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  1. You're either confusing me with Chillin or not paying attention to what I post. We kept all our Medicare and supplemental coverage and we use it. My wife had a knee replacement in Fort Worth and it was the absolute best standard of care from start to finish. She also got 4 stents put in up there, again with superb care. I had an appendix taken out, again with superb care. We advise people to NOT drop their U.S. healthcare coverage and we have full Medicare plus supplemental. You don't seem to understand your insurance is governmental, not your health care providers. When we use Medicare it is provided by private doctors, not government employees. SP and IMSS doctors and other employees are government workers. Don't compare apples and oranges. Unfortunately, Medicare is a fiscal black hole because of the lack of cost control. I see no easy way out of this one and I think our children and grandchildren are going to be the bag holders. There have been repeated tax and fee increases for it but the hole just gets bigger. That's a topic for another time and place. Now the topic here is Mexico and my point is a country with such pervasive corruption is not going to be able to run a healthcare system where there is the usual lack of accountability and consequences for incompetence and theft that is true of government employees in general and IMO more so here. You really can''t find better examples than the ones I cited and the other example I provided shows that no matter how peripheral, like a news agency, everything the government attempts here is rife with fraud and theft. You may recall the tourism office was disbanded for the same reason. Mexico News Daily has carried numerous reports of drugs or the funds for them being repeatedly stolen from the public system here, hospitals never finished or falling down because of theft and corruption, and on and on. By contrast the private system builds and operates some excellent facilities here. The hard reality of public corruption here is true from the most basic level right to the top as our own Chapala government amply and continually demonstrates. And Chillin your constant sticking U.S. politics into every discussion gets old, particularly coming from a Canadian. None of us have a clue what the outcome of the next election there will be, let alone here, let alone what might come out of it. We are much more concerned with Mexico and whether it will ever make any real headway against all this corruption and theft. Let's remember the last election here totally turned on that issue.
  2. Good thing you are down here so you don't have to experience government health care where you came from.
  3. That's pretty astounding. A friend of ours who is totally fluent in Spanish and well read in Mexican history went through a language and testing wringer, complete with the assistance of a lawyer, to finally get hers after two tries. As she described the process it is essentially impossible for anyone without seriously good command of Spanish and ability to hear it spoken at full speed. She felt since they changed the qualifications for over 60 they are actively trying to make it difficult or impossible to pass.
  4. That's pretty much true of all the direct oceanfront beach along the coast. Too much surf and undertow. The best beaches are in the bays or otherwise sheltered. OTOH the temperatures are more moderate and the sea breezes better on the pacific front beaches.
  5. Cuyutlan used to be a big seaside resort when there were passenger trains from GDL. After a big earthquake it basically died and has never really recovered. A lot of potential as yet unrealized.
  6. Sounds like government medicine everywhere. Government in Mexico is a nest of corruption and ineptitude down to the most basic levels which is why, for example, that road "reconstruction" of Chapala highway is already falling apart, why you can build anything you want in this municpio after you "grease" the right people in Chapala and so on. You would think that some of us could look at CFE and Pemex, let alone SP or IMSS (both disintegrating) and figure this one out. But no. One of the most recent examples reported on in Mexico News Daily Throwing good money into black holes will result in nothing but larger black holes. Citing a source known for fake news and one sided drivel isn't going to change the reality in front of your faces. Only giving up the denial will do that. As long as people try to use government for things that are done far better by the private market you will continue to see stories like this.
  7. There are supposedly several places in San Antonio unless they are now defunct. This was supposedly in Chapala: https://trailerparkchapala.webnode.mx/ I've noticed a big drop off of people driving RVs into Mexico because of the bad roads and high tolls and gas prices. Most of the RV parks that used to be in La Manzanilla for example are defunct. Roca Azul has always been the best place in this area.
  8. Did they remove the old poles before they strung the wires?
  9. We've been advised by CFE the power in SE Ajijic will be off all day today. Nice to get some warning. Hopefully this overhaul will fix our chronic local power outage here in this neighborhood.
  10. Very good referencel. Found this (translated) in it: and and So it looks like you better either be current on January 1 or it could get expensive. Right now it also appears we'll have to go into GDL to get inspections. What a pain in the butt!
  11. It is a matter of public record the emissions program is in suspension until (now) January and has been so from at least the first of the year. Nevertheless, there have been reports of attempted shakedowns for expired emissions stickers by our corrupt cops. Perhaps it would be helpful if someone can share with us how to deal with this.
  12. Very simple answer. Although Ajijic provides much of the municipality's tax base, it is short sheeted on services. We used to have several municipal workers who swept the carretera and the busier streets regularly. No more. We used to have regular and comprehensive street maintenance where they would come around several times per year and fix all the pot holes. No more, now it is hit or miss. There's a giant pothole that has been at the foot of Revolucion for a good two years. Practically every street in Ajijic is riddled with potholes of the same age. You go to Chapala you see municipal workers all over the place sweeping, fixing streets, etc. Everyone's tax dollars go mainly there now. The Chapala government has a Facebook page where they constantly brag of all the good they are doing. Follow it regularly and you will see it is mostly about stuff they are doing in and around Chapala. The new "reform" government is the same old same old. Same old cronies, same old look the other way at building violations, same old constant hot water with the state government and the legal system, getting their bank accounts frozen, getting sued by everyone and his brother. Same old same old. Shortly the "Chapalogist" crowd will show up to assure you this is not the case. Don't be deceived, your eyes are not lying to you. Go take a look at that skate park blight in the heart of the Ajijic Malecon for the icing on the cake. Ajijic--Pueblo Trashico.
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