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  1. Not all of them, Actinver was predicting as low as 21 a few months back.
  2. More fall out from the INSABI change: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/amid-health-service-confusion-seguro-popular-workers-are-out-of-a-job/ I'm not understand this at all. Why wouldn't the SP staff and facilities just migrate to the new system unchanged?
  3. Agree. It is pretty bad. Cars parked everywhere, obviously people filling the place up with long term parking. Had a lot of trouble getting out because illegally parked cars almost blocking the exit. I recommend avoiding it for the time being.
  4. Tony, that's a cool ride for sure but we have a section for selling stuff. Moved.
  5. Electricity theft cost the CFE 3.65 billion pesos (US $187.6 million) between January and May, an amount that equates to a loss of approximately 16,690 pesos (US $860) per minute. ... Almost 11,600 cases of electricity theft were detected in México state, over 2,000 more than in Tabasco.Sep 23, 2019 mexiconewsdaily.com › cases-of-tampered-or-bypassed-electrical-meters CFE identifies 69,000 cases of tampered or bypassed ... Somehow I doubt this number includes many expats. Another source: https://www.naturalgasintel.com/articles/119821-mexico-steps-up-push-to-reduce-rampant-electricity-theft
  6. In this morning's edition of El Informador: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Cancerologia-otro-hospital-en-riesgo-por-Insabi-20200117-0027.html
  7. Well we are involved now with some others in trying to save our maid's husband from cancer and it does appear there is some truth along with some politics in these articles. It is definitely not a smooth transition and there does appear to be some heretofore charging for services that used to be free to SP patients. As I noted previously there's a number of states that are refusing to accept the change without further negotiation. SP will not cover the radiation treatment he needs but several private hospitals have arrangements with them that result in reduced charges, which is some help. As of this moment they are still honoring those arrangements. We are headed into GDL today to make the required payment to get things started. As with all drastic changes, this one is going to take some time to shake itself out. On edit there's an article in today's Informador that indicates 19 states have not signed on.
  8. Agree. We have a system from them, we did have some problems with the original microinverters which was promptly handled and the replacements were an upgrade, actually improved our power production by 3-5 percent. Now if I could just figure out where to put solar hot water up there without screwing up my upstairs mirador.
  9. Whoops! But I know where he is exactly and who pays attention to street signs? He has a lot of obscure parts for old locks too.
  10. Go to the locksmith on Madero in Chapala, by far the best guy in town.
  11. Don't you have to have non metallic plumbing in your pool to use a salt system?
  12. You are buying the chemicals and paying him 500 pesos per month for labor? How often does he clean the pool? What are your chemicals costing?
  13. Chemicals are quite expensive but the mostly good weather makes maintaining a pool easy. We have solar panels that keep us out of DAC and water solar panels to heat the pool. In conjunction with a cover a pool here is swimmable 10+ months per year and in a warm winter, 12 months. We use our pool a great deal.
  14. And in this morning's Informador: https://www.informador.mx/mexico/Pese-a-quejas-Lopez-Obrador-aplaza-dialogo-sobre-Insabi-20200115-0025.html
  15. Could you PM me with details? Thanks. On Mexico News Daily: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/universal-healthcare-or-universal-confusion/
  16. That seems to be the case at least as far as our maid's husband is concerned. Now this is a fairly young man with two children and a wife and yet he is being told he has to finance radiation treatment for his own cancer. I can certainly understand if this system or any system denies expensive care for really old people (most of Medicare's expenditures go for treatment in the last year of life, a rather big waste in my opinion) but it is hard for me to see how any system worthy of the name should deny a youngish family man the treatment he needs. Maybe this is exactly why some of the state governors are rebelling at the changes. And maybe it is just about cutting a better deal. Anyone who can offer some suggestions as to where we might go to find some help would be greatly appreciated. With supporting three Oaxacan girls in college at the moment we are stretched a bit thin. Thanks for getting this back on topic. Topic is not the U.S. or Canadian health care systems or lack thereof. Topic is what these changes mean to everyone here in Mexico.
  17. And yet they are beating down the door and jumping the border voting with their feet to get into the U.S. And we have a bunch of Canadians down here getting health care rather than wait months on end for same in your Canadian paradise. Now why do you suppose they are doing that? Sure doesn't fit very well with your anti-American rant.
  18. Been gone for quite some months now. I used to like the guy just a few doors above the plaza on Colon, east side of the street. Now a close friend who was a hairdresser cuts it for me.
  19. Definitely a work in progress: https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Hospital-Civil-advierte-en-dos-semanas-habra-crisis-en-atencion-ante-dudas-por-Insabi-20200114-0022.html
  20. We are but it is up for renewal. Not sure what to do about this. We first registered at the hospital in Jocotepec. We have it as a backup only and have never used it.
  21. Interesting. So now we have Jalisco and Aguascalientes opting out. Those are two really major states.
  22. Have a visitor leaving on Thursday who would like to see some Mariachis. Any playing a regular gig locally or nearby? When, Where, Who? Gracias!
  23. Chapala highway was done by the previous administration and it is definitely seriously shoddy work. What was their response? I'd like to read it.
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