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  1. Yeah rumor has it you'll have to get four shots in a year and hide under your bed with two face diapers on because unlike that one smallpox shot you had years ago, these won't really work. Fortunately I know some here are ready!
  2. With covid fear running out of steam the fear addicted and those who use it for control are looking for a replacement. This one is kinda ugly though, could you find something prettier?
  3. Tried again and found her. Two hours after opening time. I'm going on the strong recommendations of her work. If this job turns out well, we have a bunch for her to do. Fingers crossed. Nice to be able to just walk over and drop stuff off or pick up finished work. Nice shop and lady. Very tidy.
  4. Lucked out with Mia's. They had the perfect shirt, like new, right size and very good condition. Thanks Ibarra!
  5. Well, I went there (Desion in Ajijic) and waited until almost 11AM for the person to show up. Tried calling both phone numbers, neither answered. Was waiting with another person who had sent her an email and was told she'd be there. Guess I'll go to Chapala.
  6. How would you tell the tailor in Spanish you want some slacks let out at the waist band?
  7. Not sure where it is at. Modern mural inspired by the Mesoamerican rain god by Tulum artist Felipe Cespedes. FELIPE CESPEDES\ https://mexiconewsdaily.com/mexicolife/ancient-god-tlaloc-is-alive-and-well/
  8. Going to check them out. They say they have men's dress shirts. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. Very active in San Antonio. Action planned at the foot of Colon and the Malecon in San Antonio on Sunday.
  10. Keep an eye on the Chapala area Facebook market pages. Someone had an almost new Lazyboy on there for a great price. Unfortunately it sold. There are two sites: Beg Barter Buy & Sell Chapala, and Lake Chapala Classified.
  11. I need to be measured for it and they need to have larger sizes. I don't have time to go into GDL. Probably in Chapala but where? Thanks.
  12. Small area usually means local transformer or those on the pole circuit breakers. If a tree limb blowing in the wind bangs two wires together that will happen.
  13. Thanks. Not sure where this is at. How many blocks east of Colon?
  14. Did a search before posting this, the last postings on this are several years old. Looking for someone who can let out a pair of dress pants properly, anywhere from Ajijic to Chapala. Thanks.
  15. Good suggestion, thanks! I vaguely recall from some years ago there was someplace around Jocotepec that had it.
  16. Have you looked at moving to a lower elevation? I recall RVGringo sharing that was a big reason they moved, that along with better access to health care from the VA. Good luck to you in any case.
  17. High pressure taking over, looks like we will return to the hot stagnant conditions typical of May before the rains start. Lovely respite, though.
  18. Yep it was very convenient after close to, what, 70 years or so, to change the definition of a vaccine. Very convenient. If one were a skeptic and paying a lot of attention to the data coming in from around the world one might get very skeptical of the latest CDC claims the stuff lessens the disease. That would require studies that have not yet been done. Your last sentence is how it works in nature. And how it worked with this one and how it would have worked anyway without all this failed floundering around. Maybe if the focus had been more on treatment not only would fewer people be dead but it would have run its course much sooner with a whole lot less economic and social damage. We'll never know. Let's just hope the indications of immunity damage will be sufficiently limited such that it or something else won't come roaring back this fall and winter and a bunch of people die or get very sick precisely because they took these vaccines. Looking around at these massive outbreaks in highly vaccinated mask compliant populations isn't making me feel very confident that won't happen. Nobody wants that, believe me.
  19. Just be aware that some of the VPNs, not just Strong but also I believe Express VPN, are getting around these blocks. Is it not true that some U Tube content will not stream through an out of NOB server? That was my understanding though as I noted we don't use it for much. It really is fantastic for finding videos of repair of all sorts of stuff. In just the last year I've used it to change an ice maker in an LG fridge, fix a Wolf Range, fix a clock, diagnose problems with the AC in my car, it just goes on and on. As noted we use Strong and the server is in Dallas. Our legal address is in Livingston. Both Texas. We have had to switch between servers several times, the great Strong customer service walks us through it every time.
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