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  1. "Cannot return home" is not the same as requiring a 14 day quarantine BEFORE being allowed to return home after being exposed. The former infers not being allowed to return home, period, the latter states the citizen might be delayed in returning home. Are Mexico's numbers going up because they are testing more?
  2. And yet we went to NM this summer, absolutely no special checks or restrictions crossing at Santa Teresa in either direction. Mexico just looked at our car plates and waved us through, didn't check our Permanentes.
  3. Reference? All I find was it was considered back in August but not implemented. Some suspected terrorists with U.S. citizenship have been blocked until vetted.
  4. Well whatever they are doing there seems to be no shortage of traffic this winter. Of course that interminable mess in front of Walmart and that too long light on the west side of San Antonio are combing to make it much worse. IMO rents around here have gotten pretty steep. I suspect some landlords will be sobering up soon.
  5. Big box is getting killed by on line shopping in the U.S. and that is beginning here as well. Amazon is a very smart company and they are really ramping up in this country with new distribution locations and first class delivery here. Everything I've bought from them has been delivered very rapidly and securely here.
  6. Our #4 Oaxaca student will need a laptop soon so I'm looking to buy her a MS based Spanish language laptop. Two to three years old, 14 inch screen or larger. If you have one you want to sell please let me know, gracias.
  7. We want to give our family in Oaxaca a year's Netflix subscription for Christmas since their business is down so much due to covid they had to give it up. I can't figure out how to get them a subscription, can you help? Thanks.
  8. Closing all their stores and pulling out. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/best-buy-announces-its-pulling-out-of-mexico/
  9. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/coronavirus-leaves-record-45-of-population-in-poverty/
  10. He is but I caught other Los Altos guy cheating. When you call Javier these days you don't necessarily get him. Now what I do is read gage, order specific number of liters, stand around and watch, and check gage afterwards. Getting gas is a pain in the butt here and my new instant hot water unit has cut our use in half.
  11. That looks pretty heavy but definitely a good match for the cobblestones.
  12. https://www.feriamaestros2.com/alejoshilario They are located in San Jose de Gracia, only a couple hours from Ajijic. We've hosted them for the Feria, they are really nice folks.
  13. I should have know you'd have trouble discussing the topic instead of getting personal. This is not the only study which suggests masks are not the panacea some see them as. The very variations in usage the study brings out as reducing their effectiveness is what is going on in the real world. Here is a much more comprehensive review. Also read, follow the links to the sources, and draw your own conclusions. I have drawn my own and conclude the far better way to protect myself is to keep my distance and avoid gatherings. https://swprs.org/face-masks-evidence/?fbclid=IwAR1eh
  14. And that Tingting is how it works in our house. Covid story:
  15. Let's see if we dan discuss this like adults. https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M20-6817
  16. Last time we looked there were a number of flight to Europe from Mexico City but it was always much more expensive to go that way than through the U.S. Didn't check Canada.
  17. Small stores simply don't offer the variety and one stop shopping of places like WalMart and Soriana. That is why you see them largely populated with Mexican shoppers pretty much anytime you go. Same with Costco. On weekends you see buses bringing in Mexican shoppers from outlying areas to these stores. To single out WalMart as some sort of evil for offering what consumers clearly want is more about ideology and elitism than reality. You see many of the same big box stores going like gang busters in places like Oaxaca where there are just a handful of expats. Mexican consumers have m
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