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  1. Shaw has been moving channels to HD for the last month. Yesterday they moved the Knowledge Network to HD on channel 009 which we cant downlink here in Mexico. Bummer.
  2. I just drove by the new BanaNorte office in Chapala. I saw several ATMs. Is it a full service branch or just cash machines?
  3. I want to buy about 25 roof tiles (old wider, style). Is there a source Lakeside?
  4. Harry B. Can you explain more about how your BC/BS and Lakeside Medical deal with Medicare?
  5. David Anaya 333 815 8573 Best Carpenter/cabinet maker in Ajijic.
  6. Tomgates..where did you buy and who installed your cantera?
  7. TELCEL Internet is working ok here in CV.
  8. I have to separate land lines. One has no dial tone since this AM and the other line is ok. Telmex...go figure?
  9. Florida Dude...I live in Ajijic and have Medicare Part B via a California HMO. I think we all know that Medicare B service is available only in the US by US providers. I’m simply looking for a reference to a part B network in Houston.
  10. I know that. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical service provider in Houston that someone who lives here and travels to Texas to use it can reference.
  11. I’m looking for a reference from a Part B user that’s lakeside
  12. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical services provider in Houston.
  13. Is there a store in Ajijic that carries butane canisters?
  14. Has anyone in Upper Chula Vista had Ilox service installed?
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