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  1. This is why you continue to be our #1 go to restaurant reviewer.
  2. Four of us ate there yesterday at 6:30. One had chicken kabobs, one had the salmon, two of us had pasta. All quite good and well presented and priced. Very pleasant place to eat, the wall stops most of the road noise. Service was excellent. We all decided we would return.
  3. As the title says, would like an upholstery guy to come and make four arm covers for chair and couch out of brown suede leather.
  4. By using farm workers as a primary example of what undocumented people do Mudgirl, not you, was suggesting just that. I was simply clarifying your comment not arguing with it. If only about 3 percent of the group is engaged in agricultural field work that is not a representative example of what the group does. Using that as an example is an example of the logical fallacy, "Appeal to emotion." Pew has published a detailed report on this topic. It is a little dated but should not have changed much as over the last four years, until now, illegal immigration into the U.S. was declining.
  5. That is one half of the agricultural work force, not one half of the illegal immigrant population. Very big difference and the reference does make it clear. Bottom line, most illegals don't work in agriculture. If one uses the more general figure of 20 million "undocumented" the agricultural workers are less than 3 percent of the total. Hence characterizing this group as heavily employed in agriculture is misleading, to put it mildly. I don't blame the folks for taking advantage of this situation at all. Given their continued poor prospects in Mexico they are behaving in an economica
  6. Did you take a picture of how they were doing this? Hard for me to see how this can be done without being obvious.
  7. Someone needs to do their homework: https://www.agriculture.com/farm-management/business-planning/undocumented-farm-labor-small-portion-of-illegal-immigrants
  8. Denmark has dropped the Astra Zeneca vaccine amid reports of blood clots. The good news just keeps rolling in.
  9. Also, a service that provides the people so we don't have to deal with the personnel issues directly is definitely an option. Any suggestions along those lines?
  10. Looks like my inbox was full and I didn't get it. Sorry about that, please resend. PM system is a bit glitchy this morning too.
  11. Are you in Guadalajara or Lakeside? Good expats group for Guadalajara on Facebook.
  12. I put stuff like this out on the curb, always gone within a few hours.
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