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  1. Much better to go in via Lopez Mateos at this point.
  2. Ah, moving up and beating the snot out of Bangladesh.
  3. "Balmy" LOL. You know that word has two definitions.
  4. Yah but hey the sun was out. How come you weren't in shorts? I thought you Canadians were tough!
  5. Mainecoons


    It started out great. We remember when he was on Guadalupe Victoria, we used to get takeout frequently. Bummer.
  6. I think SIMAPA is trying to push everyone nto getting a meter. You probably would be better off with one given likely very low usage.
  7. That data is over a month old. See in the news this morning Mexico not expected to be able to vaccinate most of the elderly until the end of April.
  8. This probably would be better as a new thread but thanks for the update. What is his current hourly rate?'
  9. Personally speaking I do not miss the traffic ticket revenue racket NOB at all. Tickets there are much more about getting money for the local government than any real safety particularly those "speeding" tickets. No, I don't get them up there because I know to drive like the rest of the sheeple. Having noted that, the shakedowns here ended when we got rid of the U.S. plated car. Should have done that as soon as we knew we were here to stay, even before we went permanente.
  10. This is interesting. I have tried this before with no luck but just tried it again and it says the "service" (spam) has been cancelled. I'll let you all know if it worked this time. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
  11. Extremely glad I live in Mexico and extremely bored with covid threads.
  12. These people spam my cell phone 4-6 times per day. When I try to put them on the block list of my phone I get "number expired" and it won't block. Have tried sending Baja to 2222 with no effect, have put the phone number on the Mexican do not call list, all to no effect. How do I get rid of them? Thanks.
  13. Exactly right. I found that riding motos for decades really prepared me well for driving here. The mantra of long term moto riders who have ridden for many years without major mishaps is "Only the paranoid survive." Equally true for driving in Mexico. I just assume they are going to run the traffic light, pass on blind curves, ignore stop signs, turn right in front of you, etc. First and foremost whenever possible keep your distance from everyone around you. You know like social distancing on wheels. Having written that, I am impressed with the skills most Mexican drivers exhibit
  14. And by and large the Mexicans do which is why they don't work. Here, it has just stretched things out. Now going into year 2. Time to stop doing the same thing over and over again expecting a better result. Time to accept the larger community here and how they view this and put all the focus on personal protection and no focus on telling others what they should do. We have no idea if the latest round of repression, which actually let most places operate but illegally imposed age discrimination, has anything at all to do with the decrease instead of the simple passing of the holida
  15. There's no guarantee it won't be extended yet again. Our governor just can't seem to grasp the futility of his endless lockdowns.
  16. At least in the case of South Korea it is not that simple. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-52482553 Massive testing, very high compliance with protection, very strong tracking, enabled them to minimize lockdowns. Same for Taiwan. Australia went the lockdown route but it was so effective it did not drag on and on like here. Thinly populated, highly homogeneous and isolated New Zealand is not really going to provide a lot of insight for far larger and more diverse populations that have a high rate of interchange across borders. Most other nationalities are simply not as coopera
  17. You are comparing apples and oranges. This is not about complying with a legal mask policy while in the store. This is about a current paid member in good standing complying with said mask regulation and social distancing illegally not being allowed in to shop at all because of age discrimination. I don't know how the Human Rights commission could make this any plainer. It is illegal in Mexico to discriminate against someone solely on the basis of age.
  18. Yes and they've all done major damage to themselves. And they still have covid. Now what?
  19. Your choice to view this that way, my choice to view it otherwise. You can also chose to be denigrated by remarks that are not directed to you personally. I do observe some seem to have a lot of fear associated with this situation and latch onto any and all "bad" news no matter how tenuous. Said officials have not only grossly violated basic human rights and laws in what is becoming obviously an exercise in futility and causing this to drag on now into the second year that I have no problem denigrating them at all. it is a hazard of their chosen line of "work." I've lived a long t
  20. Then it will be more contagious at home. At some point it is time to stop living in fear and seeing boogiemen around every corner.
  21. I used the word to describe the policy as Happy has explained to you. However if you wish to take it upon yourself, please feel free to do so. I paid them the membership fee and therefore are entitled to use the facilities until and unless they chose to cancel that membership and return said fee.
  22. How do we get a Spanish copy of this order? I want to carry it into Costco on Thursday in case they haven't gotten the message.
  23. Yes. I posted a link to a story in El Informador on another thread. It is clearly explained there. Also, earlier Spencer explained why it is a violation of a key part of the Mexican Constitution and can only be waived by following a specific legal process in that Constitution. Absent that, it was and is patently illegal. Not to mention stupid to think keeping a few older people from shopping for necessities is going to have any impact on public health. The fact of the matter is they are at much greater risk at home among younger family members. There's your on topic answer. To reit
  24. You don't have to go shopping and expose yourself to the truly minimal possibility of getting covid therefrom.
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