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  1. My spouse and visiting friend went there for lunch, both familiar with and fans of TexMex. Neither was impressed. They brought me 3 enchiladas. Definitely not impressed. Bland, dry and lacking in every way.
  2. The lake actually works as a heat sink and we find there is less temperature variation where we live than above the carretera. This is particularly noticeable in May where it gets progressively cooler as I walk from the gym in Plaza B. to our house, a long block off the lake and down the hill. We have had more cold fronts, that is true. Had over 40 last year. Good point.
  3. Truthfully we haven't noticed it getting colder. Seems there are always a few mildly chilly weeks around the first of the year. Coming from a place where below freezing is common for 3-4 months, mostly at night, it is hard for me to call what we have here "cold." We were talking with our visitor last night and I remarked that living here we have escaped winter for good. And our shortest days are a lot longer as well. What's not to like? Definitely feel cold more than I used to.
  4. The manufacture of practically everything has environmental impact. Just sayin'.
  5. Well it doesn't rain much in the winter here so nothing much different there. However this will likely extend the drought in the southwest U.S. La NiƱa, a colder than usual water in parts of the Pacific, seems to be increasingly prevalent.
  6. Well I do wonder how this will all end up affecting us here in Mexico. For starters I don't see how Costco, which depends on Mexican customers, is going to be able to raise prices enough to cover this and still have those customers. For our part we are focusing more on replacing the stuff we get there with Mexican products. In comparison to the U.S. for quite some time as Jreboll noted, Mexico is a paragon of fiscal responsibility. More than ever we feel vindicated in our decision to move here permanently and do not envision any circumstance which would cause us to return there.
  7. Me too. I would think there would be quite a number of us needing this service. Polo was very good at it, he'll be hard to replace.
  8. Well that is the number I am calling with no response.
  9. Have called the number I have for him, left messages, no response. Is he still around and doing water systems? I think it is time for cleaning and new media in my whole house sand filter.
  10. Got it. But you have to send me a picture so I know you aren't the Heron.
  11. That include all the border jumpers? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. If anyone else needs goldfish, I have plenty and happy to share. You have to come prepared to carry. I have a net. However if you are the heron who used my pond like a cafeteria earlier this year before I had to put netting over it, we will not be "sharing" any more fish with you.
  13. I got a cheap plastic pool at Walmart and put my fish in it while doing repairs. Just kept the water lily wet and cut it back when I returned it to the pool. Worked great, took almost 2 weeks for repairs.
  14. Thank you all very much. As there is no hurry on this we can wait however long is needed. I vaguely recall Oscar's shop is past Christina Park in the direction of Mezcala. Can someone give me a reminder that will help in finding it again?
  15. OK even more strange, I tried the same number on our second land line and had no trouble connecting with Gualberto's son. Problem solved, I guess.
  16. Trying to call Gualberto this morning from the same phone using the same number 331/026-5450 I called him on last week. Immediately getting a message the number doesn't exist. Do I need to dial something else first that I didn't need last week?
  17. First time ever, Gualberto son couldn't fix one of our appliances, this time our Bosch dishwasher. I tried to explain to him it was telling us there was a problem with the water inlet valve. They worked on it for several hours but not understanding the problem. The problem was the inlet valve wasn't opening all the way because of water deposits. I was able to fix myself this afternoon. Just "exercised" it until it started working properly after I made a test tool that was shown on a internet video. Had a problem with the fridge while we were traveling and they came and fixed right away. We still think they are the best around.
  18. Moving away from us and will curve around towards Mazatlan. This is not at all uncommon. We should be OK, just some clouds.
  19. Great list. If you were looking for exceptional, not the cheapest, work who would you use? Others feel free to chime in. Much appreciated.
  20. Well I have and Andy is making a valid point. That incline is neither sufficiently steep or sufficiently long to require use of a jake or pac brake. Any properly loaded and maintained truck that approaches that short incline can easily handle it with brakes if approached at an appropriate speed. Same goes for the libremiento in front of WalMart. All the time I see truckers in Mexico driving unsafe and overloaded rigs far too fast. It is very easy to spot one of these trucks by how they sit low on their suspensions and wallow with every bump. Start watching them and it will be obvious pretty quickly because there is zero inspection of very often if not usually overloaded trucks with lousy maintenance of tires and brakes any other safety equipment, no mufflers, untrained and unskilled drivers because of the lack of training. The truck accident rate in this country is atrocious. Truck and bus accidents kill multiple people, including drivers, in this country every day. Because the government is so derelict in performing even the most basic oversight of the trucking industry in this country they are wrecking the roads, killing people, blasting everyone with a bunch of unnecessary noise and pollution. Take a drive on the so called "Pan American Highway", Ruta 45 for a first hand experience in all of the above. I just did. It is a primary truck route and most of it is just simply destroyed and dangerous by the hundreds of trucks that use it. I can't imagine how anyone could ship product over that road without it and the truck arriving with a lot of damage. I don't blame the drivers because the corrupt companies they work for give them the choice of either driving these death traps on wheels or not working at all. And we all know how high unemployment is in this country and how people are desperate for work, any work, that pays them enough to live on. So they get out their and risk their lives, and ours, and wreck the country's roads. Not long ago when this was being debated at some level of government it was the drivers asking for more inspections and weighing. This whole trucking situation in this country, which is typified by this all too common type of accident, is a national disgrace.
  21. One question I have after reading the GDL Reporter article is whether or not it would allow the construction of a second building, as was the original plan, of the same reduced height on the property. It would seem to me this would be a reasonable compromise and help prevent exactly what lakeside7 predicts. I see nothing stupid about preventing the lake front being protected from a bunch of high rise construction. Quite the contrary, having that happen here would totally ruin the character of the area and is stupid to permit, IMO.
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