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  1. Does anyone have 1st hand (or verified 2nd hand) information on how long it took to get results from covid test (PCR) at the airport?
  2. Thanks for your quick response. I've had an account with Bancomer for many years. I have had 2 types of tokens in that time and they worked. Because I am a Snowbird planning to return, I haven't done any banking since the Spring. The online access doesn't seem to work with my access (ATM) card and there doesn't seem to be a request for a number from my token. I just wondered if there was a change to the usual process.
  3. How do I see the balance of my account in my Mexican Bancomer chequing account?
  4. Interested in attracting and encouraging monarch butterflies to our area? We have a brand new butterfly box (for protecting butterfly eggs, larvae, newly hatched butterflies). We will also include 2 plants that specifically attract monarch butterflies. The process is simple: 1) potted plants are left in the garden; 2) monarch butterflies are attracted to these plants; 3) butterfly eggs are laid on the leaves of the plant; 4) plants are put into screened boxes to protect eggs and larvae from insects and birds; 5) butterflies hatch and box is open to release fully developed monarch butterflies. The success rate for full development can be up to 90% (compared to 10% outside the box). We paid 400 pesos to have box built. Will sell for 200 pesos including 2 plants.
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