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  1. Mega dittos to that. Rebuilt my softener and provided a very nice filter unit to replace my constantly dirty cartridge filters. Always on time and when I had a problem, they were there right away.
  2. I think the point he's making is whether or not we really know if the bottled water we buy here is really OK. Perhaps the answer is that if it wasn't we'd hear about it? Like we do with restaurants? Or maybe not. It's a fair question. Is anyone really monitoring these water suppliers to confirm that they are actually selling pure water? I can't recall hearing of any actual standards or testing for same. We have our own purification system and hence do not use bottled water. However most of the people we know do.
  3. Let me add my recommendation. This family is excellent and reliable.
  4. RV's route is a fair piece out of your way if one wants to make the run from Pharr to here in one day. From where you are coming from, you'll be coming in on Texas 281, a very fast divided four lane road. There are numerous budget motels right on 281 between Edinburg and Pharr. We've had good results with the Comfort Inn in Edinburg and the more expensive but very nice and well located Holiday In Express in Pharr. Crossing at Pharr is an absolute snap, from the entry point you go immediately onto an express cuota to the 97 south without any stops other than the toll and without drivi
  5. That's the beauty of Trompa. Scatter it along the trail they are using and they will pick it up and take it back to the nest. We have the same problem with our neighbors. We've killed all the ants on both properties. A pretty big container of Trompa is less than $8 U.S. and it is very easy to use. For best results, go out with a flashlight after dark, find the trail and if possible the hole and scatter a little of it where the ants are.
  6. We've tried the powder, pouring stuff down the holes, etc, etc. The only thing that has worked consistently for us is something called Trompa in pellet form. You find the hole and the trail and sprinkle it along the trail. They take it into the hole and it kills the nest. There's something similar also available but the pellets are too large and they won't pick them up and take them into the nest. You can get the Trompa at the garden store in Riberas next to the 7-11. They have small and large size packages.
  7. The first five words are the key ones: Those users of Mexican nationality.... That means citizens.
  8. Can we pay our water bills in Chapala even if we live in Ajijic? 15 percent on our water bill is definitely worth the trip, particularly if we do it the same time we pay our property taxes for all those services we aren't getting. I'll give SIMAPA credit, they have certainly improved over time. So has CFE. Both are a great deal more reliable than they used to be. Not Chapala.
  9. Eagles, I suspect your husband got a discount for paying early. Everyone gets that if they pay early.
  10. As far as I know, there is no discount for INAPAN or DIF. I tried that last year. Will try the permanente card this year but I'm not holding my breath. Anyone tried either or all yet?
  11. I'm assuming that includes installation which would require some serious digging at my place. With the kind of crud that periodically comes with their water and lands in my alberca, I can't see how plugging of water meters would be avoided.
  12. That's correct. I'm referring to the lump sum unmetered charge.
  13. How do you know how much water you're being charged for?
  14. Dee Blues, sadly I have little talent or experience with music other than BG or folk. I really think that if you take the initiative and go out and find and recruit a band, you will have little trouble doing so. There is a ton of talent running loose in this town.
  15. I started a Bluegrass band many years ago by going to jams, identifying people I might like to play on a more formal basis with, and approaching them about forming a band. It took a while but we ended up with a very enjoyable and reasonably competent group of 4. We played parties, openings and had a regular gig at a place called the Woodside Deli. We also went to BG festivals together. We broke the ice as a BG group by doing open mikes. There are a number of those here. I've tried to round up some BG musicians by posting on this and other boards with no luck. There just isn't a BG
  16. You have to get any work done through the Toyota dealers.
  17. Great pictures of the cops, Spencer! Where do we find the new updated guide?
  18. I think he means are the toilet drains completely separated from the house drains? That is required for separate handling of black wastes which are, by definition, fecal matter and urine.
  19. We're not talking about taking 80 all the way from Lagos. The new 80D is much better. However, there have been a number of reports that going straight on at the end of 80D at Villa Arriaga actually saves distance and time. We'll be driving it on Sunday as an experiment to see if this is true. If not, we'll go back to using the south cuota bypass (a pretty poor road with lots of trucks too) to the east bypass, a very good road, emerging on the north side of town. We'll keep detailed time records and I'll report back to you all on it shortly after we arrive in Texas.
  20. The CRV carries about 15 gallons but it also doesn't get as good gas mileage as the Fit. We find that we are down to 1/4 tank at each of the gas stops. The shortcut after the airport is now the south periferico. You have the option of staying on it now to the toll road which could be a little faster but then you'll have to pay the first toll which I think is around 55 pesos. Otherwise, use the libre to Zapotlanejo and then the quick jog over to the toll road that puts you on it after the first toll booth. Our new experiment for this trip will be to bypass both the south and east San Luis Po
  21. There's definitely a lack of services between the border and Ciudad Victoria, hence the recommendation that you cross with a full tank and stop at that big Pemex on the first part of the Ciudad Victoria bypass. The second recommended stop is north of San Luis Potosi, the big Pemex with the old railway cars. We find that two gas stops are all that is required in either direction if you start out with a full tank. We do not stop for anything in Tamps except for that gas stop on the CV bypass. This trip we are going to try the alternative of driving straight through San Luis Potosi. I'll rep
  22. If you zoom in on this Google Maps you see clearly the cross town expressway Alan et. al. are talking about. Zoom on it and you can clearly see how the 57 runs directly into the 80 in the middle of town. you would take the 57 libre right hand exit on the north side of SLP and then just follow it to your hotel. https://www.google.com/maps/place/San+Luis+Potosi,+Mexico/@22.1356658,-100.9607303,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x842aa20005acfb79:0xed2ee29afe18257?hl=en What is being recommended here is to take the 57 to the 80 libre in the center of town and then take the 80 libre directly out to Vi
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