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  1. We've had quite good luck with the local tradespeople maybe because we do a lot of checking first. This group is a great source of referrals.
  2. Once again I'll just remind everyone the MEXICANS demanded and passed the noise laws. Lakeside for the most part the biggest offenders are bars that cater to EXPATS. Carry on.
  3. Unfortunately I won't be in town but not sure what there is to meet about. The new law is clear, other Jalisco governments aren't having trouble figuring it out or cracking down. If you go please remind them the noise law is 24 hours per day, not starting only at 9 PM. In the end I suspect this is something else that will require going to the state government or filing denuncias to get action. As always, thanks Harry for the heads up.
  4. This looks pretty clear to me with one question: Originals or copies or both, Harry. Obviously the Director of Municipal Transito must have some input to this situation Happy. I suggest if you question that you talk with him directly since you live in Chapala. Fortunately I have a lot of time on my license and don't need one but being able to get renewals locally will be great for the entire community. Thanks to Harry and Hector for helping to move the process along.
  5. Exactly. You can't avoid real estate companies here, virtually everything that is for sale is through them. If the OP wants to have a crack at the great majority of home sales here he'll likely end up dealing with an agent. Generally FSBO is no bargain, it is all about the seller wanting to avoid paying a brokerage fee. FSBO bargains can be found, it just takes a lot of patience. If one has a definite preference to area, a good strategy is to walk that area and maybe put out flyers indicating you are looking to buy. This approach is a lot of work and really requires a fair amount of local knowledge and knowledge about real estate. The property he described is going to be over $250K in most cases. The best tactic is working with a good agent and making aggressive offers until you find someone who really wants to sell and maybe got a good deal themselves. There are so many pitfalls here in real estate I'd never touch it without the help of a good agent. And I used to be one myself.
  6. You may find a lot of "by owner" sales have inflated ideas about what the house is worth. Also you need to give a price range as what you described can easily go over a half million depending on square footage, location and amenities
  7. Always better to start a new thread than revive one this old.
  8. Your link requires joining something. Have another open link for info?
  9. We have a 4000 watt generator and CFE keeps it well exercised.
  10. It is usually the best practice to abandon the old line and reroute. You don't say what kind of pipe it is but this is probably just the first failure, not the last.
  11. Agree GPS is not reliable particularly in the towns. I study the route using Google Maps before going and print some screenshots to take along.
  12. Also still interested but going on a trip soon so can't jump in until I get back.
  13. So what happens if it stops working and you have some significant money on it? Lost??
  14. Nope. Sometimes it is good to see ourselves through the eyes of a newcomer. Some of you just can't seem to resist getting personal with people on a web board.
  15. The wait at the immigration line was 30 minutes when my wife went this morning at 4AM. American won't let you check your bag until you have the FNM in hand. That's how our friend got screwed up and had to take a later flight. She stood in the FNM line for over an hour and finally got to the baggage line 50 minutes before the flight left. They wouldn't let her carry it on either even though it was carry on size. They were real jerks about it.
  16. It did come with a clear plastic clamping bracket but no velcro. The case can only be "stuck" to the windshield in one direction and that requires the print facing towards the inside of the car. If the print has to face out I'll have to remove it from the bracket. I was able to enter it on the web site. Haven't put money on it yet. Shows there as inactive. We don't have a Mexican credit card, would the system accept U.S. Visa card? I know I can take it in and have it read at Oxxo and put money on it. How does this thing work? Does it have a battery? How long do those last? What happens if it stops working and you still have money on it. Tolls to Juarez are over $100 U.S. each way, would like to use the thing but don't want to get stuck if it doesn't work. Sorry to ask all these dumb questions but it is damned hard to get the information off their web site. If someone has found a good user guide, even in Spanish, please post the link so I can go read it. Thanks!
  17. Riberas is the responsibility of the Chapala Muncipio government just as all the other areas are. There is no separate Chapala town government. I'm not the one confused here. The same government applies to all but that government fails to deliver services proportionately to all. That's the issue.
  18. What happened to reopening the office in Chapala?
  19. Well I paid $150 for this one, it has no velcro anything and it appears it may have been opened. Probably a dud.
  20. It would be hard to find a business with lousier attitudes and customer service than airlines these days.
  21. I'm 100 percent wrong while the government cleans your streets (go out there and look) while here some valiant soul took a wheelbarrow and broom and started cleaning up the unswept mess. There isn't a single municipal employee doing this here on a regular basis. Last time I was in Chapala I counted a half dozen guys working just around the corner of Madero and Hildalgo. I do visit your town and shop there and see new streets all over the place including a rebuild of your tianquis street while ours is full of yawning dangerous potholes along with the rest of the streets here. I see volunteers here raising money to fix our neglected Malecon and fill potholes while yours is repaired by municipal employees and tax dollars. Sorry you Chapala residents don't like to be reminded of this but there it is. We just think we should have at least some minimal cleaning and repair services and not be constantly having to take care of our own while yours is taken care of with everyone's tax dollars. Maybe some of you need to visit here too because you really don't have a clue how neglected this town has become.
  22. Be aware that if you don't check your luggage one hour before the flight American may refuse it. This happened to a friend of ours. Flying sucks big time these days.
  23. I am told the "Tag Pase" comes in either a version that affixes to the windshield or a hand held version similar in size to the old audio cassette tapes. I have the latter one, hand held "portatil." If you have this version, what techniques have worked best for you in using it at the automated toll gates? For example, hold it up to the windshield or out the driver's window? Also, since the toll receipt is important in case of problems caused by the road resulting in accidental damage, how do you get that receipt at the automated toll gates? Thank you!
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