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  1. Who is worse, Chapo or Slim? Shocking https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jan/20/el-chapo-or-carlos-slim-who-is-more-dangerous Note observation about the NYT and their selective reporting on Mr. Slim and his rich cronies.
  2. Mainecoons

    So how are newbies enjoying the cold?

    Big plunge of cold air south will affect much of the eastern part of Mexico.
  3. Mainecoons


    Mine also requires more than 5 seconds for shut down by holding the button down.
  4. Mainecoons

    Deadly pipeline blast

    Except we don't know how many were innocent and thus "collateral damage."
  5. Mainecoons

    Gas in riberas today

    I wonder if the Tapatios will suck lakeside dry of gas again this weekend. Last Saturday morning gas everywhere, by Sunday afternoon all gone.
  6. Good example of why these criminals need to be dealt with harshly. https://www.apnews.com/1c106a2272dc413db4e11db6fc2361c2
  7. My grandson needs a new zipper in his riding jacket and we can't seem to find anything heavy enough to last more than a few months. Suggestions? Thanks!
  8. In Texas our medigap policy costs basically zero. In New Mexico it was a couple hundred bucks per month. No idea why.
  9. Mainecoons

    Photo radar tickets

    That brings up an interesting point. If you go on line and find you just got a citation, will you get the discount for paying early? When the citation came in the mail there was always at least a few days one could go to Oxxo with it and pay the discounted fine. Have they eliminated this also? This photo radar setup is a real racket. Can't believe influential Mexicans who like to drive fast haven't gotten rid of it.
  10. Mainecoons

    Adios Garrafones ??

    I'm looking at a system that is installed under the sink and serviced by an outside company for our students' apartment in GDL. Right now they are hauling water up three flights of stairs. This would take care of all drinking and other pure water needs. It does use some power but not much. --------------------------------------- Our system is a 5-stage water purification system with its own pump. It includes 3 carbon filter stages, a reverse osmosis stage and an electro-adsorptive stage, which removes a wide range of submicron particulates, pathogens, trace pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and cellular debris with its naturally occurring electropositive charge. The system only requires an annual service and corresponding filter changes which are included in the $250 monthly service fee. SPECIAL PROMOTION: $500 deposit (normally $2,000) Regular installation cost: Stainless steel/Formica/Wood: $499 Granite: $799 Marble: $999 $250 standard fridge connection $251 monthly fee ------------------------------------------------------- It comes from this company: http://www.aguagente.com/
  11. Yes although this is a much smaller group than the weekenders. I've noticed the Tapatio crowd thinning considerably after the first week of August as schools resume.
  12. OK here's what we did. Established residence in Texas which we maintain now for banking and medical purposes. Got a Medicare supplemental plan there, United Healthcare, excellent! Established doctors in Arlington and Fort Worth. Go for checkups, visiting friends, shopping once per year. Get emergency care, reimbursed through our supplemental plan, here. Get the other stuff done there. So far so good. Since we are too old to get any kind of decent health insurance here, this arrangement seems to work. Considering adding Medivac at some point. The quality of health care we have received in DFW has been uniformly excellent. Here, a bit more variable but as we've learned how to arrange things better we believe the past pitfalls will be avoided. Obviously this will only work as long as we can travel annually to DFW. We are now looking at transferring our U.S. care and docs to the McAllen area to cut the trip in half.
  13. Yep, August for sure. But there really is no "real" Chapala anymore, this area is a tourist mecca for expats and snowbirds and a weekend favorite of Tapatios. Sorta like a Sayulita without the sand. Even in the off season for the foreigners, the Tapatios are here pretty much every weekend these days. If you decide to move here, it is more important than ever to chose location carefully to avoid landing in the thick of things, unless that is your bag. If it is, bring ear plugs. Lots of them.
  14. Mainecoons

    Photo radar tickets

    So you were able to pay it there while getting the renewal sticker? It sucks but there's no way I'm going to spend hours and scarce gasoline fighting the amount involved.
  15. Mainecoons

    Photo radar tickets

    I'm figuring I'll have to pay it, I am hoping someone knows the process. Hoping I can just pay it along with the plate charge!. No way in heck am I going to go to GDL for the price of this ticket.