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  1. I'm really surprised this office has been closed with no explanation or indication when or if it will reopen. It was quite busy every time I've been there. We pay our bills on line so didn't need it for that but I always saw a lot of people in there paying bills or doing other business.
  2. No, just simply pointed out the truth. Accusing someone of being "blatantly dishonest" is a bit over the top and pretty personal. But maybe not for someone who labels difference of opinion as "uneducated fools." Why don't you address the topic instead of this constant personal nit picking? You do have something of substance to offer, don't you? Let's stick to debating the topic instead of each other. Thank you.
  3. From Mexico News Daily today the latest contagion data:
  4. That is really interesting. How many of those deaths do you suppose were due to the underlying causes given that the death rate is heavily concentrated among the elderly with other very serious conditions? Malaria, BTW, is with us every year. These virus pandemics seem to come about every ten or so. My benchmark for similar viral flu type pandemics is 1957. We have a ways to go to catch up to that one.
  5. Not intending to be dishonest, it is easy enough to multiply the CV number by 4 and compare. I should have done that, fair criticism. Of course you could have just pointed that out without the unfriendly accusations and you also could have done the math easily for yourself. Also, the murder and auto accident figures are national. I believe the national murder figure was 35,000 for 2019. Got a ways to go to reach that. So let me do that. 4 x 0.008 is 0.032. Suggesting the two causes of death are similar in magnitude. Would you say the reaction to the murder rate in the media and government equals that to the CV rate? The places and people involved in the latter are pretty well known, but other than some hand wringing I don't see much of a response.
  6. I know you would never be so rude and presumptuous as to label others as uneducated fools for disagreeing with opinion so I'll assume we are all in basic agreement here about that even though we have differing ideas as to what constitutes relevance. In truth I found the last reference I posted as more relevant. In general I find the longer term history of pandemics and how mankind is affected and responds to them very relevant to this situation. I don't know of another historical instance where the reaction to a pandemic has been to deliberately lock down billions and create an overnight economic depression. Do you? Glad you understand the logic. Thank you for your opinion.
  7. IMO it is way too early to determine if there will be a market correction. It took several years for the last buyer's market to fully manifest itself. I think what the OP is describing is more the situation before CV. Will that return? No telling at this point.
  8. And an even harder concept is to understand the difference between opinion and everything else. For example, it is your opinion it is not relevant. That is not some fact cast in stone. It is my opinion that when yer dead, yer dead. That's my criteria. Also not cast in stone. Understand the logic of that? BTW that last reference I cited would appear to be relevant by your criteria. Did you read it?
  9. Lopez, the place Floradude is referring to, had them. Thanks Floradude!
  10. There are two basic styles of the curved roof tiles around here. One is flatter, one is more curved. I am looking for the more curved ones. Jara used to have both, now they only have the flatter ones. I only need about a dozen for repairs and good condition used would work fine. Surprised the more curved ones are hard to find since when I look at the roofs around here that is mostly what is on them. Any idea where I can find these? Thanks.
  11. Try putting IMO in front of your post. Like this: IMO you are incorrect. More perspective and bear in mind there was no organized monitoring or quarantining or road checks or any of that for these: https://www.anmm.org.mx/GMM/2017/n2_english/3942AX171_153_2017_UK2_189-196.pdf
  12. It's called "putting things in perspective." Like this: The three month death rate from CV in Jalisco equals to 0.008 percent of the state population and the cases almost entirely conform to the high risk parameters of age, pre existing conditions and obesity. By contrast, 0.03 percent of the population were murdered last year. And 0.015 percent died in vehicle accidents. Perspective. The more things change, the more they stay the same. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2009/05/early-lessons-mexicos-swine-flu-outbreak
  13. Or maybe just fed up with and tired of the fear mongering, the over reaction and the economic damage caused by same. The death rate from crime in this country is a great deal higher than from CV.
  14. Yes, sadly seven were found dead. https://www.informador.mx/mexico/Localizan-en-Colima-cuerpos-de-siete-policias-que-estaban-desaparecidos-20200602-0078.html
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