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  1. Knowing that so many of you find this source credible I thought you'd find this very interesting.


    And here from a source most of you hate is a pretty detailed discussion of the NYT piece.  If you just can't handle other points of view you should skip this one.


    Surprise, surprise.  For the most part those face diapers are not necessary outside.  Of course sources many here don't like have been saying this for some time but, hey, whatever it takes to start puncturing this face diaper nonsense...


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  2. On 5/9/2021 at 12:37 PM, Xena said:

    Oh, come on, Mudgirl. Who you going to believe: scientific experts from the World Health Organization or anonymous old geezers spouting off on a local web board about their personal experience? 😆

    Neither.  It appears to me the WHO has been seriously compromised by the CCP.  

  3. (edited by Mod to remove the personal stuff and get the thread back on topic.  Feel free to use PM to continue that discussion.)

    Here is the link to Geraldo Bautista Mejia's full comments about the Walmart mess.  He nails it pretty good.  I don't think he's an engineer but he's a good observer with a lot of common sense.


  4. 1 hour ago, AndyPanda said:

    There are now three sets of traffic lights there, doing basically what the one set did before all this (with the added bonus of causing confusing and jams). You could completely pull one set and still get the second set to use arrows properly for crossing in all directions.

    Exactly.  It was already a three phase intersection.  Only minor modifications and a short left turn phase westbound into Walmart were required to utilize the already built central driveway.  Then that light and the two in San Antonio should have been properly coordinated.  All of it could have been done in a few weeks at minimal cost and disruption.

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  5. That thing is so full of basic design errors it is hard to know where to begin.  I'm glad a Chapala official has finally pointed that out.  

    Certainly no decent access for west bound traffic into Walmart was one of the worse errors.  So was no longer requiring those in the left turn lane of the carretera eastbound to turn left onto the libremiento, that has created a merge conflict just past the intersection also compounded by the major shortening of the merge area.   

    That whole right turn off the libremiento to the carretera scheme is unnecessary, doubled the traffic hazard for those on the bike path and made for a very dangerous mering situation. It is two lanes wide but there is no differentiation for those trying to go in the west entrance of Walmart versus the far greater number just trying to turn right (westbound) onto the carreters.

     It should be removed entirely and the right hand lane of the libremiento reserved for right hand or thru traffic into Walmart.  Among other things, this protects bike path users from having to run the vehicle gauntlet twice in a hundred feet or so.

    Even though the west side traffic light of San Antonio has been turned off, making a real hazard for pedestrians in that area, the traffic is still backing up at times all the way to the hospital.

    I will say it again.  You look at almost anywhere NOB where this situation exists it is handled by a single multi-phase intersection with signal phases for protected left turns.  That was all that was required here.  This set up is about as stupid and incompetent as it gets.



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  6. 20 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

    He's NOT going to take the antibody test to fly to US.  He only takes the antigen test.  The antigen test doesn't test for antibodies.  Not an issue for him.  btw, we have been fully vax'd since Feb.  Have taken 4 antigen tests to fly to US since then; all negative.  Took one an hour ago for Friday flight to US.  

    Thank you!

  7. And if you have antibodies as you would from the shots after a month or so, and those show up on your test, will the airlines still let you fly into the U.S.?

    My brother has had both Pfizer over a month ago.  When we test him before he flies home he'll likely show antibodies.  He will also be carrying verification of his vaccinations.  Is he going to have a problem trying to go home?

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