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  1. Mainecoons

    Has anyone bought a car, or know about

    Good info Tom. As to the OP, Rafa is a friend of mine and I have several other friends who have bought from him and been quite satisfied. He handles all the details of importing a car from another state. The cars he brings in mostly from the Merida area have not been subjected to the bad Jalisco roads and tend to be in very good condition. However look for one that has been garaged as the sun is hard on cars over there. Tom is right about using the favorable exchange rate to get a good deal now on a new car. The Mexican car prices do not fully reflect the depressed Peso versus the Dollar because the local cars are sold mainly to Mexicans and market conditions restrict how much the price is increased because of exchange rates.
  2. Who is a good contact person in the La Floresta association these days? Thanks.
  3. Agree wholeheartedly. The system is too easily abused by the mean spirited and grudge holders. Please communicate your opinion to Admin Chapala. Mods already have.
  4. Mainecoons

    Town Hall Results

    Saw the video on Facebook looks like you had a great turnout.
  5. Mainecoons

    Older style roof tiles

    Yes, exactly. Vista Lake do you know who has these? I'd like to buy 50 or so and keep them on hand for repairs.
  6. Mainecoons

    Older style roof tiles

    Appreciate that very much.
  7. Classy Fred. We just won't say which class. Gringal you are my favorite restaurant reviewer. Pay the snarkiness no mind and keep up the good work
  8. Did we ever determine whether some sort of permission was granted (I assume by) the previous government and if so what steps the current one is taking to rescind it?
  9. Manzanillo is probably your best bet this late, check out the Santiago beach area. I suspect bookings are going to be tough all along the beach this year. Tourism is really rocking in Mexico.
  10. For repair purposes I need to find the older style of roof tiles, the ones with more curvature. All I''m finding around here at the moment are the newer, flatter style. These fit poorly when used to fix broken roof tiles on older roofs. Maybe some place in Chapala has the older type? Or if you have any you don't need would be happy to buy them from you. Gracias!
  11. Those are very good questions. As to why they embark, clearly many of them hope to better their lives. Are they being used by other to further a different agenda? Statements from their own governments suggest this but who knows how honest those statements are. I don't fault Mexico. They did try to prevent the illegal entry and they did sustain some injury and property damage in doing so. They have been more than generous as a country and a people to the point there is some pretty tough criticism within Mexico of spending resources on illegal immigrants when so many here are in distress. BTW Xena you may want to consider the definition of invasion, only one of which meaning involves military action: invasionnoun [ C or U ] UK /ɪnˈveɪ.ʒən/ US /ɪnˈveɪ.ʒən/ B2 an occasion when an army or country uses force to enter and takecontrol of another country: They were planning to mount an invasion of the north of the country. C2 an occasion when a large number of people or things come to aplace in an annoying and unwanted way: the annual invasion of foreign tourists C2 an action or process that affects someone's life in an unpleasantand unwanted way:
  12. Would you two care to share with us what Canada specifically is doing to help out with this situation? I can't find a thing. And please edit your posts to remove reference to specific politicians. You both know the rules here. Thanks.
  13. Let's keep the politics out of this. Please edit your post to do so. Let's also note they illegally entered Mexico and did property damage and injuries in doing so. Plenty of reports from credible sources. Try reading them. Things are not as they are being presented by the biased U.S. media. You are correct about the troop movements being largely symbolic. Now would you care to address the other questions I raised?
  14. When they crossed the Mexican border 80 percent were young males. They have been using the tactic of sending the women and children in first. Don't be misled by this. This group is mostly young males and the Mexican government has confirmed their ranks do include criminals and gang members. Despite that, Mexico has made a very generous offer to take these folks in. Which has been largely refused. Are they really asylum seekers or economic refugees? Why have the numbers doubled or tripled in Mexico? A lot of tough questions here. Look behind the emotionalism and ask yourselves who is sponsoring this and why. And also ask yourselves why the U.S., by far the most generous nation on earth when it comes to immigration, should be saddled with this responsibility? Where are the other nations, such as Canada, who should be volunteering to take these folks in? The silence is deafening beyond Mexico. The people showing up at the border already got transportation there. From whom and why? What is the real agenda? I am proud that my wife and I and our friends scrupulously observe Mexico's immigration laws and we appreciate reciprocity in this matter.
  15. Mainecoons

    Peso Rate Alert - Nov. 13 2018

    True to some extent Tom but when you take into account purchasing power of the Peso in Mexico the picture is less grim. Also remember things can go in the other direction and it pays to cover ones bets. The U.S. is running record deficits and other nations are seeking to replace it as the reserve currency. At some point either or both could drastically affect the exchange rate in the other direction. Again I refer to the "Big Mac index" as an indication our Pesos have a lot more purchasing power than the current exchange rate reflects.