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  1. I guess we are weird. We like the sauce.
  3. Didn't Brazil just report the Chinese vaccine is only 50 percent effective? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-55642648
  4. The relevancy is that death among children from covid is very rare as properly stated above and the poster who stated this is informed.
  5. Statistically speaking he is correct. Serious cases of covid among the young are quite rare.
  6. Common sense should tell one that if most of the elderly in this country are getting covid at home as a result of prolonged contact with younger family members that bring the illness home with them, that illegally putting the elderly under house arrest and denying them their basic right to go out and get the things they need while properly wearing masks and maintaining distance is probably not going to do anything good for the elderly or anyone else. I suggest getting a clue by reading up on covid transmission in multi-generational households, of which Mexico has in very large numbers. A
  7. Just an observation, it is my understanding the seniors living in multigenerational extended family households are tending to get covid from younger family members. That being the case, confining them to their homes where the exposure risk is greatest doesn't feel like a very good control strategy. I suspect one of the reasons older expats here have had almost no cases is they don't live in these types of family situations. Also the expat community is very aware of the more effective control strategies like mask wearing around others and social distancing. I'm told there is a move
  8. Sounds like anyone over 60 is basically in house arrest. Is this legal under the Mexican Constitution, Spencer?
  9. It is my understanding it already is and Spencer's "Panic button'" thread confirms that. Why do you think not? Of course getting people to do it is a whole other matter.
  10. And if you are over 60 does that mean you can't get the supplies you need from WalMart or Costco? We had planned to go to Costco on Sunday, we're out of a lot of stuff after the holidays. We try to avoid Costco during the holidays because of the crowds.
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