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  1. Ferret...stick your head in the sand. You politize everything.
  2. more empty hospitals and mortuaries. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/empty-hospitals-is-trending-citizens-film-desolate-emergency-rooms-across-america/
  3. Where’s the crisis? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5pIMD1enwd4&feature=youtu.be
  4. I’m seeing a major slow down on Internet from TelCel and ATT wireless. Under 1 meg. It started to go slow this morning in Chula Vista. Anywhere else?
  5. The Peso fell to 25 to one USD today. Lowest exchange rate in modern history
  6. call Marcos 33131305732 excellent painter, good price.
  7. If you are looking for a very good painter, plasterer and General fix it man who speaks English, contact Marcos at 33 3130 5732 He is reliable and has a team to do large jobs.
  8. Has anyone installed Ilox in Upper Chula Vista?
  9. I’m looking to rent a steam cleaner for a day. Source?
  10. When liars figure, figures lie. The scientific method of comparing apples to apples instead of the climate alarmist apples to oranges methodology revealed. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8455KEDitpU&time_continue=744
  11. Looking for Dr. Chosa’s office tel Number in Chapala.
  12. I need to replace several cracked tiles and I’m looking for a good installer. Any tips appreciated.
  13. I can recommend Marcos Painting .He’s professional and fairly priced. He can match or create colors. He does plastering too. Speaks English. Cel:333 130 5732.
  14. I operated here for 12 years as a /XE1. When I first moved to Mexico in 2006, I went over to the SCT radio office in Zapopan. The Chief over there told me to just use my US call sign, portable XE1 ....no paper work, nada. When the sunspots vanished last year, I took my beam and tower down and sold my station equipment. This sunspot Cycle is expected to be weak. We may be entering into a solar quiet period like the Maunder Minimum that lasted five hundred years. No sunspots, no HF DX.
  15. The CBX makes it easy to cross the border. You buy the pass/ticket online. In the TJ airport at baggage claim, after you have your bags, you proceed to the CBX ( Big Signs, Impossible to miss) and walk through the passage way to the US border, go through US immigration and Customs and you are out into the US side of the CBX. It’s like an airport terminal. Going back to Mexico is the same process and you walk across the border into Mex customs and immigration, then pass into the TJ airport. The easiest border crossing in the world.
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