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  1. In Ajijic we refer to it as the Tiangeez because it is mainly full of geezers.
  2. Interesting. Good to know since I have paid tickets for photo radar there in the past as have others I know. Still have the receipts from several years ago. Not fake news, just a change for some reason. That program has and continues to have a lot of changes, this must be one of them.
  3. We've ordered twice from Amazon Mexico both times with very good results on delivery. However it seems much of the things we buy are considerably higher in price so we continue to buy in the U.S. and bring back with us when we travel there by car.
  4. Just pointing out this is an easy target for revenue enhancement. I'm cynical in general about what traffic enforcement has become in a lot of places. It really is about extracting money from the public a great deal more than any real concern for your safety. Of course it is a lot harder to catch red light and stop sign runners, speeders and drunks than it is to stand on a corner and wave people over for ticket writing. But who do you think is a greater danger to other motorists and pedestrians? Those who are so naive to think these cops are the least concerned about your safety, enjoy the illusion. BTW no one including me rides in our car unbuckled.
  5. Nope. Try Winston or the folks More Liana recommended.
  6. Given what goes on with the back of trucks and the scooters, the seat belt thing is more about revenue than anything. Don't kid yourself.
  7. Go pay it at any Oxxo. Worth the small fee charged for the convenience.
  8. OK, took it to Felipe this morning. He will thoroughly check the suspension and then take it to the tire shop up on the Libremiento and personally supervise the alignment. He said that is where he is taking it now because the guy there is doing consistently good alignments. FYI
  9. Thanks all for the input. I'm going to go by and talk with Felipe first and then see what he recommends. Would really rather not take that long trek into GDL if possible.
  10. Tire shop tells me I need wheel alignment on 2012 Honda CRV AWD. Review of past posts here says Beto in SAT is reliable, also Autochek in Riberas who I have used for other work with good results. However I didn't think he had the necessary equipment. More mixed reviews on the Goodyear in Chapala. Any recent experience that will help me pick the right shop for this work? Although the car tracks perfectly the tire shop said there is a serious edge wear problem being caused by either alignment or suspension issues. I did ask Autochek to inspect for the latter just before this latest trip and he said it was OK. Thanks for your input!
  11. Well I recall when this first came up the plan was to widen to provide for pedestrian/bicycle on much wider shoulders. I've never seen anything about making it four lanes.
  12. Well as usual I'm behind on the restaurant happenings. What happened to Purple Garlic? Moved or out of business?
  13. Also didn't Mexico recently cut the Cete rate a quarter percent?
  14. That's right. Get a repair kit sent to me. I'll PM you with address now. You need to do this today to make sure it arrives by next Tuesday because of the holiday here on Monday.
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