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  1. Looking for a store in Guad that sells metal shelving like this https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-651663059-estante-anaquel-cromado-5-niveles-acero-con-envio-msi-_JM#reco_item_pos=2&reco_backend=machinalis-seller-items-pdp&reco_backend_type=low_level&reco_client=vip-seller_items-above&reco_id=5b34bf83-3376-428d-bd66-60e643e83c25
  2. I have short wave radio antennas and radio parts for an amateur radio station. Old antique short wave radios too, all looking for a new home.
  3. Where is the drivers license office in Chapala?
  4. Is the Chapala drivers license office still open?
  5. It’s for sale. I’m FCC licensed since 1961. Extra Class since 1995. I have radio parts, wire, ladder line and two old antique receivers ( National SW1 and Hallicrafters Sky Buddy).
  6. ham radio wire antennas, old WW2 era receivers and radio parts.
  7. I have two complete sets and bags for sale .Callaway driver. Also golf balls. Email me or send me your tel number.
  8. Bring back the old version. This new one is hard to read. I miss the easy to read rainfall chart.
  9. It must have been cloud cover?? All channels back now
  10. I have no signal on both of my receivers. Looks like a network problem. Any one else having problems?
  11. I have a number of cracked floor tiles that need replacement. I'm looking for an experienced contractor to do the job.
  12. I just discovered that Shaw hasn't billed me since December 2020. Looks like they must have turned all of my package channels off. Receiver reboot mañana.
  13. I lost all my network channels and almost all 400 channels this afternoon. All gone from the screen guide Looks like the end for Shaw here in Mexico
  14. I can receive the " missing" channels around 4 pm. Definitely a satellite downlink issue.
  15. My daughter is visiting and needs a PCR test in Ajijic. Who's doing it locally with a quick turnaround on the test results?
  16. Im looking for an experienced plumber to help in finding a gas leak. The leak appears to be in an underground pipe.
  17. What's the price of propane Gas?
  18. I just went through the Wal Mart intersection(2:30 pm) and it looks like they have traffic lights engineered to create max flow. Packetized the traffic. I was through the intersection in a minute. The danger is running into one of the crippled beggars who ply the intersection.
  19. Most channels back. I've never seen these kind of outages on Shaw until this year. The channels comeback in the evening after sunset. Sun outages should have ended by now.
  20. At 9 am the channels are back off again. My down link antenna is .75 m. And the signal strength is solid green.
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