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  1. Thanks for your quick response. I've had an account with Bancomer for many years. I have had 2 types of tokens in that time and they worked. Because I am a Snowbird planning to return, I haven't done any banking since the Spring. The online access doesn't seem to work with my access (ATM) card and there doesn't seem to be a request for a number from my token. I just wondered if there was a change to the usual process. 

  2. Interested in attracting and encouraging monarch butterflies to our area? We have a brand new butterfly box (for protecting butterfly eggs, larvae, newly hatched butterflies). We will also include 2 plants that specifically attract monarch butterflies. The process is simple: 1) potted plants are left in the garden; 2) monarch butterflies are attracted to these plants; 3) butterfly eggs are laid on the leaves of the plant; 4) plants are put into screened boxes to protect eggs and larvae from insects and birds; 5) butterflies hatch and box is open to release fully developed monarch butterflies. The success rate for full development can be up to 90% (compared to 10% outside the box). We paid 400 pesos to have box built. Will sell for 200 pesos including 2 plants.

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