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  1. Please PM me with the electricians name. Can you find a surge protector like this in Guad.
  2. Upper Chula Vista had a five hour power outage yesterday. CFE managed to let the power surge to over 210 volts AC which fried several 110 to D.C. Transformers and the surge protectors that I have for my big screen TV and sat receiver. My old "beer fridge" motor is buzzing and I expect that it took a hit too. This was the worst power surge in eleven years.
  3. Is there an importation scheme for 30 year old "antique" automobiles? I have a 1982 Jeep Scrambler.
  4. Is there someone Lakeside that can give me expert advice on Medicare sign up and options?
  5. Do you have a specific link to the USAA insurance coverage for a Mex plated car in the US?

  6. The wife and I watched UFOs from Upper Chula Vista move from the horizon over the Sierra east toward Guad, down into the mountain side.They were three colors flashing and the lights would jump a kilometer or more and strobe. That was probably five years ago. These were not drones or balloons. please post directional coordinates and time if you see them again.
  7. Tesla just announced its new solar roofing tiles. Invisible solar panels. Tesla = Electric car, Power Wall, for electric stoarage and now the solar roof. They have it all happening.
  8. A few years ago I purchased a Colt .38 pistol from a Mexican citizen. The sales transaction took place at the Army base in Guad. There's a special office on base that supervises and facilitates the transaction. The Army issues the new owner ( I'm an American) with a permit and you are allowed to keep the weapon at your home. Transportation of the weapon is essentially prohibited.
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