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  1. A little off topic but if you are building insist on Schedule 40 plastic pipe for all drains. Do not let them use thin wall. The difference in cost is minimal.
  2. Isn't just Walmart by a long shot. Everything these days is packaged to death. We are probably spending more money on the packaging than on the contents.
  3. All I know is I'm damn tired of picking up single use plastic crap around my neighborhood and won't miss any of it. We didn't have it when I was young and I have no recollection of any hardship as a result.
  4. Well then you may as well drop it. You have certainly let this group know of your problems. Job done.
  5. You probably should file a complaint with PROFECO to find out if you have further recourse. It depends on whether or not under Mexican law a vendor can elect to cancel a contract and refund monies. The contract you posted doesn't state that specifically. Anyway I don't know if it is because ILOX is diverting a significant amount of TelMex's load but our TelMex internet has sped up to a BLAZING 9-10 megs. It could also be due to the snowbirds going home too, or both, but in any case it was just in time for the last season of Game of Thrones. Thank you! We're going wait and watch and see if the bugs are ironed out before we decide whether to switch.
  6. My wife also tried the microsurgery and ended up going for a full replacement. We had that done in Fort Worth under Medicare. Superb doctor and hospital.
  7. Correct on both counts. That Hampton is very nice, we stayed there when we took the alternate, mountain route, into town after RV Gringo recommended it.. Definitely a worth while side trip. Rancho Viejo looks very secure and that is where the Federales stay. But by the time you get there, you are only an hour and a half out. There's also a nice Ramada in C.V. Also several Mexican hotels on the south side of town.
  8. I believe either the transitos or the cops will ticket and tow if called.
  9. Plenty of traffic on Ruta 101. There isn't a part of this route that isn't busy during the day.
  10. That supposedly was the idea in letting them tag the skate park. Not working so well.
  11. The signage on the route I described is good with one exception. After you leave La Estacion and pass through the police checkpoint there is only ONE sign telling you to take the next exit onto Ruta 75 to get to Ruta 101 towards Ciudad Victoria. Just remember to take the first major exit north of the police checkpoint if you miss that sign.
  12. UV light changed annually. Canister filters should last 6 months depending on usage. Al Berca, doesn't Aguagente change cartridges annually? We installed in GDL apartment we have for our Oaxaca students and the deal is they are supposed to fully service unit and change cartridges every year.
  13. Well obviously that doesn't apply here. You've described a monitored situation. Here there is no real monitoring by anyone. Not sure I see the relevancy of your post. This isn't Canada by a long shot. This facility is badly degraded and has degenerated to a hang out for delinquents who tag it and the surroundings constantly.
  14. I would definitely not go via Laredo to go to Pharr/McAllen. More time, more tolls. However, if the upriver, eastern crossing of McAllen is not jammed up it might make sense to go that way at this time. I'd definitely take 2 days for that. My usual run is one day. I leave here around 6AM and arrive at the Pharr bridge crossing around 4:30PM. The short part of the drive in the dark is well known to us and a very short stretch before you are on the macrolibremiento. After crossing the bridge get on Military highway and go to either 2nd or 10th in McAllen very quickly. A word of warning, I am reading the Pharr crossing is very slow right now. Don't know about the Reynosa crossing, we stopped using it because of the predatory cops and the general cartel danger there. Using this route including the Pharr crossing avoids all urban areas except for Lagos de Moreno.
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