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  1. Yes it is very clear in the on line information she must visit the local consulate. The links are great, thanks for the info. It takes 3 months after she applies to get the passport. Supposedly they will accept U.S. cash in person at the time of her appointment but we'll check that too.
  2. Those lights in San Antonio are already creating gridlock daily. Wait until they add another one a block west.
  3. OK here's the deal. One of our Oaxaca students is an "accidental" American. She was born in Santa Fe, NM, and has 4 certified original copies of her Santa Fe, NM, birth certificate. We want to get her a U.S. passport so she can travel in the RV with us this summer but with all the covid business not sure how to proceed. Wonder if there is a local expediter who can help us out with this.
  4. I haven't seen liquid chlorine here either, only the powdered version.
  5. Bobby Brown is not the topic here. Don't get personal about another poster. And most of us are in greater danger from dying from old age than covid.
  6. The lights in San Antonio are already tying traffic in that area up in knots and now they are adding another only a block west of the one at the Little Theater entrance road. Doesn anyone remember they first had the two San Antonio lights a block apart and the result was gridlock? All they needed to do there was prohibit left turns out of that east exit from Walmart and change the main intersection light to have a protected left for west bound turners into WalMart at that light. And not put those stupid yellow bumpers up. The logical entrance into and out of Walmart is the one in the m
  7. Some suggestions: 1. Crack down on open burning, a pervasive practice here. Target industrial air and water polluters. 2. Join with other nations to go after the world's #1 polluter increasing by leaps and bounds, China. 3. Much better transit in cities like GDL. 4. Instead of squandering money on a railroad in the boonies no one wants and that will be a colossal flop, connect the major urban areas across central Mexico with high speed rail. The population density is there. 5. Strong emphasis on rail freight to cut down on trucking. 6. Serious general
  8. Really strange. Tried to call my wife's cell phone right here at the house, doesn't go through. Called someone in south Riberas, connected. Tried to call the car wash guy at Plaza Bugambillas, doesn't go through.
  9. The hospital numbers show the rate is dropping drastically. Obviously they aren't counting a lot of cases but counting hospital utilization is a lot easier. It isn't just happening in Mexico either.
  10. Yes but will the Mexicans, particularly the weekenders, participate? IMO unless backed up by some sort of enforcement, the participation will be spotty at best.
  11. I'm happy to share a tuning visit with a tuner you all have experience with on a schedule that works for the group.
  12. On this board he has the right to ask his question but there is no right to condemn him personally for it. Roy, just answer the question or ignore the post.
  13. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/coronavirus/no-red-states-on-coronavirus-map/ Interesting, eh?
  14. Thank you. We are in Ajijic and would like to join it.
  15. Does Roy habla ingles? Thinking to call him and ask him to put us on a wait list for when he is coming to the area for multiple jobs. There's no big hurry here.
  16. I responded to Bisbee. And now I've invited her to continue the discussion via PM. Same invitation goes to you. I look forward to your rebuttal. Is it political to be concerned that our retirements may be wiped out by the wanton money printing of the last 20 years? Last time I checked this was equal opportunity paper hanging. And it scares the crap out of me, I can't imagine how some can be so blase about it. Think about what happens to so many here if your dollar drops 50 percent in purchasing power over a short period of time. Prices here are now based on a peso around 20, imagin
  17. Interesting. The flyer left our place says intersection of Guadalupe Victoria and Revolucion, #88 Revolucion is the street number on it.
  18. I've had to battle weight my entire life but I have found it is far easier and more successful living here with healthier food, a climate that promotes outdoor activity.
  19. Thanks. I'm hoping to do just that.
  20. Anyone decent locally for tuning an upright grand piano, fully restored antique? If not, from GDL, who and does anyone here want to share having them come out and tune pianos. Gracias!
  21. Yep, the page name shows on the tab but the page itself comes up completely blank.
  22. I have and I don't view taxation as some sort of social policy. It should exist only to pay for the needs of financing government. Factual is that employment broke all records after taxes were adjusted to reflect what U.S. businesses are competing with around the world. It become cheaper to bring jobs back and that started to happen. That is a fact. Also it is factual that the Reagan tax cuts resulted in more tax collection not less and it was determined the rich paid the taxes rather than avoided them. As did Kennedy's, don't forget. Just as states that are the most competitiv
  23. Which were followed by the highest employment in the history of America. BTW, taxes on business are always taxes on their customers. To a business, taxes are a cost like any other cost that is factored into the price of the goods or services. In the end the customer pays and if the market won't support the required pricing, the business closes. Econ 101. Remember that. And the rich simply avoid taxes when they get too high. That is also proven in history. The mega rich are smarter than any government. They always have been. When it is cheaper to pay taxes than avoid them, t
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