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  1. Yep, have your fun and when it is realized once again that the only effective way to deal with it, the government will at some point say, "Let us spray."
  2. Heck, that will increase the total voter turnout! Apparently they are also suggesting the liberals will legalize pot. Great idea! Where do I cast my ballot? I'm hoping this is like the U.S., you really don't need to be a citizen to vote! Brothels and pot sounds like the Canucks are having a lot more fun than the U.S. bunch! Yes I know, politics is off limits but this is just a little spoofing on a slow weekend. Don't screw it up by getting serious.
  3. I didn't note that our service is significantly less expensive than Vonage. About $100 per year.
  4. We've had nearly flawless service from these guys ever since we moved to Ajijic: https://www.1-voip.com/
  5. Thanks. I guess I'll wait until LCS does another round and get a new one. ISIL lab has never questioned mine. In fact, only one place did on the trip to Michoacan.
  6. A related question: Do INAPAN cards now have ones photo on it? I used mine at a site in Michoacan and was questioned about it because there is no photo on it. I got it 7 years ago here.
  7. Again, your simplistic politicized blaming of DLST ignores history, what the Europeans were doing and the fact that these laws were and are passed by Congress, not mandated by presidents. The Congress that passed the law changes during Reagan's presidency was not even controlled by his political party. Presidents sign stupid trivial legislation all the time to "go along to get along." There's no evidence that either of them assigned any significance to DLST. Apparently a bunch of politicians thought the changes were good ideas or the legislation wouldn't have been introduced or passed by C
  8. And for a more complete and less political view of the origins and adaptations of DLST, see this: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/history.html People have been fooling around with DLST long before and after one political administration in the U.S. And I still wish it would just go away!
  9. Here on the western edge of our time zone we need DLST like we need a hole in the head.
  10. A buddy of mine who sells a lot of RE here says the high end stuff is moving a lot better these days. Says he's having his best year in a long time. Personally, I think we are becoming a bedroom community to GDL. If you have a good job at or around the airport and want to live in nicer surroundings, it is easier to commute to here than places like Zopopan, for example. An expensive home a couple doors away from me sat on the market for 7 years before being bought by retired professional folks from GDL at a pretty high price and then it needed a lot of work. I also notice a lot more major r
  11. How exactly does the Amiga plan work, who can you put on it and how many people? I'd like to put my spouse and several others I call regularly on it. I've found it easiest to just go into an Oxxo and add two hundred pesos every two months. Agree that it is best to use Spanish in the TelCel store at the mall.
  12. What we noticed about PV is that it has a lot of good restaurants but much of the beach fronting on the town, particularly as you go south, is pretty poor and covered with chairs, tables and umbrellas. Plus you can't walk 5 feet without being accosted by someone selling something, some of them pretty aggressive. It's all in what one goes to the beach for. If one goes for crowds, shopping, restaurants and night life it is a good place for all of those. Otherwise, there are much quieter places along the Pacific coast of Mexico.
  13. Maybe after nearly 8 year here I'll figure out why anyone would go to PV. It sure isn't the eroded, polluted and jammed beaches. Some good restaurants, though. Almost as good as we have here. Can't imagine what the place will be like when they open up the new road. Ugh.
  14. I leave here at 6:30 AM and arrive at the U.S side of the Pharr bridge no later than 5:30 PM and usually closer to 5PM. After crossing I stop by Costco for some gas and eats and go to one of the many reasonably priced hotels in the Pharr/McAllen area. That new west side bypass around San Luis Potosi approaching completiong should shave another 15 minutes off. Making the trip north on Sunday is also a time saver. A lot less truck traffic. \
  15. Wow, I'm just amazed at how many GDL food places are showing up here. I guess we've really been discovered.
  16. Whoops! West is correct. East puts you smack dab in the middle of a drainage ditch!
  17. It is not necessary to go all the way to Harlingen. Try Pharr which is very quiet and fast and connects you directly to free roads going south. It avoids any passage through McAllen as it connects directly to a short toll road that connects with the main road south well below the urban area of McAllen. From there, definitely an easy run to here. We generally cross at daylight and are home with plenty of light to spare. From San Antonio, we and a friend measured the driving distance and time comparing Pharr to Laredo. There was less than 30 miles difference and the times were identical. As
  18. Unfortunately for us, Yves moved from their location by the pier to the south side of the Carretera a couple doors east of Just Chillin'. It's a beautiful place but we have to get the car out to visit so we don't go very often since there are so many restaurants we can walk to. Definitely an excellent place and Yves is a fine person who deserves our support.
  19. No but you might want to since those are poorly insulated and use a lot of gas when running. We have Calorex water heaters with the flue dampeners. I added external insulation to them since they aren't well insulated IMO. These heaters are sold as high efficiency but really aren't very good. They don't have pilotless ignition for example and really are substandard in insulation. I am surprised given how expensive propane is here that better water heaters aren't available.
  20. We had ours polished anew when we did some kitchen rehab. Brought them back to a like new shine. Let me see if I can find the name and number of the guy who did it.
  21. That's the law. If you can slip through without getting nailed, feel lucky. Have you gone to the consulate yet?
  22. At this point you may as well just work with Spencer and ask for the TIP extension.
  23. As I read this, the car is here and they are in Houston. If they go into the consul and apply for temporals, it is possible the car situation will show up when their names are entered. Leaving a car behind when exiting with a Tourist Visa is a big no no in this country and has been so for a long, long time. My wife's father got hung by his thumbs on just that situation 60 years ago. Advice stands--consult Spencer immediately.
  24. You were supposed to remove the car when you left the country if you are on a tourist visa. The TIP you had was for the tourist visa that expired when you flew out of the country. It is illegal for the person whose name is on the TIP to leave the country without taking the car with him. You had better get in touch with Spencer or you could have quite the problem here.
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