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  1. You'll have to ask her that question. Contact information is in OP.
  2. If you want to be considered for the story contact her as per the information in the OP. I am just passing this along. She is not monitoring this thread.
  3. Absolutely. It is amazing how wide the disparity can be for the same item here. Interestingly, some times the price is less here than GDL, sometimes more. We wanted a Wolf range, Tio Sam imported it. At that time we didn't have a clue where to go in GDL to comparison shop and that level of appliance was impossible to find locally.
  4. No one posted contrary. We really can figure this out on our own although Costco in the U.S. do vary some product offerings depending on location. Have no idea if they do the same in Mexico. The main point is they do usually offer more higher end appliances and might be worth a look. Have not had your experience with Tio Sam either. We bought several items there after shopping around, they offer a nice discount for cash and they deliver and set up. I would recommend the OP check them out as well.
  5. Also a pretty good place to find appliance parts.
  6. Coppel doesn't carry the same stuff as Costco. Costco is higher end. The OP is looking for ideas as his post right above yours makes plain. It is not necessary for you to "coach" anyone on hot to respond to an information thread. Particularly since this is a local discussion and you don't live here.
  7. This lady who writes for Mexico News Daily among other is looking to interview some real long timers.
  8. I think you'll find better quality at Costco than at Coppel. If you just need a dryer, though, I'd check with the appliance guys in Riberas next to the Garden Center. They may have what you need.
  9. They are partnered with GE if that tells you anything. Family member had a Mabe range, got rid of it because of uneven heating and poor quality plastic parts failing.
  10. Well, look, it was windy last night and now I have to clean the pool. Such problems.
  11. Our Canadian friend and house sitter refers to it as "WinterPeg."
  12. You probably should heed your own advice: https://www.justfactsdaily.com/media-bias-fact-check-incompetent-or-dishonest Not surprised a rabid leftist like you missed the point I was making, namely the fascism inherent in the covid forced vaccination and masking and the separation out and discriminating against those who were smart enough to recognize long ago how problematic these so called vaccines that neither prevent getting nor spreading covid are. The Nazis started by requiring Jews to have passes (vaccine certificates) to live their daily lives and then progressed to the Holocaust. We have seen some people here express the sentiment the unvaccinated should be separated out, denied medical care, and helped to die. Australia actually did put them in camps for a time. The parallels between the two are obvious to anyone except an advocate of covid extremism like yourself. This new left of which is so alien to true liberalism is angry, full of hate and fascist to the core. You are an able representative of it here. I will thank you to stop repeating this false and distorted representation so it will not be necessary for me to get personal in calling you out on it again.
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