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  1. What most people don't grasp are the socio economic implications of the massive decline in the standard of living required of the west, and the foregoing of improvement in standard of living required of everyone else in order to make a dent in this problem. Emotion and passion don't change reality and when people actually start to experience what is really required here they will quickly lose their infatuation with this movement.
  2. Time for a little homework: https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/cfe-loses-16-of-its-annual-production/ https://www.naturalgasintel.com/articles/115308-pemex-cfe-record-103b-2q2018-loss https://www.naturalgasintel.com/articles/117439-corporate-transparency-found-lacking-at-pemex-cfe You don't find this in private energy companies to any significant degree simply because they can't tolerate it and stay in business. The proof the private sector can do this job far better is right there across the U.S. border where energy costs half of what it does here. Amazing that anyone could miss this. Partial privatization is a failure because the core corruption related to government control remains. Both CFE and Pemex are being robbed blind by their own employees. This is no different than what goes on in government here. Corruption and inefficiency is endemic to government simply because there are no real consequences for it. That is true everywhere. Amazing that people can be surrounded with the results of government failure and still be oblivious to it or live in this fantasy world that somehow it can be cleaned up. BTW the next worst thing to government is a private sector monopoly like TelMex. Now that monopoly is being eroded we are seeing better service and prices in both cellular and internet service. If Ilox delivers on their promises TelMex is going to lose most of their customer base in the Ilox service area. The private sector isn't perfect by a long shot. Local example is Telecable/Izzy who had the first shot at taking away TelMex's poorly run internet business and failed miserably.
  3. Move them to Chapala and then they will probably get towed, no problema!
  4. True but they responded, did they not? Left to government this never would have happened. Ilox was smart enough and flexible enough to modify their plan once they saw the opportunity You want an end to ridiculously high energy prices and constant reports of theft by employees? Get the government out of energy in Mexico.
  5. With you all the way except for that last sentence. Having Ilox here is very much a demonstration of the power of the private market. Absolutely no government involvement here, consumers wanted a service, came together to make the contacts and achieve the necessary participation and it is happening. This entire community owes a debt of gratitude to the folks who made it happen. And that includes Ilox which was responsive, recognized the opportunity and told the community what it needed to initiate service. I'm really looking forward to no more creaky, erratic TelMex.
  6. I'm sorry you couldn't respond substantively and instead made personal comments.
  7. Sure could have fooled me. Half think socialism is a great idea and when they are asked what it is, they haven't a clue. Most can't pass the U.S. citizenship test. Don't confuse years in the classrooms with being better educated. There is You can practically guess the age of people on the internet by how many incorrectly spelled words and poorly put together sentences they use. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/43397386/ns/us_news-life/t/report-students-dont-know-much-about-us-history/ https://www.press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/A/bo10327226.html People who are well educated in science and technology don't get sucked into simplistic thinking of the type these demonstrations featured almost exclusively. This is an extremely complex ecological and technical situation and it won't be cured easily if at all. The fact remains there are too many of us trying to live at a higher standard of living and fouling up the climate, ecology and even the social structure of humanity. No, sorry, they aren't better educated or informed. That is why it is so easy to herd them into these demonstrations.
  8. Yeah you got Lyndon Johnson and that wall full of names of the dead including two of my friends instead. And that 3 Trillion "great society" at the end of which there was more poverty, not less. A bad bargain I think. Vietnam was the first political activism I engaged after being a grunt in the Kennedy campaign but I wasn't like some who blamed the troops instead of the politicians like some folks. Pretty low. I knew who was to blame and they were all in D.C. Something else that never changes. I've given up hoping the foreign military misadventurism of every NOB government regardless of party might somehow go away some day. They seem to be addicted to it up there. Thank you Alex for the links. You do know, however, that Hong Kong isn't representative of China? I wish them all good luck with this. I'm sure they won't be underwater in 2050 because of it. No doubt they all went home and told their parents to disconnect from the electric company.
  9. I would say waving a sign about being underwater in 2050 is more based on emotion than education and rational deliberation. Speaking of well known tactics, it is a well known one of a certain political persuasion these days to put kids in front of a camera waving slogans they can't begin to understand in order to appeal to the emotions. Young people are under the influence of adults. That was the case when I was young and even more so now in this heated and politicized environment the true believers have created. When we were young it never occurred to us to go out in the streets and tell the grown ups how to run things. BTW I missed the links to all the demonstrations by children in China and the other big emerging polluters. Could you post them please?
  10. Mainecoons

    La PeceƱa

    Four of us ate there last night. A bit of a mixed bag for us. Two had the halibut which was bland and overcooked and definitely not worth $320 pesos per plate. We ordered a calamari starter, it was over breaded and greasy and pretty tasteless. One had the "house" fish served in a sauce and liked it. One had shrimp fajitas and pronounced it OK. Seating and tables are primitive to say the least. Service was good. IMHO there are better places to eat seafood around here so we'll probably not return.
  11. We have the same question. Saw their advert in the February OJO
  12. Those are renewal prices. I'm assuming the OP wants to register a car and get plates for the first time. It's been quite a while since I did this but I think it cost less than $100 U.S. for everything.
  13. Well, consider this. Suppose they have a new and an old on the same block. It would make sense to do both while they are there. Not saying this is what is happening but it might be one explanation. We are waiting and hoping that finally there will be fast and reliable internet service here. Hope to connect within the next 3 months or so.
  14. Probably you won't find someone doing something this specialized in Lakeside but you might in Guadalajara.
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