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  1. Yes, they seem to have picked out the most expensive places in Mexico to live. Clearly the author hasn't been to either San Miguel or PV and priced things first hand. We're dirt cheap compared to both. At this point in time, the cost of living here is probably more driven by proximity to relatively expensive GDL than anything. I don't think there are enough of us expats left to drive anything. BTW there are no similar climates to here anywhere in the U.S. but fantastically expensive southern California along the coast. And even that requires heating and cooling in many places. Certainly, i
  2. Victor's tour is wonderful as is the history of this island. The best part is how a handful of indios thwarted the Spanish and forced them to make a deal.
  3. BTW, after you arrive be sure and look me up as we have a group of simpatico local riders and we take some neat day rides, plus we'll be departing on February 24 for an extended ride through the center of Mexico and around the Yucatan. We'll be riding for three weeks and the schedule is set up to make sure we can do a lot of sight seeing and going to the beach in the Yucatan. My Mexican 2006 R850R BMW had 6K miles on it when I bought it and it looks and runs like new. You can find lower mileage bikes here, all those weekend riders out of GDL who have to have the latest thing really don't put
  4. I didn't say he couldn't do it, i said it was expensive. And it is better to have Mexican plates no matter what you're driving. OTOH, if you are comfortable riding with U.S. plates and you are here on a Temporal, you can get a temporary import sticker that will be good for as long as you are Temporal and that costs almost nothing relative to full importation. You just need to make sure that you do the Aduana notice each time your Temporal renews. Some of the guys I ride with have imported their motos. it was worth it to them. Some are riding on TIPs. After looking at importing versus buy
  5. It is a lot. I looked at bringing a KLR 650 of value $3500 in and it was going to cost another $700 plus the cost of moving it. Then if you want to plate it Mexican, it is another big bunch of money. There's a big bike market in GDL. If you buy Mexican and buy your bike in the same state you live in, plating it is cheap and easy and you don't have foreign plates that make you stand out and a target for the crooked traffic cops. Before you import, check out what might be available here.
  6. What do you take with you when you renew registrations? I have two, one for a car, one for a motorcycle. Thanks.
  7. Any of you who would like to do some Bluegrass music, please PM me. After a trip north and being sick for a few weeks, I'm going to try and get things going again.
  8. The quality of our water supply in Ajijic has improved noticeably. You can now smell chlorine disinfectant in the incoming tap water. We still treat it with double filtration, double UV and softening but it is really much better when it gets to us than it was 5 years ago. And it is on almost all the time now whereas previously it was off at least half a day. The latter point is important as when there is no pressure in the lines they are open to infiltration from outside of dirty water.
  9. Stan, your best bet on this is probably going to be putting up notices where you are teaching in GDL after you get there. Not a lot of GDL people on this board. Good luck and good picking!
  10. These were apparently made by Chamberlain/Liftmaster in the U.S. and sold here as Merik. I'm trying to figure out which, if any, Chamberlain/Liftmaster remotes might work with it. The remote we have looks just like a liftmaster.
  11. Can some of you give us some idea of the size and cost of some of your murals? We have an atrium that could be muralized but the dinero is a bit tight at the moment. Thanks. Eagles, love that one you linked for the picture. Did you notice the turtle with the shadow in the pool, giving the illusion he is swimming there? Neat!
  12. Driving on the extreme right when you're following someone in a car is a bad idea. Safe riding practice is to position yourself so they can see you clearly in the driver's side rear view mirrors. Passing on the right is an invitation to become road kill.
  13. Tio Corp quoted me $350 per year for liability. Not cheap by U.S. standards but I'm still looking around. May be able to find an auto insurance policy when I switch plates that includes a motorcycle, if I have one by then.
  14. I have a motorcycle endorsement on my Texas license. Would that be sufficient to get a Mexico motorcycle license?
  15. Yes. Our friends just came down with their dog. They parked the dog in the room and went down to the border, crossed the bridge and got all their paperwork, FMTs and car permit done. It does take some time as returning back through U.S. immigration can be slow but they were able to get up the next day and just buzz right on through. This assumes you get to Pharr early enough to be able to do this before about 4PM or so.
  16. They will have the FMM at the bridge immigration office, as you come off the bridge per my directions. Take the originals of the documents you faxed to Banjercito with you when you go in the office in case they want to see them. Have them check and validate your car permit as needed and install your sticker there. At KM 19, they'll just check your car permit against your VIN number. This should be a very quick stop.
  17. El Toro, the FMM form we fill out and hand in when entering/exiting by car is not a Tourist Visa, FMT, and does not cost anything. It is the same form you pick up at the immigration window and fill out and hand in when you are flying out. We get the form, fill out both sides and hand it to the immigration officer. He completes it, keeps half and gives us back the other half. We then take that along with our flight information to the airline counter. We do the same thing when exiting and re-entering by car. HOWEVER, on the first time in, I am not certain with the FM3 that this is strictly
  18. Do you have the trailer on the car permit? If no, you will need to stop at the place at the foot of the bridge where you get the other permits. You should be able to add it onto the car permit.
  19. I've gotten enough questions about this route so I'll post my directions here: ------------- Here you go: The Travelodge is pet friendly and easy to find on the internet. Costco is right behind it and a great place for your last gas fill up before you cross the border. From the TravelLodge on Houston St., return to S. Cage street and turn south. This will take you directly to the Pharr Bridge. As you approach the Mexican point of entry, the trucks go off to the right, you stay towards the center and you'll make a minor jog at end of the bridge and be facing the immigration building on your rig
  20. As an alternate, you can stay at the Travelodge in Pharr, TX, (just east of McAllen), arrive soon enough to check in, make a run to the border to get all your visas and car permit, and still have time for dinner. Then you can make the run to Lakeside in about 11 hours allowing for a couple extra doggie stops. Our new neighbors just did this and it worked great. We always exit at Pharr. With all the new roads, you do not go through a town of any size until you reach the Lagos de Moreno ring road, which you will use with either route. The tolls are considerably less, the crossing people are
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