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  1. I finally went to the service area up by the Lakeside Little Theater and they came out this afternoon and fixed the telephone line. We still don't have the speed we are payiing for but at least it is working steadily again. TelMex has sure gone downhill on service this year.
  2. That's not the problem. The problem is with this number the option to send a text message is not appearing on my wife's IPhone 11. She is a very experiened Whatsapp user.
  3. When we tried to whatsapp that number the IPhone 11 phone makes a phone call instead of sending a message. The phone doesn't give the option to send a message.
  4. Over the top and unenforceable. If the idea was to force non smoking on establishments, this would do the trick. Since the current smoking rules were put in place I can't think of a single place we've gone where smoking was a problem There are so many alternatives, if one might have a problem with a particular place it would seem pretty easy to just go somewhere else. Looks like just more government heavy handedness to me.
  5. Steren has a variety of them. I bought one for my cell phone there today.
  6. We can't get anyone to answer at the 800 number. It just goes dead after being put on hold. Also tried texting to *2222 and get message that "message undeliverable." Will try to get infinitum on the line.
  7. Will try this, also would appreciate a referral to a tech who can deal with this and get the problem fixed.
  8. Has anybody tried going to the repair facility over in San Antonio?
  9. Is this a restaurant thread or a sniping thread? Asking for a friend.
  10. Tried that. Twice. That's the number that just ends up with an open line. When tried on cell phone, the message was the number isn't recognized.
  11. We've tried calling the service numbers and the call just gets diverted to an open line with no one and nothing on it. Tried several different numbers with the same result. Tried on both a cell phone and a land line. Since we no longer have a local office to go to, what does one do now? Is there an office in Chapala or other nearby town? Gracias!
  12. Ourselves and 2 neighbors are experiencing a constant problem with TelMex internet dropping the server, not the carrier signal. Gets worse as the day goes on. Anyone else seeing this? It is disappointing, we've gotten steady if not real speedy service from TelMex for years but in the last few months we have had neither.
  13. https://www.vallartadaily.com/hospitalizations-and-covid-19-infections-decrease-in-jalisco/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+VallartaDaily+(Headline+News+from+Puerto+Vallarta)
  14. That's OK I prefer to keep mine since it took time to memorize.
  15. We crossed at Santa Teresa, NM, two days ago. Absolutely no delay or checks of any kind on the Mexican side coming south. They didn't even want to see our Permanentes.
  16. Someone rather stupid stole my Mexican cell phone, a $30 flip phone, in the U.S. It is long since expired on time. I have a replacement and am going to get a new sim card. Is it possible to keep my old phone number and how would I go about asking for that? Do I need to go directly to TelCel? Gracias!
  17. Crossed yesterday at Santa Teresa, NM. Absolutely no delays or checks, they didn't even look at our Permanetes.
  18. Yes, finally raised him on the phone this afternoon and will see him on Monday. Thanks for the help!
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