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  1. We have our Amazon delivered to Handymail. Much less trouble and no contact. Being some kind of mask police is probably more likely to result in you not getting deliveries than anything.
  2. Considering the fact trying to get petromalt down him to help with hairballs this probably wouldn't work. Blue Buffalo has some foods that could work for him. Have you seen anyplace here that has it?
  3. Let's just use this thread for fun and not to proselytize, OK?
  4. Max is now 12 years old and has problems maintaining weight. Vet says switch to higher calorie higher fat food. Plenty of top quality brands for this NOB but what is available locally here or in GDL and where to find? Forget about raw food, tried that and he wouldn't touch it. I'm betting some of you have dealt with this problem. Suggestions and recommendations? Thank you!
  5. Not acutely aware enough. You're one of the ones here always beating the drums for harsh measures to protect old expats. That's your agenda it seems. Well, charity is no substitute. They don't want your damned charity, they want to work. Protect yourself and get out of their way. Try harder
  6. I've noticed the same thing. And yet the number of cases in Chapala is still very low.
  7. He is subject to recall, is he not? Thanks for the correction. I should have known this. Corrected my post.
  8. And after 2 weeks CV will still be here. And will it only be two weeks? You want to see some serious unrest in the Mexican community, just try this. Working people and small businesses have reached the point of desperation and desperate people can get very angry. Hard for all you expats with your pension and SS checks to understand the damage this has already done to our Mexican neighbors and small businesses. Try harder. Their own numbers show CV is at a very low level and changing slowly in most rural and small towns of Jalisco. This is primarily a disease of city people and c
  9. Far as I know the baggers are no more in WalMart because of the CV. Nothing else.
  10. Interesting, they gave me the Motorcycle license based wholly on the moto endorsement on my TX license. No test, no ride, nothing. But I went with Luazma to get it and she pointed the endorsement out to them.
  11. We think it is the local version of an ice cream truck.
  12. Now don't you wish you had responded to his emails?
  13. OK previous to this if you have a U.S. passport and are traveling by car the U.S. is letting you in. Any change to this? And returning, if you are a residente permanente the Mexicans are allowing you to return. Also, any change to this?
  14. Different when the shoe is on the other foot? Ironically, the people paying the price for all this hysteria on both sides of the border are those who live in the many sister cities along that border where there has been a long tradition of legal traffic in both directions for shopping and working. Just more of the collateral damage no one wants to talk about.
  15. As Kyle pointed out, the baggers are gone because of Covid. However although this is somewhat of rant, a valid point is made here. This tokenism of banning some plastic bags and straws misses the larger problem of just too damn much plastic packaging of every kind and the use of damaging and non biodegradable plastic for single uses such as takeaway food. It is impossible now not to contribute to this deluge of plastic crap since virtually everything comes inside of it. To focus on just several items while missing or ignoring the far larger problem that plastic packaging in general has bec
  16. Did they go on the weekend or during the week?
  17. Damn Pedro, that ceegar is almost as big as you are!
  18. Last time we went it was one person per card and one cart. We have two cards on our account, we each took a cart and we checked out separately.
  19. How many what? Insults? Naw, I think it just goes on the number of posts.
  20. One thing I've found on these sites is many of the sellers post low odometer readings, and then when you go to see the car it is 10K higher.
  21. Goes by post count I think. Not sure what the threshold is.
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