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  1. Can we pay our water bills in Chapala even if we live in Ajijic?

    15 percent on our water bill is definitely worth the trip, particularly if we do it the same time we pay our property taxes for all those services we aren't getting. :)

    I'll give SIMAPA credit, they have certainly improved over time. So has CFE. Both are a great deal more reliable than they used to be.

    Not Chapala.

  2. We're not talking about taking 80 all the way from Lagos. The new 80D is much better. However, there have been a number of reports that going straight on at the end of 80D at Villa Arriaga actually saves distance and time. We'll be driving it on Sunday as an experiment to see if this is true. If not, we'll go back to using the south cuota bypass (a pretty poor road with lots of trucks too) to the east bypass, a very good road, emerging on the north side of town.

    We'll keep detailed time records and I'll report back to you all on it shortly after we arrive in Texas.

  3. The CRV carries about 15 gallons but it also doesn't get as good gas mileage as the Fit. We find that we are down to 1/4 tank at each of the gas stops.

    The shortcut after the airport is now the south periferico. You have the option of staying on it now to the toll road which could be a little faster but then you'll have to pay the first toll which I think is around 55 pesos. Otherwise, use the libre to Zapotlanejo and then the quick jog over to the toll road that puts you on it after the first toll booth.

    Our new experiment for this trip will be to bypass both the south and east San Luis Potosi toll roads and drive directly through town on the 80 and 57 expressways, rejoining 57 at the north end of the east bypass. I'll report on that as soon as we reach Texas. It is supposed to save some significant distance plus $15 or so in tolls.

    The south SLP bypass is a pretty poor road plus you have that mordida trap at the east end of it. Definitely watch out for that one and be well backed down before you hit the bridge over the railroad tracks just west of the industrial park.

    I'm hoping that our custom of driving Mexico on Sundays will make the reported first part of that alternative SLP route go easier than it might during a work day.

  4. There's definitely a lack of services between the border and Ciudad Victoria, hence the recommendation that you cross with a full tank and stop at that big Pemex on the first part of the Ciudad Victoria bypass. The second recommended stop is north of San Luis Potosi, the big Pemex with the old railway cars.

    We find that two gas stops are all that is required in either direction if you start out with a full tank. We do not stop for anything in Tamps except for that gas stop on the CV bypass.

    This trip we are going to try the alternative of driving straight through San Luis Potosi. I'll report on that in my usual trip report after we arrive in Texas.

  5. If you zoom in on this Google Maps you see clearly the cross town expressway Alan et. al. are talking about. Zoom on it and you can clearly see how the 57 runs directly into the 80 in the middle of town. you would take the 57 libre right hand exit on the north side of SLP and then just follow it to your hotel.


    What is being recommended here is to take the 57 to the 80 libre in the center of town and then take the 80 libre directly out to Villa Arriaga, at which point you will be headed south on the new cuota to Lagos de Moreno. Your hotel location, however, makes it a bit difficult to use the 80 libre direct to Villa Arriaga.

    Although the first portion is reported to be a bit slow as you leave SLP on the southwest side, overall it is claimed you will save time over that long stretch of poor quality cuota that runs from the 57 south of SLP over to Villa Arriaga. We are going to be y

    Unfortunately, it looks like your Holiday Inn Express is well south on the 57. You might want to consider switching to a hotel on the north side which will enable you to get back on the 57 before the 80 and use the direct route to Villa Arriaga.

    Alan, what say you?

  6. Alan, are there a ton of topes before you get to the first glorietta? I haven't heard anyone advocating this route mention those.

    The distance is obviously shorter but have you compared the times for the two routes? Driving through numerous villages and over numerous topes sure can rack up the time and irritation.

    Once you hit the north side of town where the junction with the north side periferico is, what is it like from there? How long does it take from the previous exit point at Villa de Arriaga to that first glorietta?


  7. Agree with Alan. Go straight through town, much better and faster.

    Alan and Hud, could you detail how one goes through town now? The maps don't show any new roads, no surprise there given how poor maps are here. However, I am told that if you just keep going straight at Villa de Arriaga, you come out on the south side of town, come to a big circle, go straight through it and end up on a freeway that goes to the north side of town. Eventually you merge with 57 at the entrance to the east bypass.

    It looks like that big circle is next to some sort of sports facility, does that sound right? It also looks like the circle is at the south periferico.

    We would love to avoid that south bypass cuota which is not only a crappy road but it takes you way out of the way They should pay us to use this lousy road. To add insult to injury, the local cops are running speed traps in areas with artificially low posted speed limits.

    However, the last time we tried driving through SLP it was a nightmare using the periferico.

    We'll be going that way in 6 weeks. Would love to try a better way but don't care to get lost in SLP again. Any detailed description of the through town route or photos gratefully received. We'll be driving through there on a Sunday, that should be easier.

  8. I've heard that there's a direct, limited access right through town that is faster than using the south bypass cuota and the east bypass cuota but I've not heard anything about a new road that circles all the way around to the east. You could see this road I think you're talking about under construction shortly after you enter the east bypass cuota from the north.

    The south bypass is in pretty poor condition and badly maintained, it would be great to not have to use it.

  9. Sorry RV - I don't agree. That back road is insane. It adds at least 1.5 hours drive time. I has been barely maintained, full of holes in the pavement, usually right after blind corners of which there are hundreds. Lots people use the road - because they have to - but most of the vehicles are in very poor repair. It does have beautiful scenery but the driver had better keep every ounce of attention on the road ahead. Take the toll road the whole way - it is well worth it.

    The back road is a blast on a motorcycle but is a very challenging road. A lot of mountain grades, switchbacks and variable quality pavement.

    If you do go that way, stop for lunch at the first restaurant on the left hand side in Los Jacales. Excellent! I recall that it comes immediately after a bridge over a small stream or wash.

    That road will be a tiring, most of the day ride but the scenery really is spectacular. At one point you are well into the pine trees.

    I'd allow a full day to drive it so you can stop frequently to enjoy the views.

  10. BTW, after you arrive be sure and look me up as we have a group of simpatico local riders and we take some neat day rides, plus we'll be departing on February 24 for an extended ride through the center of Mexico and around the Yucatan. We'll be riding for three weeks and the schedule is set up to make sure we can do a lot of sight seeing and going to the beach in the Yucatan.

    My Mexican 2006 R850R BMW had 6K miles on it when I bought it and it looks and runs like new. You can find lower mileage bikes here, all those weekend riders out of GDL who have to have the latest thing really don't put all that many miles on their bikes.

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