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  1. That's good but you should know your route before you use it otherwise it may over-use toll roads in route selection. BTW, I do have a detailed narrative for either going to Pharr or coming from there and I update it after every trip. If you want a copy, PM me. Another interesting happening on local toll roads is that the entire remaining two lane part of the Manzanillo cuota Ruta 54 is being bypassed with all new construction. It will run from where the two lane part begins just south of Ciudad Guzman and run all the way to intersect the existing route just above the last new toll station.
  2. After you come out of San Luis Potosi and the next exit after the big police checkpoint, you'll see ONE sign for "Ciudad Victoria via corta". That is actually Ruta 70. You ride down that a short ways and there is a very well marked exit for Ciudad Victoria that puts you on a toll road that connects with 101 into Ciudad Victoria further north. When you approach Ciudad Victoria, the road changes to Tamps 126, you follow that around Ciudad Victoria and rejoin 101 on the north side. Just start following the signs to Matamoros once you hit Tamps 126. As you approach the northern border there's
  3. That's not correct to Pharr unless one is going by way of Monterrey, which is out of the way. It is about half that much. We do it regularly. We pay tolls on cuota 80 out of GDL, the new road from Lagos to San Luis Potosi, the "corta" to Ciudad Victoria. We go through San Luis Potosi and avoid the tolls and long distance of the south and east San Luis Potosi bypasses. The south one in particular isn't worth the cost as it is a poor road and a feeding place for predatory cops. We save both time and money and gas driving straight through San Luis Potosi but when the west side bypass is compl
  4. Snowy: Adsorption or reverse osmosis processes are not technically filtration. Activated carbon can both filter and adsorb. Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation process that blocks the transport of dissolved salts across the membrane leaving potable water. We don't use RO "filters" for removing solid particulates as they become fouled quickly. This is why full water treatment starts with the separation of solid particulates and then progresses to the removal by adsorption or RO of dissolved pollutants.
  5. Tolls are much less when exiting through Pharr, particularly if you drive straight through San Luis Potosi. As we always drive the Mexico portion of our trips north and south on Sunday, driving through San Luis Potosi is easy and saves about 15-20 minutes plus tolls and some gas. Your toll figures suggest you are doing the same. We start full from here, fill up twice on the way and then gas up at Costco in Pharr before going to a hotel there. Total gas cost is about 1500 pesos plus $25 in Pharr for a Honda CRV. Lots of choices in hotels there as well at better prices than Laredo. Distance/
  6. That is correct. The result is an extremely smooth picture in very large sizes. However. there isn't much benefit unless one is inputting 1080P material. The picture tends to be too soft IMO with 720P or below. I have a 100 inch screen setup in my home theater with a 4K front projector. It upscales and when fed 1080P material the effect is quite stunning. However I question the benefit of the additional expense on a 55 inch screen. If buying from someone like Best Buy and paying a premium, view the TV with a Blue Ray DVD feed and decide if it is worth the extra money. Otherwise, go for a
  7. He's right, really nice gyms are dirt cheap here in Arlington, TX as well. They are far larger with many times the membership which is how they can deliver so much for a lot less than the gyms Lakeside. They take advantage of economy of scale Even better, we can use our Silver Sneakers benefit that goes with our Medicare supplemental at the local 24 hour fitness. This gym is really something, very large pool, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, every kind of fitness equipment imaginable.
  8. How exactly does the Amiga plan work, who can you put on it and how many people? I'd like to put my spouse and several others I call regularly on it. I've found it easiest to just go into an Oxxo and add two hundred pesos every two months. Agree that it is best to use Spanish in the TelCel store at the mall.
  9. I leave here at 6:30 AM and arrive at the U.S side of the Pharr bridge no later than 5:30 PM and usually closer to 5PM. After crossing I stop by Costco for some gas and eats and go to one of the many reasonably priced hotels in the Pharr/McAllen area. That new west side bypass around San Luis Potosi approaching completiong should shave another 15 minutes off. Making the trip north on Sunday is also a time saver. A lot less truck traffic. \
  10. It is not necessary to go all the way to Harlingen. Try Pharr which is very quiet and fast and connects you directly to free roads going south. It avoids any passage through McAllen as it connects directly to a short toll road that connects with the main road south well below the urban area of McAllen. From there, definitely an easy run to here. We generally cross at daylight and are home with plenty of light to spare. From San Antonio, we and a friend measured the driving distance and time comparing Pharr to Laredo. There was less than 30 miles difference and the times were identical. As
  11. We had ours polished anew when we did some kitchen rehab. Brought them back to a like new shine. Let me see if I can find the name and number of the guy who did it.
  12. The problem as I understand it was widespread corruption with the test stations. Apparently a lot of them just took the money plus a bribe and handed out stickers. I haven't read anything that indicates Jalisco has fixed this program. Anyone with a later model car is not going to have a problem meeting the rather lax emission standards of this test. In the U.S. many states have begun exempting such newer cars. Here's a story from Canada that illustrates the point very well: http://globalnews.ca/news/1186030/newer-model-cars-almost-never-fail-driveclean-government-data-shows/ I'm sorry but
  13. Since Jalisco has admitted the emissions program is in a state of dissaray, does anyone besides me find it curious that our diligent (?) local traficos are out there enforcing a broken down program? Or is quota time? Sorry, but I'm skeptical of this. Very skeptical. We keep ours up to date and will continue to do so but I suspect the majority of people in this state are ignoring the program at this point. Thanks Lexie for the answer.
  14. If you know Lexy you know it is pretty unlikely she'd be doing anything that warrants getting stopped, hence my question as to what she was stopped for. As we all know, the mordida seekers like to stop people on some made up pretext and then do the shakedown on them. Lexy is such a nice lady maybe the guy changed his mind. A local cop pulling over people to "check" emission stickers is pretty unusual and suspect as to what the real motive is in my opinion. Mordida trolling ebbs and flows these days and this group has been great at passing the word when it picks upl I'm sure she's capable of
  15. So what was his excuse for pulling you over Lexie? According to reports in El Informador, the emissions program in Jalisco is basically defunct. It was so corrupt it was worthless anyway. Unless this cop claimed you broke some traffic law, was this just trolling for mordida in your opinion? If so, please describe the cop so the rest of us can be on the lookout for him.
  16. Lexy, where were you when you got pulled over?
  17. Car wash Moyoyo. North side of the carretera almost across from Cafe Magana, just a little east of the animal shelter and across the street.
  18. There's a sidewalk but it is a long, long walk in the heat. Several miles sounds about right. If you want to walk across, go to Reynosa.
  19. I think the point he's making is whether or not we really know if the bottled water we buy here is really OK. Perhaps the answer is that if it wasn't we'd hear about it? Like we do with restaurants? Or maybe not. It's a fair question. Is anyone really monitoring these water suppliers to confirm that they are actually selling pure water? I can't recall hearing of any actual standards or testing for same. We have our own purification system and hence do not use bottled water. However most of the people we know do.
  20. Let me add my recommendation. This family is excellent and reliable.
  21. RV's route is a fair piece out of your way if one wants to make the run from Pharr to here in one day. From where you are coming from, you'll be coming in on Texas 281, a very fast divided four lane road. There are numerous budget motels right on 281 between Edinburg and Pharr. We've had good results with the Comfort Inn in Edinburg and the more expensive but very nice and well located Holiday In Express in Pharr. Crossing at Pharr is an absolute snap, from the entry point you go immediately onto an express cuota to the 97 south without any stops other than the toll and without drivi
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