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  1. Maybe it’s a different strain of the virus that’s more lethal? Italy and Spain have been walking back their rates of morbidly from the virus because many patients who were elderly actually died from an existing condition not from the flu. Lots of statistics floating around out there that all need to be questioned and tested.

  2. People with pre existing conditions and those over 65 (the group with a high mortality rate) should quarantine. The general population (98%) are going to survive being infected, mostly without even showing symptoms.  The more the disease spreads, the more the heard inoculation occurs, and the disease morbidly decreases.

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  3. Spreading the disease is how we achieve heard immunity. There are some experts saying today that the COVID 19 is already beginning to die off. Testing is nice for gauging lethality but does nothing to quell the pandemic. It does seem to indicate that this virus is only slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu virus. What we’ve seen is a “pandemic panic” that’s unprecedented. The panic has destroyed more lives than the virus. 

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