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  1. interesting post from a La Manzanilla resident: Very well done. I think I recognized just about every location that you included. You said all within 200 miles of Lake Chapala, which means that you have to take Route 80 to get to La Manzanilla instead of the cuotas for the pictures of the Tenacatita Bay to qualify. It is 235 miles via Colima on the cuotas but almost exactly 35 miles less by the ruta libre. Liked the music selections as well. We live in La Manzanilla on the Tenacatita Bay half the year (I'm there/here now) and on Lake Chapala the rest of the year. I liked the photography and the quality of the images, even during the special-effects transitions. How you could have ever expected anyone to watch for more than 16 minutes is beyond me, though. I'll watch the second half tomorrow. Good work of love that includes a lot of talent and dedication. Thanks for a memorable ride around here, including some new stuff for me and some just plain great shots. Loved it.
  2. For those of you who may not read Spanish, the Kiko post above says, I should add a disclaimer saying this video includes graphic and happy smiling faces of Mexicans! Thanks Kiko, great idea
  3. After writing the book, Don't Retire in Mexico, admittedly a very deceptive title, My wife and enjoy looking at some of the old utube shows I made while living there. Florida is great for our medicare needs, but doesn't come close to offering the lifestyle and pleasure we found while living in Ajijic. We miss it...we envy those of you who still live in our paradise and wish we were with you.
  4. After writing my book, "Don't Retire in Mexico", a rather deceiving title I admit, I sometimes look back a a few of my utube shows and immediately know why my bride and I loved living in Mexico. https://www.youtube....h?v=qF5l9EAvdTw Mex a Photographers Candy Store
  5. 6 years ago 13 people joined together and became the nucleus of a brand new Church, Lakeside Presbyterian. Who could have believed that in only 6 years they would now be celebrating the Grand Opening of this beautiful new Church... In my humble opinion, this could only be considered one of God's many many miracles. https://youtu.be/0QEmGMa1BHA
  6. Memories and images of our 3 amazing week in Ajijic... Miss all our friends and miss Ajijic https://youtu.be/PCan4bkQGDk
  7. My Ella and I were privileged to have been able to return to the city and people we love so much.... Sadly we'll have to continue to live with the pain of a broken heart now that we''re back home in Florida.. If you read my book, "Don't Retire in Mexico" you'll understand. Three weeks in Ajijic, lots of Dental work, reunions with old friends, and most of those I wrote about in my book.. Will be adding several more utube shows soon.... hope you enjoy.... thanks for all the love help hospitality we enjoyed while there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGQLyrFN_II
  8. Not seeing any replies to this question I googled carrentals.com reviews.... 1 star ..... caution
  9. Just checked Car rentals.com with airport pu GDL and after looking at ajijic agencies, prices are considerably less, any one have any experience with them? Says it's an Expedia company.
  10. This is one of the first shows I made soon after my Ella and I moved to Mexico in 2006.. We hated to leave and after moving to Florida, 2014 I wrote a book called, "Don't Retire in Mexico" but not for obvious reasons. Guanajuato, of all the cities we explored, remains my favorite... and oh how I'd love to go again... Sadly, that's not going to happen but I can always reflect with this show. To see it, you must have The Photodex Presenter... and should you not have it, you will be prompted to download it and then see the show... and one caution, this show can not be viewed on Apple Systems,,,, sorry about that. http://www.photodex.com/share/happyjackson/p7626mg4
  11. Arriving in Ajijic in the middle of the month... after a yr and a half absence... is it best to convert dollars to pesos before arriving or after and if after, what is the best place to do that.
  12. Manzanillo, La Manzanilla Barra de Navidad, Lake Chaplala, some of our favorite places in Mexico and home to so many of our friends... My wife Ella and I left Mexico for health and Medicare Ins. otherwise we'd be with you today, instead of only praying for all in the hurricane's path here in Florida.. God Bless Mexico and God bless you all... Stay safe..
  13. You can now read the last chapter of the book, Don't Retire in Mexico by going to Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/story/show/402484?
  14. sorry all, when the website opens, click on videos and blogs... you'll find the Oct 3 blog with what I thought was information many of you might want to pass on to family and friends. the blog tells about our going to a dentist here in Florida and coming out with a treatment estimate of $15,000.. Then provides comparison and our plans on returning to Ajijic for Dental care. We lived in Ajijic for 8 yrs and only left for medical reasons.
  15. After I recently broke a tooth and my wife Ella broke one a week later, we went to a dentist in Florida... Old folks shouldn't be shocked like we were. check out my Oct. 3 blog at www.ronjacksonproductions.com. See what we learned.
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