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  1. We registered at our legal Texas address in Livingston, TX.
  2. Thanks to everyone for some great answers here.
  3. Cocinart is the gold standard for quality and reasonable price in Ajijic and most of the area IMHO. We seem to be emulating the wild inflation in restaurant pricing that has happened NOB. What is it about this business that causes it to raise prices so rapidly? You would think the level of competition around here would exert some pressure on prices. Apparently not.
  4. No, that is an hour on Mexican time.
  5. That thing is so ugly it wouldn't surprise me if the residents died from sheer sensory degradation.
  6. I get the impression they are like some of the restaurants around here, very inconsistent.
  7. Just curious as to why the standard here is to tile the entire interior of the pool instead of just above and below the waterline with the rest a white plaster as is standard NOB? Is there some specific reason for this? Availability of the right kind of plaster? Water quality issues? The pool next door to us was plastered in the usual NOB style. It hasn't done well because of poor maintenance. They've let the pool turn into an algae farm several times and that stained the plaster. That would have made a mess of the grout lines as well.
  8. Is this the Gustavo that lives over around Seis Equinas? Big heavyset guy? I had that one do some plaster repair and painting and the work wasn't very good.
  9. That was one of the best CRVs made. Very strong, more so than the newer models. We had a U.S. plated one I had to give up. Wish I had it back. Our 2012 is a nice car but just not as tough as that one was.
  10. Check Mercado Libre. You'll find a fair number of dealers there. Alamo could be very hazardous to your wallet.
  11. For here, the Honda CRV is excellent. It rides high enough to get over the topes easily, it can take the bad roads well, it carries a lot yet gets good gas mileage. Based on the current exchange rate gas is over $4 per gallon here so that is a consideration. The mechanic in Riberas, Autochek, is an excellent and cost effective place to get the car serviced. The car wash guy in Riberas has two nice ones at the moment. He brings cars in from the Yucatan that have the advantage of not being beaten up by the bad roads here. Even so, expect to spend more on tires and suspensions than you would NOB. New cars are quite pricey and there is little dealing. It is predicted the peso will top 20 again this winter so if you are in the market for a car your dollar will go further at that time and you could get a price break on an end of the year model.
  12. Unfortunately I can't even get him to return the call he is so busy. Will try again next week. But I really need to get this done over the winter.
  13. Yes I know, just letting you all know about the other road.
  14. Ruta 49 going north of Zacatecas is really poor until you get to the bypass cuota around Torreon. Because the trucks have damaged the entire route from Zacatecas to Juarez so much we find ourselves driving in the left lane most of the time, only moving over when overtaken. It is not a correct way to drive but it beats being beaten to death by the rough right lanes. Mexico really needs to do something about weighing these trucks.
  15. We have to dial the 376 number first when calling a local Ajijic number from our TelMex land line. Otherwise, get an error message. It is also my understanding that when calling anywhere within Mexico, even locally, you dial the full ten digits. That is the same for either land line or cell phones. Really like it that calling a cell phone from a land line now works the same as calling another land line.
  16. I understand epoxy grout is less likely to stain. That is a problem with my current pool. Still looking for a pool contractor who does good and reliable work like Rudy Rentaria. I don't need any work on plumbing or electrical, just repair at the top, retiling and new coping.
  17. Minnaloosh if you all have Temporals there is a process for getting work permits that is neither onerous nor unduly expensive. I'd consult a local immigration attorney for details. We won't go into details on how large the "informal" economy is in either country.
  18. Between Ciudad Victoria and San Luis Potosi there is some really nice scenery. If you have extra time, stay in Ciudad Victoria and then take the mountain route to where it rejoins the main road south of CV and on the other side of the mountain. Twisty and spectacular! We did this on a recommendation by RV Gringo and it was just excellent.
  19. Plumbing is good but need a complete redo of tile and rebuilding of the top 8 inches. Rudy Renteria is the best I know but he's just not available, even over the winter. Would like to get this done by the end of February. I want someone who know where to get and how to use the best fortified cements and epoxy grouts. Thanks!
  20. No reason to go out of your way. Coming from Blanco, take the shortest route. Laredo is a bit more complicated, get good driving directions.
  21. They have the same hours as well, closed Sundays. Forgot that part.
  22. Just drive straight south following signs to San Fernando and Ciudad Victoria. First you'll go on a short toll road to the exit at the overpass onto Ruta 97 which merges with Ruta 101 South, as you approach Ciudad Victoria you can take a bypass clearly signed to San Luis Potosi. At the end of Ruta 101 there's a short stretch on 75D over to the main road south, Ruta 57 and from there it is the same as the other route. Question: Has anything been done at all to fix that terrible bypass around Lagos de Moreno? Headed that way in a week.
  23. There are some mountain passes but the road is good and the scenery is excellent. It is an enjoyable part of the drive. I make this run in 10.5 hours or less.
  24. Car wash on the north side of the carretera in Riberas is open again. Same prices and owner. He also has some nice late model CRVs for sale.
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