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  1. Brunos hands down, baseball fillet. We don't bother with Tango these days. Crowded, noisy, so-so food.
  2. The real medical center in south Texas is McAllen. You should be looking there. I believe one of the main hospitals also has some sort of arrangement with the VA. Good luck.
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    Never noticed Tom's to have much going on at all. Basically, I think he killed the place by flouting the smoking laws. It really went downhill in the last year before it closed. We used to go there when we first moved here because they had decent bar food, cold beer and good sports on the big TVs. It was a convivial neighborhood bar. Since all the places allowed smoking at that time, we just put up with it. After the smoking laws came in, the much larger group of non smokers including us stopped going there because Tom, who was a heavy smoker himself, ignored the smoking law and
  4. Where did you find LED replacements for maglights?
  5. Mainecoons


    Interesting. Why?
  6. Gremlins is probably the most likely explanation.
  7. We have red canterra stone coping on our pool. It is only a few years old but is showing some problems. some of the stones will need to be replaced. The joints were cut too small and grout won't stay in them. It needs to be resurfaced and sealed with some sort of an oil or silicone based sealer. I don't want to call back the guy who did the original work because he's the one who screwed up. Suggestions? Gracias!
  8. Judging from our pool, at least 2 inches of rain here. Heard a little hail but nothing too bad. Storm came out of the northwest. Lots of Pacific moisture over Mexico, very unusual. I'm standing by my prediction the rainy season will be late and lighter than usual due to El Niño. But the rain sure was nice, washed away the dust and heavenly cool this morning!
  9. Over an inch of rain last night! Don't get excited though, came out of the west. Definitely an El Niño caused phenomenon. Pacific moisture over central and southern Mexico has really deepened. Sure freshened things up. Nice!
  10. Maybe we could award the proprietors of these noise boxes this?
  11. Couldn't agree more and we will not patronize places that do this. Cocinart demonstrates how soft and melodious music can add to the dining experience. Over amplified geezer gringo music just adds to the indigestion. I don't know about Four but the one across from us is empty until the noise starts well after the usual dinner hour around here. I don't think many people eat there, they just go to drink and dance. These days we hardly ever smell food odors from the kitchen even though it fronts on the street. We are thankful for that. Unfortunately I think this is going to be a
  12. Who in the heck would want to wade through all those channels? Too much fun stuff to do here to waste time sitting in front of a TV.
  13. El Chapo would love a U.S. jail compared to the one he's probably in now. They may as well take him, heck it was their money that put him in business to begin with. I love watching these government fools think they can win the "war on drugs." At least I see some signs that some reality is beginning to seep into the discussion on this side of the border.
  14. Not much luck with this for us beyond some books. Most of the things we have tried to order won't ship to Mexico. Still a work in progress IMO.
  15. Exactly. Of course it dates the heck of us but so...
  16. We shouldn't be fine with "restaurants" that make loud noise in the middle of residential neighborhoods late at night. These places are nothing but bars selling noise and drinks and calling themselves restaurants to get around the laws regarding operating bars in neighborhoods. There are only a few of these places, please don't patronize them out of respect for your neighbors and community. Remember that it could happen to you. Good luck with your problem. I do have a real sound meter if you want to borrow it to check your instruments. PM me.
  17. Gadgets guy I have a new printer with a bad print head, making it unfixable. Let me know if you'd like to have it.
  18. After years of trying to learn Spanish my experience in a recent trip to Oaxaca where we lived with Mexican friends for a week and were immersed in Spanish tells me that this is the way I need to learn this language. Is there anyone here doing some form of immersion?
  19. When we moved here 8 years ago, taxes were far less and yet they managed to fix the potholes, and I don't mean by throwing sand in them, and keep the village clean. Anyone who thinks that giving the Chapala government more money is going to restore services just hasn't been paying to how successive administrations appear to disappear a lot of money with little to show for it. Too early to tell with this one but I'm not optimistic given the history. Several well placed Mexicans we know have told me that this is one of the most problematic municipios in a state that is pretty problem
  20. I'm not getting this redirect either. Sounds like a malware problem. I deal with this using the free Malware bytes download.
  21. I personally view Mexico as "second world" or emerging nation. Bad and corrupt government is this country's number one problem IMO. At the state level, some are better than others, unfortunately Lake Chapala isn't in one of the better ones. We see the effects of corruption locally as well. I am always amazed in my travels to see so many municipios without the rich tax base this one has managing to keep their streets and other infrastructure clean and in far better repair. You don't have to go far from Lake Chapala at all to see this.
  22. I've been in two thirds of Mexican states and tend to agree. Jalisco roads are terrible. But there was a lot more roadside trash in Chiapas. I was very impressed with Durango.
  23. Hearing a little thunder out there tonight from moisture being brought up by El Niño so let's get cracking on the Guess Start of Rainy Season Thread. Rule: Two storms in three days, 1 inch total, clear easterly flow on satellite views. Date of first storm in the series determines winner. My guess is a bit later this year. June 21. I think stronger southwest flow will delay onset of easterlies that carry the rainy season. I'll also climb further out on the limb and predict a below average season here. Post your guess and I'll edit this post to periodically list all of them a
  24. http://www.saudicaves.com/mx/noise/ Table and explanation of Mexican noise law in this article. Older thread from here on this topic:
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