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  1. If you think there's a personal attack going on report the post. It goes to a mod and we have very low tolerance for personal attacks here. If one can't contain their vitriol or handle difference of opinion there is another local board just for them. Please use it instead of this one particularly if one desires to remain a member here. Also let admin Chapala know if you're having sign in or other issues. Sign in does remain very slow but it does work. You can opt to stay signed in so you don't have to sign in on each visit.
  2. There's no question the problems with the change over have decreased the level of posting. However the thing seems to be working pretty good now so I would expect a slow recovery as people try it again.
  3. Ken, have you found someone? I'm trying to figure out from this what you need. Are you planning on driving a car and a motor home to the border and disposing of one of them before driving back? Or is this a one way trip for you leaving the area?
  4. I tried a water based sealer on the canterra stone around my pool and it didn't do very well. The best stone sealers I have ever seen are Sparks Stone Glamor and Sparks MexSeal. I have no idea if they are available here. I just sent them an email to find out as I think MexSeal would be perfect for my pool surround. It is not water based but is very easy to apply and soaks in like mad.
  5. Also Mercado Libre, a great website for vehicle ads.
  6. If you took the correct route through San Luis Potosi there are no roads you are not supposed to be on. The SLP police are notorious shakedown artists. It would be a little trickier to drive in an RV. Soon, a new west side cuota bypass will be open from the end of the current improved road around to the north side. This will be a big improvement and bypass that poor south side cuota where the cops run speed traps around the industrial area.
  7. We just used a taxi there earlier this week. 420 pesos. After you exit the international arrival/customs area the Taxi kiosk is near the front of the terminal and to the right as you walk out from the arrival area. Pay your 420 pesos, get ticket, go out front and the dispatcher will hook you up with a taxi.
  8. Be aware this construction is creating very long backups during busier times and try to avoid this area of the Periferico if possible. Few weeks ago took me an hour to get through that area around 6PM.
  9. Yes, apparently there are varieties of Cicadas that are described as annual. In actuality that means that some emerge in one year, some in up to five years. Given we have them here every year and the pictures sure seem to agree I wonder if those are the ones we have here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cicada
  10. OT but I was just down at the lake getting some graffiti and noticed that the lake doesn't appear to have dropped nearly as much as usual this year. Since ChapalaWeatherNet isn't getting updated level information I can't decide if this is my imagination or not. BTW the anti-graffiti effort is still very much in operation and we appreciate your reports of any tags you see. PM them to me and I'll get them to the right volunteer. For best results, tell us if it is a spray/brush paint tag or a "scrawlie" and what color wall it is on along with enough location detail we can find it easily.
  11. I did a little reading up on this and got the impression we have "annual" cicadas. That means most of them emerge either in one or two years. That emergence seems to be related to season, heat and/or moisture if I understand the literature correctly.
  12. I believe you need to first surrender your Permanente cards to INS. No doubt Spencer can explain the process to you. I believe you do this at the border on the way out.
  13. As a board member. You haven't done anything to warrant a visit by a moderator. If you'd like a free sample of an official visit just request one and I'll be glad to accommodate the request. Also you don't have to constantly remind this board I am both as I think by now most everyone knows it. They also can remember that without your assistance. This board is available to any and all for free and non personal discussion within the guidelines required by its owners. That is what is going on in this thread and we do not need your help with that, thanks.
  14. I wonder how they'd react to the 18 inches of snow they just got in Boulder, CO. Yikes. I've no doubt the OP has heard these insects. It is hard to mistake that sound. However, my recollection over the last 8 years is that there seems no direct connection with their arrival to actual significant rainfall. In the last week or so, both cloudiness and humidity have been elevated, one or both may have some relationship to the early arrival. It's OK Xena we don't need you to police this board and tell everyone how they are supposed to discuss things.
  15. Friend of ours apparently dropped a VW car key somewhere in SE Ajijic, possibly near or in the same block of 16 de Septiembre as La Bodega restaurant. One of their customers may have picked it up. If you have it or know of it, please PM me and I'll have the person get in touch with a description. As always, thanks for your help.
  16. As near as I can tell after 8 years, this "rainbird" business is a myth. These insects seems to emerge about the same time every spring as the days get longer and hotter. Flew from Oaxaca yesterday. It had just finished raining at the Mexico (City) airport when we landed there and it appears they had some measurable rain around the GDL airport as well, earlier.
  17. That is correct. We have used the ramps both ways in the last year. When you are going north, the ramp from the new Periferico onto the 80D is very well marked and direct. Returning you have to exit, head north a couple blocks and do a retorno to point you towards the airport. That is the way it is marked too, to the airport. Shortly all of this will be bypassed by the new outer ring road cuota. When we flew in to GDL from Mexico (City) yesterday afternoon you could see the new road clearly and it is nearly finished between Zapotlanejo and Chapala Highway. I'll wager it will open in
  18. This is about as bad as it gets and we should all offer whatever support we can to our neighbors in Chapala who are fighting it. You are fighting it, aren't you?
  19. It is adequate and watch out for the photo speed cameras after you pass the exit to Zapotlenejo.
  20. Everyone here knows I am no fan of the Chapala government. However if I read this thread correctly, this program is coming from a higher level of government and they are just taking advantage of it to get some local visual improvement. If that is so, it would seem to me that the local level is not where the merits of this program can be debated to any effect. Assuming it is coming from the state level, that would seem to be where the comments and opinions should be directed. I certainly share the sentiments of others who have noticed that the rest of the municipio usually gets the
  21. Regarding two wheel safety as a "tirade" supports the attitudes that make these tragedies all too common here. "No helmets" noted above. Please do everything you can to support the people you know and the local authorities to enforce the helmet law. Riding without head protection is the number one killer of two wheel drivers and passengers!
  22. There are a number of suggestions here that involve spending little money for significant improvements. They deserve repetition IMO. 1. Those lights in San Antonio have become a major bottleneck that is backing traffic all the way back to that dangerous intersection in front of WalMart. Staggered timing might help but also more control over left turning is needed. 2. The tope epidemic on the carretera needs to be tamed. Most certainly those two car wreckers where there was a military check point for a couple weeks need to be removed. There is nothing there that justifies topes.
  23. You missed the point entirely. There seems to be some confusion here between motorcycles and scooters. The latter are disproportionately involved in accidents around here because putting too many unprotected people on an under powered machine is normal behavior around here. They also routinely engage in passing on the right, where the auto driver has a blind spot, or lane splitting where the car on the left can't see you and both cars are liable to weave into you. Most motorcyclists avoid these errors and as a result the accident rate for two wheels is concentrated on those who do not.
  24. Since the cataract surgery is required for the retinal surgery and both are done at the same time it is obvious these people are ripping you off. Thanks for letting everyone know about this.
  25. I'd also appreciate an update as we are flying to Oaxaca on Wednesday.
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