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  1. Tell me about that wifi boost device you are using in your RV. I would have PM'd this question to you but your PM isn't working.
  2. Saying climate change is occurring is like saying the sun comes up every morning. It's a given at least until it isn't. Read a really good apocalyptic Sci Fi story on the latter years ago. Scary. Saying one can deal with it by signing treaties where the world's greatest polluters are allowed to pollute at will for the next 9 years, one of whom BTW is now building the world's largest coal fired power plant and cranking out the most cars of any country, really calls into question the rationality of the adherents of same. It's like trying to put out a fire that two people are throwing ga
  3. If it is portable it could be a real boon for traveling and RVers.
  4. It went political immediately and had to be removed. That wasn't a great source you cited. I'd spend a little more time researching this, there is a lot of pro and con on that topic.
  5. I'd love it if we had OTA internet here like they have in GDL. Our students get far better service from such a provider there than we get from TelMex. Their apartment is just outside of Chapalita and the provider has very strong and fast OTA for less than either CATV or TelMex. And no requirement for hard wire, they just have a simple antenna. Seems to be associated with Elon Musk. Definite OTA via satellite. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/starlink-explained-what-to-know-about-elon-musk-satellite-internet-venture/
  6. Yes isn't interesting that the original piece is a series of documented news stories and statements by experts that have proven incorrect, yet this whole thread addresses everything but the actual existence and validity of the content. So I'll ask again, starting with you Alan, skip the ad hom and give us a real rebuttal. 1. Show us if any of the sources/stories making the original predictions are false, namely they do not exist at all or they misrepresent the prediction. 2. Show us where the cited predictions have actually occurred contrary to what the piece states in its re
  7. I heard they are trying to bring back reel to reel tape decks. I'm all for it they were cool.
  8. We were running north of 500kWh per month. Solar output averages around 650 per month. Installed it with the expectation we might be using part of the output for vehicle charging in the future. It is an 18 panel STI system installed before the higher wattage panels were readily available. Could do the same and a little more with 12 panels now. It has microinverters for each two panels and a really cool data logging web site that allow us to monitor per panel production. The original microinverters had problems, STI replaced promptly at no charge and the new ones are solid as a rock.
  9. It is a description of the source. I am looking for a rebuttal of what the source claimed about failed climate predictions and predictors. Your turn.
  10. I feel you are probably correct. When it comes to government Mexico is no Scandinavia, that's for sure. It is what it is, however.
  11. Sorry, still not an answer as to whether the claims these predictions were made are correct. And Wiki is not a real source. Read up on how its postings are generated. Looking forward to your rebuttal the list of claims and claimants.
  12. Is the list correct or not? Ad hom is not an answer. It seemed cooler around here this winter or maybe I'm just getting older. Finally, 80 today, loved it. La Niña. a colder water condition in the pacific, made for a pretty dry "winter" here and to the north.
  13. Nope potholes are forever. Looks like the lockdowns have ended here. Some politicians are slow learners as are some expats.
  14. LOL I already have a 1500 watt 15 inch SVS monster sub that I have to restrain or the neighbors get annoyed with me. My wife gets very annoyed when I crank it up to the point one's insides are vibrating. The bar flies across the street are already deaf.
  15. From your very frequent posts bemoaning that Mexicans and some expats don't view this situation as you do I am simply suggesting that if one isn't able to accept the people and the culture as it is an expat has the option to go somewhere where they find it more acceptable. Constantly posting here about what they are not doing to your satisfaction will change absolutely nothing. Personally speaking I would find it difficult to hold such strong attitudes and remain here. As you said, the emphasis needs to be on personal choices. I think for the most part that is what the expat community is d
  16. Rick, I tried to answer your "confused" smiley on my post via PM but yours is not working. Maybe full? Feel free to PM me about what you find confusing about my post.
  17. Yes. A family of expats. They were prepared with the medications recommended by practicing doctors who have treated covid successfully and were over it in less than a week. I think I got it from the guys rehabbing my pool last year, used the same medications and protocols and was over it also in less than a week. Everyone involved self isolated for several weeks to make sure it was completely gone. Later last summer, one of the family members learned that several in the family up north were showing symptoms, immediately flew up there smuggling the medications in a Tylenol bottle, trea
  18. It is not your place to expect and demand of them to behave as you wish. Yes, as a guest here it is too much to ask. They don't share your beliefs on what is safe or the importance of it. That is their right, it is their country. If you don't care for how the person works, don't hire them. Some here put far too much energy into trying to make others behave as they think they should and far too little energy into keeping the focus on self protection including where one should be living under these circumstances. Rather than stress out over the behavior of Mexicans it might be bett
  19. I used a facilitator to assist with this. There are several doing it. I worked with Luzma Grande. It was about as easy as it gets. Luzma Grande 376-766-2077 333-452-1670 luzma@ajijic.com
  20. Makes a lot of sense to do this if you want the most reliable source IMO. We are going north this summer and will make the decision on this at that time after we've had the opportunity to see how it is working out as far as side effects are concerned.
  21. Pose the questions and we'll see I have a 7.1 home theater system built around KEF towers and a Sunfire Cinema Grand with a second amp just for the two side speakers.
  22. This country simply lacks the medical resources, the compliant population, high level of public health, and the safety net needed for lower numbers. Even at that the excess deaths amount to 0.25 percent of the population over a year, pretty moderate by the historic norms of pandemics in poorly prepared populations. Most people here don't have the option to stay at home and wait it out, it is either work or starve. There is no unemployment "insurance" here. Most people here simply will not voluntarily give up their lives because politicians tell them they need to. They react with passi
  23. Electric rates are much higher here unless you are a really small user and we also have an incredible number of mostly sunny days. Solar is a no brainer for much of Mexico IMO, particularly since the costs have dropped so drastically. Just remember when you do install one it WILL need some maintenance, mainly cleaning during the dusty season and make that as easy as possible.
  24. That was written by Steve Brown our unfortunately moved away weather guy, yes? How is Steve doing these days? This is a great read, I'd forgotten about it so many thanks for putting it up. The pictures are great! That was when the GDL airport was charming and not such a madhouse. One time we landed and walked out front and there was a dynamite Mariachi Band playing, my wife had to drag me off. He and we came at around the same time. Very much enjoyed that piece, brought back some great memories. Tom's Bar, except for the smoke, was a great watering hole. It really hasn't been
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