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  1. Car wash Moyoyo. North side of the carretera almost across from Cafe Magana, just a little east of the animal shelter and across the street.
  2. We were most concerned with reliability and the aesthetics of the system. I felt that STI had the best engineered system. We specified no Chinese made panels. Our system is based on microinverters, each panel having an inverter and each of those inverters reports to an "I Monitor" panel that tells us real time what the output of each panel is, and sends the data to a host server that adds it all up and posts total system output on an hourly, daily and long term historic basis. We have 18 panels in two locations, one over the garage and one over a part of the house. Aside from the monitoring
  3. There's a sidewalk but it is a long, long walk in the heat. Several miles sounds about right. If you want to walk across, go to Reynosa.
  4. As we can expect some more press on this issue, perhaps later today, let's just wait a bit. Alex makes a good point, some in this group really dug into this thing and helped some major exposure to happen. It wasn't a perfect process but it did end up with some good results, information wise.
  5. Sent to me via email, supposedly from the Lake Chapala Reporter:
  6. You better check that one yourself . http://www.mexconnect.com/authors/162-dale-hoyt-palfrey
  7. I'm not ridiculing anyone. I am expressing my opinion that a less than stellar job has been done by the press here. As you say, it is their job. What we needed was some hard nosed questioning of this and the people responsible, particularly these government people. What we got was a lot of complaining about the people being blindsided by this thing, deceived by the government and talked down to by the presenters who basically presented little more than smoke and mirrors and baloney.
  8. Then she should have skipped spending most of the article complaining about the people who have been blind sided by this. And added to that by publishing a letter that did the same. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  9. Just as an example of how unrealistic this thing is, I got an email from a buddy of mine who follows stuff around here. Retiring isn't cheap here but it has gotten a lot cheaper NOB. Why do you think the real estate market is STILL so sluggish here? Why would anyone think that a bunch of people are going to suddenly show up with a burning desire to live stacked like cordwood. pay the price of a house for it and pay a stiff condo fee for the privilege? We shouldn't have to be the only ones pointing out the obvious. Skeptical, hard nosed reporters are supposed to be good at that.
  10. I would give Dale a break except that she spent much of her article complaining about the behavior of understandably shocked attendees at the meeting (since this thing was hidden from the people and signed off by these government "officials" with absolutely no notice to anyone as to what they were up to) instead of asking the tough questions and not just repeating a lot of the vague hot air that comprises basically all of what these people have come up with. Let's see if she bothers to dig deeper. For certain, there are few things going on around here that are as game changing as this proposa
  11. Just read it. Also read about all the omissions and "vague" statements. At least she noticed those. Does anyone seriously believe the scale of this thing is appropriate to either Chapala or Lakeside? That was totally not addressed in this disappointing work by the Reporter. Totally lacking was any investigative work about whether the proposers really have the horses to do something on this scale, about all those omissions relating to water, sewer and roads and the geology of the site. Not to mention what was or is in it for those officials who signed off on something behind closed doors wit
  12. Someone forwarded me Lisa's write up on all three projects. Her reports on the first two, an internationally branded luxury hotel and the already announced hospital in Riberas make it abundantly plain that BOTH of these are appropriate in scale and properly planned to blend into the area density and height wise. Her report on Lake City seems to shift into advocacy, a lack of skepticism and a seeming lack of understanding of how out of scale and proportion to the area this monstrous proposal is. She understands that it would sit over top of thermal waters without grasping the geological impli
  13. And for those who don't know it, Harry is a Mexican citizen. Thanks Harry. They are displaying letters signed by Jalisco and Chapala listings in the presentations given above.
  14. What does it say about the municipal and state governments that they would apparently sign off on something like this behind closed doors and apparently willfully concealing the knowledge of it and their actions from the community until now? Is this the kind of government that engenders respect and a belief in its integrity?
  15. What is really ludicrous here is that these people think a bunch of expats from a retiring generation with declining assets and the general mentality NOB among retirees of not liking living in apartments are going to come down here and live like stacked baloney in these high rise towers. Someone should point out to them that thanks to the fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve, American retirees can't earn anything on their savings and many of them are having to continue to work well after age 65. I wouldn't hire these guys to do a market study on a hamburger stand. Hire whoever does market st
  16. Done. Harry I'll send it to you as soon as I get it.
  17. It rather reminds me of those Empire battleships in Star Wars. Do you suppose that is where the architectural inspiration came from, the Evil Empire?
  18. Again, why does some outside developer have more rights than the people who live here, have invested here and who support the local economy? Not about politics, about what kind of community people want to live in. You might feel different if this thing was going to loom over your home as it would over that of some friends of mine. In point of fact, people from here do make their voices heard in the U.S. to a far greater degree than vice versa.
  19. Money talks. And here it talks very loudly to "government."
  20. Just received this in my email: The permits don't appear readable on my screen. Oldy, please watch the first, you keep equating this huge project with small stuff. This is a character changing proposal for this area. And yes, I believe everyone here has the right and duty to speak up about things like this. I just can't imagine the people of Chapala wanting to be eclipsed by this monstrosity. Why should ousiders have more rights to determine the character of a community than the people who live there?
  21. It shouldn't be hard to find out if they issued permits without notification to anyone. Harry, you going to be in there soon? Maybe they are planning on suspending it from a sky hook so it won't slide off during rainy season.
  22. Well, let's focus on finding out as much as possible about this as quick as possible from here out.
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