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  1. Would be curious as to what the email said. Would you post the text?
  2. If so why was the municipio installing handicap ramps in them? I doubt anyone would object if they fixed some sidewalks around here. They have put new sidewalks in Chapala with all of that street rebuilding going on there. Also they installed some new sidewalks in San Antonio. Are they only the responsibility of the property owners in Ajijic? Pedro I seriously doubt the Feds told Chapala to put a church on that corner. Let us know if you have proof to the contrary.
  3. Given the dismal condition of the streets and sidewalks in Ajijic I really have to wonder about the priorities in using tax money to build a religious edifice. But I guess there's no skim money to be made fixing pot holes. That lot is an eyesore but could be sold for a more productive use IMO.
  4. I've observed that if you live on the Pacific coast itself, instead of on one of the bays the sea breezes are longer and stronger and it is less hot. Having said that I'd still want AC there. I find the humidity to be the bigger issue personally.
  5. I'm assuming this will be on that small lot next to the water tower. That has been blighted ever since we moved here and apparently a lot longer. Now do something about that blight on the pier.
  6. Those 90 degree readings may be coming from GDL. Even so, the climate here is different south of the carretera as opposed to the hillside. The closer you get to the lake the less gap between high and low. On a hot day in May as you walk towards the lake from El Torito the temperature change to cooler is noticeable. This is a better climate by far than even Southern CA and a heckuva lot cheaper to live in.
  7. Good news Harry, thanks. You do understand some of us might be a little nervous after the way the Chapala government messed up the Chapala plaza.
  8. Us too. It has been politicized. No longer members after more than 10 years.
  9. I've never eaten inside at Jardin Plaza. I would think that even having their outside dining closed for the usual months of bumbling construction would do them in.
  10. Second that motion. We have it in our students' apartment in GDL. Flawless service and great quality water. Adds very little to the electric bill.
  11. And I sure wish they'd do something about that blight at the end of the Ajijic pier. Magico it ain't.
  12. Welder/metal worker needed for some fairly substantial mods to pool panel supports on my roof. We are going to have to figure it out as we go so should be willing to work on a daily or hourly basis. Can't really estimate this job in advance.
  13. It really is pretty uninviting now IMO. Sad.
  14. I tip them 5 for a good and courteous job of pumping the gas, 15 for window cleaning front and back. The young lady who works the lake side island at the Riberas Pemex does an outstanding job of both. I get my gas from her whenever possible.
  15. Other than redoing a few poorly done spots, just what upgrading does the Ajijic Plaza need? Where the upgrading is needed is in streets, sidewalk and cleaning. Last thing I think we need is what happened to the Chapala Plaza, lost all of its character.
  16. Anyone heard about this? Two postings on Ajijic News Facebook Page by a Kristina Morgan Meadows: From Paola De Watterlot Friends of Ajijic, this December 1st Ajijic will officially be named a Pueblo Magico. There are many doubts about it and here we will be sharing the progress and information of the process. Ajijic our beloved people deserve that together we take a challenge that begins working together without partisan flags but with the shield that represents our delegation. Let's take a big step together, I invite you to inform us so we can really comm
  17. Looking for 5-6 inch diameter hose clamps with worm gear tightening. Need a lot of them (20). Anyone seen anything like that around here? Thanks.
  18. We don't have NetFlix Mexico. That is what we want to give them. If we got Netflix Mexico through TelMex could we set it up so they can log on to it in Oaxaca? Thanks.
  19. How do you figure? 20.6 down from 25? See chart here: https://markets.businessinsider.com/currencies/usd-mxn?op=1
  20. Yes, apparently they have it back in stock, a family member picked up 4 packages last week.
  21. In my experience the worst air quality here is from early April into June until the rains start. Despite a lot of big talk the local and state governments have done little to stop open burning either in the populated areas or out in the countryside.
  22. There used to be a way to respond to spam messages on a cell phone with a code that says do not call. Anyone remember it or have used it lately?
  23. I've seen some predictions of a 30 percent drop in the dollar that we made when the Peso was trading at 23. That would suggest a Peso rate of around 16:1. If the Peso continues to rise from 20 it will have a side benefit of putting a damper on inflation. We've had a great run with IMO an overvalued dollar. It is actually cheaper to live here, adjusted for inflation, than it was when we came 12 years ago. Our planning is based on things going the other way for a while. Open borders in the U.S. combined with near 50 percent poverty in Mexico will probably drive a resumption of peop
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