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  1. 22 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    Aren't sidewalks the property owner's responsibility (not the municipio)?

    If so why was the municipio installing handicap ramps in them?  I doubt anyone would object if they fixed some sidewalks around here.  They have put new sidewalks in Chapala with all of that street rebuilding going on there.  Also they installed some new sidewalks in San Antonio.  Are they only the responsibility of the property owners in Ajijic?  

    Pedro I seriously doubt the Feds told Chapala to put a church on that corner.  Let us know if you have proof to the contrary.


  2. 5 minutes ago, #HarryB said:

    Chapala does own a small lot on the SW corner of the water tower circle behind Plaza Bouganvillias. That would be the presumed location of the anticipated chapel.


    By the way, I would take the word of the "low level politician" Ajijic Delegado Juan Ramon Flores over the blowhard of Chapala any day!

    Given the dismal condition of the streets and sidewalks in Ajijic I really have to wonder about the priorities in using tax money to build a religious edifice.  But I guess there's no skim money to be made fixing pot holes.  That lot is an eyesore but could be sold for a more productive use IMO.

  3. 23 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    C'mon Ferret, that's a subjective, not objective, statement. I live in Sayulita, exactly the same weather as San Pancho, and I do not find the summers anywhere close to "hell". I don't have any AC or a pool. My house stays quite comfortable, as far as I'm concerned, with just my fans. I like the rainy, hot, humid summers. 

    And this year, the nights stayed cool right through to the end of June, lots of people were commenting on it. And there were only a handful of nights all summer that I'd consider "steamy" and hot.

    I've observed that if you live on the Pacific coast itself, instead of on one of the bays the sea breezes are longer and stronger and it is less hot.  Having said that I'd still want AC there.  I find the humidity to be the bigger issue personally.

  4. 19 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    At the same event as the announcement of Magico status, Moy announced that they will build una capilla de velación in Ajijic.  I had to research that term.  It is a visitation chapel.  It will be behind El Torito.  Here is text from announcement  (and a google translation).  I can see the need for this as the average family home here is quite small and the funeral visitation is often on folding chairs set out in the street, no matter the weather.  

    En el mismo evento, el Presidente Municipal de Chapala, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, anunció el arranque de la construcción de una capilla de velación que demandaban los ciudadanos de Ajijic desde hace varios años.
    La capilla de velación se construirá en un predio de 175 metros cuadrados, ubicado en la calle Guadalupe Victoria, al cruce con Juan Álvarez –atrás del supermercado El Torito-, con una inversión de 2 millones 314 mil pesos.

    At the same event, the Municipal President of Chapala, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, announced the start of the construction of a vigil chapel demanded by the citizens of Ajijic for several years.
    The vigil chapel will be built on an area of 175 square meters, located on Guadalupe Victoria Street, at the junction with Juan Álvarez –behind the El Torito supermarket-, with an investment of 2 million 314 thousand pesos.


    I'm assuming this will be on that small lot next to the water tower.  That has been blighted ever since we moved here and apparently a lot longer.

    Now do something about that blight on the pier.

  5. Those 90 degree readings may be coming from GDL.  Even so, the climate here is different south of the carretera as opposed to the hillside.  The closer you get to the lake the less gap between high and low.

    On a hot day in May as you walk towards the lake from El Torito the temperature change to cooler is noticeable.

    This is a better climate by far than even Southern CA and a heckuva lot cheaper to live in.

  6. 2 hours ago, #HarryB said:

    It amazes me that persons who repeatedly express hatred of Ajijic spread false rumors about the community. No trees have been removed, are being removed or will be removed during the construction work. i just spoke to Juan Ramon Flores Delegado as the source for this information!


    Good news Harry, thanks.  You do understand some of us might be a little nervous after the way the Chapala government messed up the Chapala plaza.  

  7. 1 hour ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    To me the article was unclear on whether the closure of the outside dining at Jardin Plaza was permanent, or just during the renovations.  

    As far as al fresco dining, now that the lake level is down and there is room for parking at the shoreline next to the Ajijic Pier, I wish they would bring back the anador on weekends.  

    I've never eaten inside at Jardin Plaza.  I would think that even having their outside dining closed for the usual months of bumbling construction would do them in.

  8. Anyone heard about this?  Two postings on Ajijic News Facebook Page by a Kristina Morgan Meadows:

    From Friends of Ajijic, this December 1st Ajijic will officially be named a Pueblo Magico. There are many doubts about it and here we will be sharing the progress and information of the process.
    Ajijic our beloved people deserve that together we take a challenge that begins working together without partisan flags but with the shield that represents our delegation.
    Let's take a big step together, I invite you to inform us so we can really comment on it and not get carried away by what someone told us, what do you think if we better learn first and get all the doubts we have?
    With great pleasure we seek the answers, the idea is to look for the positive side and find a way for our people and our people to benefit and only together will we make it!
    Because together it's better!
    Pueblos Magic of Jalisco: WELCOME to AJIJIC!
    Next Magical town of Jalisco!
    During a tour of the southeast region of Jalisco, Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez announced that in the coming days, Ajijic will be named a Pueblo Magico or Magic Town to generate more opportunities for trade, development and tourism in the municipality.
    The Governor announced the rehabilitation of schools, health centers and the cultural center of Ajijic, in order to make it "one of the most beautiful places in Jalisco."
    Congratulations Ajijic!
  9. I've seen some predictions of a 30 percent drop in the dollar that we made when the Peso was trading at 23.  That would suggest a Peso rate of around 16:1.  If the Peso continues to rise from 20 it will have a side benefit of putting a damper on inflation.

    We've had a great run with IMO an overvalued dollar.  It is actually cheaper to live here, adjusted for inflation, than it was when we came 12 years ago.  Our planning is based on things going the other way for a while.

    Open borders in the U.S. combined with near 50 percent poverty in Mexico will probably drive a resumption of people leaving the country.  That would be history repeating itself.  Remittances have been hitting highs every since the first of the year.

    Covid is everyone's wild card at this point IMO.

    We're pretty convinced at this point we are better off in Mexico for a lot of reasons.  We wish we could get citizenship but under the newer rules we just can't manage the test with our age related issues of hearing and learning.  But we are both Permanentes.

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