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  1. One thing I've found on these sites is many of the sellers post low odometer readings, and then when you go to see the car it is 10K higher.
  2. Goes by post count I think. Not sure what the threshold is.
  3. These are low quantity systems designed to replace bottled water. On this scale, sand filters too big and also do not filter adequately to keep the RO from getting fouled.
  4. When one can't participate substantively in a discussion the "kool aid" and "racist" innuendos are a last resort.
  5. The $64 question. I can't find any indication at all in the references that this might change. How about it Sonia?
  6. They add a separate faucet. In the apartment the laundry is next to the kitchen. We put the unit in there with the faucet over the laundry sink. They only use if for cooking and filling their pitcher of drinking water they keep in the fridge, or anything else they were using bottled water for. This way we got rid of the bottled water delivery hassle and cost.
  7. It's a study based on assumptions and conjecture as to the degree something of unknown total magnitude did not happen. That is speculation, "the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence." An infection isn't real until it actually happens. That is firm evidence. There is no firm evidence that millions of infections have been prevented for good as the disease is still running its course all over the planet. Since there is no way to know what percentage of the population will ultimately be infected there is no way to determine how many, if any, infections would be prevent
  8. Pure speculation and what was accomplished besides delaying the inevitable and inflicting massive economic damage on the most vulnerable people? Case in point: A young lady from a poor family we helped sponsor at Iteso law school graduated #1 in her class, had a job lined up and that job has now been canceled so she is scrambling to find work. Another case in point: Food lines all over the place with formerly employed people in them. It is so very easy for retired people with a check coming in every month to advocate these shutdowns and be in denial about the collateral econom
  9. You do understand his stuff was all pirated and cartels are associated with this business?
  10. You're lucky if you didn't get scammed there. Friend of mine bought a car with Jalisco plates and supposedly valid docs. Jalisco renewed the plates but when he went to sell it a couple years later, it was found to be an illegal chocalate and he was stuck good.
  11. Definitely depends on the brand and model of on demand heater. IMO very important to supply these units with softened and well filtered water.
  12. And earlier they had predicted a wetter than normal rainy season. Go figure. Not a good start, that is for sure.
  13. If it is legally imported it is insurable. However it really is not worth it to import a car. Costly and time consuming.
  14. Great example of the judgmental and insulting. Thanks for making my point. BTW it is quite easy to "be in public" around here, well away from others. In that circumstance it really is not necessary to wear a mask. Social distancing is the most effective of all.
  15. Or sometimes they don't interpret all the conflicting information out there the way you do or in general see things the way you do. One generally doesn't change minds by being judgmental or insulting the intelligence of others for the sin of not agreeing with one.
  16. The governments in 4 states managed to kill a bunch of seniors too. Let's don't go off on a discussion about the U.S. and Canada. Our concern and the focus of this board is Mexico. As you can see from BMH's post, the situation here isn't good and the government doesn't have its act together. It is foolish to rely on them at all IMO.
  17. I am thinking about it. By any measure the community response to this has been less than stellar almost everywhere. The U.S. does not have a national healthy system. It is a large geographic area with tens of thousands of governments involved in public health. That is not a structure that is going to respond well to a situation like this. Mexico does and how is that working out? Not so hot. Canada, with one tenth the population of the U.S. and a significantly healthier population, is doing about 30 percent better on a mortality rate basis. So what? Comparing it to its southern n
  18. Last June was well below normal. In fact last year was below normal even though it lasted longer. Go figure. Long term normal seems to be around 30 inches for the year.
  19. Very rare but you need to ask that question of the politicians. What about the long term effects of malnutrition, depression and unable to get treatment for other conditions? We live in a country with no real safety net. A very large percentage of the population, probably at least half, won't eat if they don't work.
  20. Another dry spell due to high pressure to the east of us. Weakest start to a rainy season I can remember in 12 years.
  21. And some people don't dwell in the land of reality and think it is their job to impose their view of "looking out for humanity" on everyone around them. And constantly making virtue judgments of those who don't see it the some people's way In the land of reality there are a bunch of people who aren't going to do what it is the some people think they should be doing and the some people waste a lot of time, energy and bandwidth trying to change that. The rest keep the focus on their own personal risk management. The economy of Mexico dropped an unprecedented 19.7 percent in one month
  22. That is an excellent name for that place. LOL
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