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  1. My spouse and visiting friend went there for lunch, both familiar with and fans of TexMex. Neither was impressed. They brought me 3 enchiladas. Definitely not impressed. Bland, dry and lacking in every way.
  2. The lake actually works as a heat sink and we find there is less temperature variation where we live than above the carretera. This is particularly noticeable in May where it gets progressively cooler as I walk from the gym in Plaza B. to our house, a long block off the lake and down the hill. We have had more cold fronts, that is true. Had over 40 last year. Good point.
  3. Truthfully we haven't noticed it getting colder. Seems there are always a few mildly chilly weeks around the first of the year. Coming from a place where below freezing is common for 3-4 months, mostly at night, it is hard for me to call what we have here "cold." We were talking with our visitor last night and I remarked that living here we have escaped winter for good. And our shortest days are a lot longer as well. What's not to like? Definitely feel cold more than I used to.
  4. The manufacture of practically everything has environmental impact. Just sayin'.
  5. Well it doesn't rain much in the winter here so nothing much different there. However this will likely extend the drought in the southwest U.S. La NiƱa, a colder than usual water in parts of the Pacific, seems to be increasingly prevalent.
  6. Well I do wonder how this will all end up affecting us here in Mexico. For starters I don't see how Costco, which depends on Mexican customers, is going to be able to raise prices enough to cover this and still have those customers. For our part we are focusing more on replacing the stuff we get there with Mexican products. In comparison to the U.S. for quite some time as Jreboll noted, Mexico is a paragon of fiscal responsibility. More than ever we feel vindicated in our decision to move here permanently and do not envision any circumstance which would cause us to return there.
  7. Me too. I would think there would be quite a number of us needing this service. Polo was very good at it, he'll be hard to replace.
  8. Well that is the number I am calling with no response.
  9. Have called the number I have for him, left messages, no response. Is he still around and doing water systems? I think it is time for cleaning and new media in my whole house sand filter.
  10. Got it. But you have to send me a picture so I know you aren't the Heron.
  11. That include all the border jumpers? Inquiring minds want to know.
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