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  1. I personally view Mexico as "second world" or emerging nation.  Bad and corrupt government is this country's number one problem IMO.  At the state level, some are better than others, unfortunately Lake Chapala isn't in one of the better ones.

    We see the effects of corruption locally as well.  I am always amazed in my travels to see so many municipios without the rich tax base this one has managing to keep their streets and other infrastructure clean and in far better repair.  You don't have to go far from Lake Chapala at all to see this.


  2. 7 hours ago, barcelonaman said:

    I travel a lot around northern and central states of mexico. And find jalisco is the worst for infrastucture and maintance of services.here is not really typical of other states .

    I've been in two thirds of Mexican states and tend to agree.  Jalisco roads are terrible.  But there was a lot more roadside trash in Chiapas.  I was very impressed with Durango.

  3. Hearing a little thunder out there tonight from moisture being brought up by El Niño so let's get cracking on the Guess Start of Rainy Season Thread.

    Rule:  Two storms in three days, 1 inch total, clear easterly flow on satellite views.  Date of first storm in the series determines winner.

    My guess is a bit later this year.  June 21. I think stronger southwest flow will delay onset of easterlies that carry the rainy season.  I'll also climb further out on the limb and predict a below average season here. 

    Post your guess and I'll edit this post to periodically list all of them as they come in.  Amateur meteorologists feel free to post why you picked that date.


    Travis                              June 1

    Mistermister                     June 5

    Gringal                            June 2

    Rony                               June 7

    TomGates                        June 8

    Glyn, justsayin                            June 10

    LCS cats, Solajijic (3PM), 757       June 11

    El Salto, Plumeau1                      June 12

    Mostlylost, mhopkins2                  June 13

    Johansen, Exyyz                          June 14

    Hammerhead, JRM30655              June 15

    Sunshiny Day                  June 16

    Valerie                            June 17

    k2tog                              June 19

    Mainecoons                     June 21

    Remember it is OK to pick a date that has already been picked!


  4. I'm wondering how this would work if one uses the TelCel phone in the U.S.  Right now we have a separate AT&T plan and sim chip for when we go up there but it would be great if this wasn't necessary.  The TelCel phone "tunes" to TMobile when I'm up there but charges something like 20 cents per minute for usage.


  5. You can add me to your list of people that Windows 10 has installed itself to my computer without permission.  Did it while I was having a siesta yesterday.

    Fortunately I went on line and found how how to turn off all of its spying.  It seems to be working fine, hasn't messed up any of my apps as far as I can tell and definitely runs better and faster than 8.1.


  6. Frankly, I'd like the Mexicans to put a little space between themselves and the U.S. and stop being pushed around so much.  But that also requires reducing the dependency on everything from drug money to military and aid to undocumented immigration.  Being more independent also means being less dependent on the U.S. for a lot of things.

    For example, it also means being more responsible for stopping on Mexico's side of the border the illegal trafficking in both people, guns and drugs.  And not expecting the U.S. to have an open border and allow Mexicans to involve themselves in U.S. politics when Mexico has quite different rules on their own soil.  

    If you doubt this, round up some gringos and U.S. flags and go attack the police in GDL and see what that gets you.  If you are lucky, it will just be a quick one way trip to the border.  As it should be.

    For certain, rioting and waving Mexican flags and attempting to block free speech and the right to peacefully gather by American citizens is not going to win friends and influence people.  It is giving some politicians exactly what they want.  This is not very smart.

    Excellent post cbviajero, I agree completely.  I've seen figures that indicate the drug money is as big as the money made from legal exports.  Numbers that big can't help but feed the governmental corruption problem here.

    What happened to those kids is a great human tragedy.  Some heads should have already rolled for this.  Instead, a cover up.




  7. 1 hour ago, Yo1 said:

    Oh, good grief!!  Weather men can't hardly forecast accurately out 10 days so how are they going to forecast months ahead?  It will be what it will be.

    We're discussing long range forecasting  They were pretty accurate as regards the impact of El Niño this year.  If the topic annoys you, why don't you just leave it be?

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  8. 2 hours ago, congodog said:

    Maincoons, when we first moved here a year ago, we had no problem getting the car permit and visas at Pharr at 6:00 a.m.  In fact, we were the only ones there, so it was pretty efficient and quick.  What troubles have you had at Pharr before early in the morning?


    Just trying to save time on the return trip.  If the new stuff could be gotten same time the old was turned in, that would definitely save time.

    We've found Pharr to be a bit slow and people aren't always there when they are supposed to be.  Doesn't matter if you already have your paperwork or you are Permanentes with Mexican plates like we are.  These guys will need new tourist visas and a new car permit.

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