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  1. You do know one puts out a story and the rest pick it up, yes? No one really bothers to check, they are like a herd. There's no indication this is anything other than something being batted around the bureaucracy. Why don't you wait and see if it goes any further? I'm betting not. Sure hope not, we're headed NOB by car in a couple weeks.
  2. Ding, ding ding. Give that lady the Cupie doll! This is why you are my favorite local restaurant reviewer.
  3. Bottom line is the best hospital care is still in GDL. When you look at it impartially, though, the care available here is far higher than usually found in such small population centers located adjacent to a major city.
  4. Oh, the creativity is there with all those unnamed sources. It is just much more focused. As for your assertion about the rest, no doubt you have your own unnamed source. LOL
  5. Not junk, just very badly biased. The result is far too often junk.
  6. Why don't you wait and see if this is anything other than some idea some nameless bureaucrat has that will never get beyond the draft stage? Doesn't fit the agenda to do so? These days the NYT reminds me more of the National Inquirer, printing gossip from unnamed sources, than it does the formerly great paper that it was. The Times says it has copies of some parts of the draft. That part is well below the sensational headline as usual. Certainly both the U.S. and Canada have a legitimate concern about the CV situation here and the inability of the weak public health system to cope with it. If anyone has crossed by land recently, was there any sort of health check like taking temperatures or other sanitary measures?
  7. They apparently really got slammed by Customs over this after which they got very careful.
  8. Was down for several hours in SE Ajijic. Up now.
  9. On line and there are excellent ISPs there. A lot of people doing it. Your pay is deposited into U.S. bank and you draw it out as needed with ATM card.
  10. How has Sol y Luna been for you? They didn't seem well organized when I visited them. Would be nice to be able to walk to. Handymail used to charge 10 pesos to take a post paid letter to the border, now 60 pesos. How much at Sol y Luna? Since Dryden passed away they are much less customer friendly IMO.
  11. So after 5 months if I understand your reports correctly, we've had 54 cases out of the approximately 40,000 people in this municipio, 0.135 percent, and something like 6 deaths, or 0.015 percent. And there has been no surge since the Tapatios were allowed back in (although many came all along). Is this correct?
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