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  1. I just learned today that Telcell is offering essentially the same service as ATT at cheaper rates. The hardware is cheaper too $1650 for the TelCel modem vs $2100 ps at ATT.  

    Plan 1: is $199/mo for 100 gbytes at 5 gbits fall back to 1 Mbps. 

    Plan 2: is $350/mo for 150 gbytes at 10 gbits fall back to 2 Mbps.

    TelCel has the best cell tel coverage Lakeside. I’m going to sign up with TelCel.

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  2. 2 hours ago, sue said:

    I just came from the AT&T office in the Laguna mall and was told 2100 pesos for 5 down  I asked what the terms were but someone came in with a parcel and she went to talk to the gentleman and after 5 minutes I left.  

    2100 ps is for the router. Service is 350 ps month for 10 Mbps service plan.

  3. We just got our bill in the new format.  We’ve averaged around$1000 ps per billing period for the 12 years that we had our home. This periods bill was over $2300 and kicked us into DAC. I have no clue what happened as we haven’t had any extraordinary power consumption.

    Is their a way to disput your bill with CFE? 

  4. If you love heat and humidity most of the year, plus all kinds of bugs, then the beach is for you. If you just need an occasional “beach fix” then live in Ajijic and hit the beach in January. Been here 12 years after moving from the “worlds best beach” (as judged by Dr. Beach) and we seldom go to the beach anymore. Today was Spring like and very pleasant. 

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  5. Shaw TV is a satellite broadcaster ie; a point to multipoint tv distribution service using Ku-band satellite transponders configured into a shaped beam or “foot print”.  The TV programming is uplinked to the geosynchronous satellite via  a central earth station facility (broadcast center).

    At the individual receive-only “downlink” sites, the customer uses a dish antenna, low noise block converter linked to a satellite receiver that converts the signals for play on a Subscribers TV set. It is all “one way” program distribution.  

    The satellite receiver can be connected to the internet to a TV program center where access to a specific channel may be activated and the customers receiver “programmed” via the Internet link to receive that channel.


    .....40 years in satellite communications network engineering and business development mostly to support two way telephony and data communication.

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