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  1. What is really ludicrous here is that these people think a bunch of expats from a retiring generation with declining assets and the general mentality NOB among retirees of not liking living in apartments are going to come down here and live like stacked baloney in these high rise towers. Someone should point out to them that thanks to the fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve, American retirees can't earn anything on their savings and many of them are having to continue to work well after age 65. I wouldn't hire these guys to do a market study on a hamburger stand. Hire whoever does market st
  2. Done. Harry I'll send it to you as soon as I get it.
  3. It rather reminds me of those Empire battleships in Star Wars. Do you suppose that is where the architectural inspiration came from, the Evil Empire?
  4. Again, why does some outside developer have more rights than the people who live here, have invested here and who support the local economy? Not about politics, about what kind of community people want to live in. You might feel different if this thing was going to loom over your home as it would over that of some friends of mine. In point of fact, people from here do make their voices heard in the U.S. to a far greater degree than vice versa.
  5. Money talks. And here it talks very loudly to "government."
  6. Just received this in my email: The permits don't appear readable on my screen. Oldy, please watch the first, you keep equating this huge project with small stuff. This is a character changing proposal for this area. And yes, I believe everyone here has the right and duty to speak up about things like this. I just can't imagine the people of Chapala wanting to be eclipsed by this monstrosity. Why should ousiders have more rights to determine the character of a community than the people who live there?
  7. It shouldn't be hard to find out if they issued permits without notification to anyone. Harry, you going to be in there soon? Maybe they are planning on suspending it from a sky hook so it won't slide off during rainy season.
  8. Well, let's focus on finding out as much as possible about this as quick as possible from here out.
  9. I don't have a problem with any of that except that you are comparing apples to oranges IMO. The developer has thus far failed to give any evidence that they have the experience, let alone the financing, to carry out anything on this scale, which is far, far beyond the examples you cited. Really, those examples are trivial compared to the scale of this thing. Visionaries need experience when working on this scale too. Where's the experience?
  10. Yes you did and rest assured the people who live here will be looking for those items you spelled out. And I thanked you for that list. I expect we'll all know very shortly just what has really been approved and what has not. And you can bet that some of the locals who do know "squat" will be finding out if any approvals handed out have been done so legally and with the required disclosure. Along those lines, I've gotten disclosure letters from the Chapala government about nearby projects that could affect our property. However a good friend of mine who lives literally on top of this pro
  11. I had no trouble getting it via google. http://gruponaimar.com/
  12. No Stu, not antagonistic, just skeptical. You didn't answer my question as to whether you live here or not. Do you? You have 7 total posts on this board. You started out your participation here by calling those other members who are questioning this project "arrogant SOBs." I'd say that was pretty antagonistic. I'm just curious as to where you're really coming from, where you live and who you represent. And I would appreciate you addressing the questions I raised. For example, if one of the three projects on their web site may not have even been developed by them, just what track record do
  13. Well Stu, I can assure you that both Harry and Spencer do know the process quite well. And they also know how things really work with our less than honest and exemplary local government. If they have all these permits, where is the proof? If you have it, please share it with us. Otherwise some of us are going to remain quite skeptical of those claims. I didn't wrongly label anything. They listed it as one of their three projects. Read the text. The university project is a separate one of the three tabs. These people haven't done anything on this scale. If I understand your post correctl
  14. Good point. Looking at their handout, it appears we are talking north of $150 per square foot plus as always with condos, big monthly maintenance fees(for example El Parque), in an area where one can enjoy a single family home for $100 or less and still low tax and water fees, the equivalent of monthly maintenance. El Dorado is a very good example of the lack of market for this here. Last I heard they were pushing it as time shares. How did that work out? That black hole next to it has been there the entire time I've lived here. Do you see it being completed? Are previous assumptions abou
  15. Who knows, since the locals weren't even invited to this dog and pony show and it was done in English? BTW, they show three proposed projects on their website: http://gruponaimar.com/index.php/proyectos As noted in the previous thread, none appear to have been started, let alone completed. The first one is basically rehabbing a historic house, something I did many years ago on my own. I sure don't feel qualified to jump from that to some massive, self-contained urban high rise development. Lisa, Slainte, Stu and the other advocates, "Where's the beef?"
  16. No problem. Share with us details on your in-depth investigations of the people behind this project. Provide us the details of all the approvals you and they claim they have. Let's see some details on any other projects of this magnitude that these folks have succeeded with. In other words, report the story, don't just editorialize about it. Do you really not understand the technical and environmental differences between low-mid density single family developments and a project involving multiple, massive high rise towers? As for your comments about LCS, I reiterate that you need to contact
  17. The statements in this piece about LCS need clarification and correction. These meetings were not a "town hall" they were issue specific. Immigration continues to hold periodic events at LCS as do other local and state agencies. Please discuss your statements here with Terry Vidal LCS Executive Director and correct as needed. Thank you.
  18. LisaJ, respectfully, my impression is that you are more advocate and cheerleader for this thing than the skeptical reporter needed here. I don't get the impression that you've really done any serious investigation of the people behind this scheme nor do you seem to understand the environmental and urban implications of literally chopping off the top of a mountain and plopping a huge project like this on top of it, right next to an already clogged two lane road. Equating something like this to a low density development of single family homes (The Racquet Club) reinforces my belief that you
  19. The one factor you're leaving out, R2, is that we really are becoming a suburb of GDL with a growing population of Taptios who live here and work there. However, I question whether these people would be any more interested in living in hermetically sealed high rises than the rest of us.
  20. Yeah but think of all the solar panels they'll need! LOL! Clearly they must have noticed how many retirees have flocked to those high rises at the top of El Parque. Whoops, they flocked so little that only one ever got built and it flopped big time. Yup, where do I sign up for high rise heaven?
  21. Those of you who are citizens and will be voting in the upcoming municipal elections might want to put it direct to the candidates what their position on this is. I think this could be quite a nice campaign issue affecting the biggest voting block here, the folks in Chapala.
  22. They were asked if this project could be stopped by the people here and the presenter informed them no and construction is expected to start in about 6 months.
  23. I was told by someone who attended the location was basically above the newly refurbished strip park that is on your right as you drive into Chapala from the west. They indicated they plan on basically flattening the mountain. That will sure be lovely. Let's see, on many days the traffic gridlock in Chapala Centro almost backs up out to that point. Now can't you just imagine this monstrosity on top of that? These people have lost their minds. But it wouldn't surprise me at all if the thoroughly corrupt and incompetent Chapala government gave them the go ahead. Remember the sweeheart parki
  24. John, what side of the street is this place on and what is next to it that might help us spot it? It is very hard to find stuff on that street when trying to negotiate all the impatient traffic at the same time. Thanks.
  25. Do they sell UV tubes? I have to go into GDL to order parts for my outdoor grill, I could get the tube I need at the same time.
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