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  1. 17 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

    Best of luck.

    The number is the same 800 123 2222. I have called a number of times only to have the call drop when they transfer the call or they just hang up after saying there's no one available. 

    At least on the app it's  somewhat intuitive and a little Spanish works.

    I'm fed up with Telmex.

    We had the same problem and I finally went up to the service depot by Lakeside Little Theater and got help.  Since they closed the lakeside office TelMex service and performance has gone way down.

  2. 18 hours ago, barrbower said:

    Guad Reporter is saying starting this December that new second hand smoke laws will go into effect.  All smoking areas must be outside and completely sealed off from the rest of the establishment.  No food or drink will be allowed to be served in smoking areas.  Smoking areas must have separate entrance from street.   I notice several things here.  I don't know of a single place that currently can meet those standards.  I have no idea who is going to enforce the new rules...maybe the same ones who "enforce" the noise ordinances.  In small communities with close quarters folks are going to have to walk on the sidewalks/streets to smoke and then return to the establishment after perhaps offending a fellow pedestrian or even a homeowner who has an open window and smells smoke.  Might as well say smoking only in your own home with all the windows closed.

    I don't smoke and never did and I really don't like the smell of cigarette smoke but this seems a little extreme.  What do you guys think?  Alan

    Over the top and unenforceable.  If the idea was to force non smoking on establishments, this would do the trick.

    Since the current smoking rules were put in place I can't think of a single place we've gone where smoking was a problem   There are so many alternatives, if one might have a problem with a particular place it would seem pretty easy to just go somewhere else.

    Looks like just more government heavy handedness to me.  


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