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  1. So any idea where they are moving to or is the business defunct?
  2. Yep you're having your pain in advance.
  3. Actions matter. Politicians talk and posture a lot. There's no question he underestimated the problem, he's hardly alone in this. What matters is the U.S. government on his watch responded quickly and to date the death rate from this virus is 1/18th that of the previous big virus outbreak for which the same government sat on its hands for over four long months in 2009 doing nothing. Among other things you all seem to have selectively forgotten, this same government was roundly attacked by your partisans and your media for the early travel ban on China which proved to be a very correct move. Equally ironic, your partisans and your media attacked him for correctly labeling the virus based on its origin after they had all done the same. The level of hypocrisy is truly amazing here. I'm sorry I can't hate the guy for trying to keep people calm and projecting optimism and for being a less than perfect person. His early assessments were not correct. Unlike the President of Brazil, however, this one has learned from his mistakes and more importantly the government has responded forcefully and not at all tardy when viewed in the context of both previous history and the rest of the world. That is probably why this government is polling pretty high on the approval of the U.S. public for its response. Check Gallup.
  4. Deeds, not words. Lily. Nor do sound bites out of context a policy make. The Corona virus task force and VP have been running the show and doing pretty well when you consider they hafe to deal with 50 state governments, some of whom are as partisan as some of you. Nice try, good TDS post.
  5. Having your pain in advance? Do you know of a single expat senior in this area that has been diagnosed with Corona Virus?
  6. Who has ordered people to go back to work, pray tell? Where did you get the idea the U.S. government can order anything of the sort? Are you confusing the U.S. with Canada, Chillin? Can the latter do this because the former sure can't. Our very proactive Jalisco governor is looking at and making similar statements about the need to revive the economy. At what point will the death toll from not being able to work exceed the risk of Corona virus which kills very few of working age? Watch out for the fake news. The TDS here is getting really wacky. Ferret, the U.S. formed its corona virus task force on January 29, virtually the same time South Korea began its response. Hardly "very tardy." The timeline isn't a matter of opinion, it is a matter of record. However if you want to hang onto the belief that a country of 21 times the land area and 6 times the population with 10 times as many governments to deal with can respond as quickly as an authoritarian small country well I guess you're going to do that no matter how illogical it is.
  7. If they cause long lines won't that exacerbate the closeness problem?
  8. "Very tardy"--less than 3 weeks. But waiting four months is only "tardy." LOLOLOL! Thanks for the good laugh this morning.
  9. South Korea, literally at the doorstep of the outbreak, began to take action at the end of January. AFTER the U.S. travel ban. Now when I think of "tardy" there Ferret, I remember 2009. All of this is easily confirmed with a little looking stuff up.
  10. The travel ban out of China was declared three days AFTER the U.S. travel ban. The Italians didn't even recognize they had a problem until after this. The first patient was discovered in Italy on February 22. Spain didn't have a case until the end of the month. The first cases were confirmed in the U.K. at the end of January. Don't single out those two. The belief was widespread and the thing wasn't even declared a pandemic until March 10.
  11. What exactly would you have had them do? A travel ban was put on on January 20. The same people that are suggesting not enough done criticized that as too much. Make up your minds.
  12. There's sin and then there's sin. Amazing that some here hate the U.S. so much they would take the word of a government that has murdered millions of its own people as some sort of gospel and use it to criticize those who are trying to save the rest of the world from that which said murderous government spread around it. I remember the words of Trump. All of them as his understanding evolved like ours has, not your selective remembrance. Let's don't get started on that, you are unable to hear anything but your hatred of the man. So be it. I repeat, it is physically impossible for any nation to test sufficient numbers to know really how many cases there are. The best that can be done is modeling and statistical analysis to project a range of probabilities. Free societies are much more likely to tell the truth than murderous dictatorships.
  13. That China hid the truth and allowed people to travel and spread the virus is a matter of record now. As for the numbers, no one has a handle on the total number of cases simply because there is no capability to test the huge numbers required to do so. It doesn't help either that China shipped Spain test kits that were 80 percent defective. I'm suggesting in light of their deliberate attempts to conceal this disease from not only their own population but the rest of us it would be wise to treat anything they claim about it with strong skepticism.
  14. Not at all. I've just learned not to believe communist dictatorships that have a long history of murdering their own people. Did you bother to read the citation? And this: https://www.vox.com/2020/3/26/21184238/coronavirus-china-authoritarian-system-democracy Both of these sources are considered to the left of center. Your own media is telling you the truth about these dictatorships.
  15. Or maybe someone isn't telling the truth? Did that occur to you? https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/feb/26/the-reaction-to-the-outbreak-has-revealed-the-unreceonstructed-despotism-of-the-chinese-state
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