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  1. No idea. It was in service for five years until we went solar.
  2. German made instant on water heater. Ready to install. $2000 pesos. Paco
  3. I'll post the info on the on demand water heater on " for sale misc." On the web board
  4. I have one for sale. Like new German water heater.
  5. I want to cancel my land line service but the Telmex office in Ajijic is closed. Is there a Telmex office in Chapala?
  6. Must be a system wide outage...
  7. We have zero connectivity in Upper Chula Vista. First time that we've had a problem since installation 35 days ago.
  8. Tested 100 Mbps this AM. Averaging 50 Mbps. Since installation 30 days ago. I’m very pleased with the service.
  9. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200430/face-shields-a-more-effective-deterrent-to-covid#1 Here’s the latest from WebMD saying that face shields offer significantly better protection than masks.
  10. I just signed up for the internet only service. $425/mnp per month. They quoted three to four month lead time to install. That’s like AT&T in the old private line days. You’d think Telmex would be all over this with 30 day install lead times and a competitive broadband service.
  11. What’s the annual subscription fee for internet only.?
  12. I’m looking for an experienced technician who has managed the installation of an ILOX Internet service connection and who can design a WLAN for my casa.
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