and check at the Acura dealer, including driving me in to GDL three times. He also showed me how to save a lot on registration cost and handled all that as well. Buying a car in Mexico unless you go and pay big bucks for a new one at a dealer can be quite difficult and I never would have attempted to purchase from this seller on my own. Antonio really made the process easy and got me a great deal. His cell number is 331/804-8070
  5. This has been a problem as long as we've lived here, not surprised it is getting worse. Having foreign plates here has always been problematic and I suspect it is getting worse.
  6. Speeding tickets are a fat source of revenues NOB, it was only a matter of time before the Mexicans cashed in too.
  7. From this morning's Informador: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Avanza-reforma-para-aumentar-costo-de-fotomultas-20200727-0054.html
  8. Friend of mine had major back surgery and recommends this doc: Dr. Carlos Parga, and he was recommended by Dr. Valenzuela. His office is in Puerto De Hierro Norte ( UGH) but operated on me at Hospital Country 2000. His number is 331-368-2083 or 2084. His cell is 333-441-7302 He speaks and writes English and his email is: carlosparga@hotmail.com Always good to get multiple opinions with serious surgery. Also you may well need pain management assistance as well, so prepare for that in advance.
  9. Expats who go around getting into confrontations with the locals sooner or later do not have a good experience from that behavior. It's a difficult disease, not the end of the world, that is best handled with good personal risk management. Rather like crime. It is better to avoid criminals than to go around trying to correct their behavior. No doubt there are studies out there (there's a study for everything these days) that prove this is likely to get one killed. It is also not a religion though some of the posters here seem to hold it as such. You can always spot this by the fervent, judgmental, demanding language.
  10. Let's steer clear of politics and stay with the topic. The weekenders are pretty lax about social distance and masks so we need to be highly careful about them. Do your shopping early in the morning during the week when they aren't in town or likely to be out. Don't go to restaurants from Friday afternoon thru Sunday evening. And fer crying out loud, avoid the damned dance bars. You may as well go to a covid party as to one of these places. Many of our locals have to provide goods and services to the weekenders in order to make a living. Let's encourage them to do so as safely as possible for their own safety and ours as well. Hector is doing a great job of educating them when he is advised of poor practices. I encourage people to get in contact with him when you see same and avoid direct confrontations. Remind your help that GDL has a lot of CV because they aren't careful and we don't want to see our neighbors and helpers get infected because of Tapatio carelessness.
  11. Damn good question. My wife goes to WalMart on Sunday mornings at 8 AM and has no problem keeping her distance from everyone.
  12. Agree. Avoiding air travel, that is what spread this in the first place.
  13. Well, just based on personal observation both locally and in San Juan Cosala I would suggest he take his threats and shutdowns to GDL because they are basically ignoring him IMO. At least the ones who show up around both places on the weekends. Locally we are not and the numbers reflect that. 50 out of 50,000 is 0.1 percent. We're avoiding this weekend bunch like the plague and I suspect a lot of the other locals are as well. Since they've been around for some time now and the local numbers are quite low, it may be working.
  14. Zeb, the expat never wins these situations without a good lawyer. Get one.
  15. Butt out of my thread, please. You are adding nothing but distraction to it. Thanks.
  16. It is pretty obvious this one hits the old harder and the young less. That's what I got from this. Understanding, analyzing and drawing inference from sometimes incomplete data is what technically trained people do. The larger problem is the previous pandemics haven't been studied nearly as well as this one. I suspect the real problem for some here is the data don't seem to support the narrative well.
  17. While it can't be a direct comparison, it reflects the data that is available for each. Where the timelines are close, some inferences can be drawn. For example it is pretty clear CV 19 is considerably more dangerous for the old than the young when compared to some incidences of the flu. And getting in a car is more dangerous for just about anyone. I wonder if these data reflect driving on the carretera.
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