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  1. Yesterday there was an event outside our village home and there were nearly 100 Mexican people standing outside my house. When I had to leave for an appointment I simply opened the swing door, used my hand to make a motion to part the sea of people, they smiled and complied. As I backed out I smiled and said gracias. Compare that to the night before when there was a car parked in front of our garage and my husband asked around, found the owner at a business nearby and asked if he'd be moving soon because we were trying to back out of our garage. My husband got a verbal tirade from the man with the entitled and superior attitude and the U.S. plated car. When we returned home we found, what I consider, a nasty note from the offender calling us a couple of a##es. When we find a Mexican parked in front of our door they usually come running and always apologize for the inconvenience. Often they leave someone in the car to immediately move the car or fetch the driver. Always we get a smile and an apology. Before you criticize us for buying a village house with parking on our side of the street, I'll remind you that when we bought the house I made note that the parking was on the opposite side and wouldn't block our garage. Two weeks after moving in a neighbor across the street orchestrated a change that everyone would start parking on my side of the street. It's seldom a major problem, but in our eight years here there is definitely a problem when the snow birds return and can't understand the sign with a big E with the red slash through it and the words, "Gracias Por No Estacionarse" also applies to people with limited Spanish skills. It further confounds me why some people seem to check their manners at the border. Just another example of why I would rather deal with 100 Mexicans to 1 rude gringo.
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    Indian Food

    They've been open for four and a half months now and, unfortunately, I've been away for two of those months. I've eaten there twice in the last two days and it's just as good as the first week they were open. I really enjoy every dish I've tried. I find most of the dishes are prepared mild for the geriatric gringo pallet, but they will give a little side of vindaloo sauce if you want to spice it up a bit more. This evening we found the food to be as fresh as the lunch I had yesterday. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I'm glad we have this addition to our restaurant scene.
  3. The Aguascalientes road closure may have been due to an accident. After following traffic for 30 minutes we could get back onto the highway and take the middle ring road as usual. BTW: On the drive down we discovered that Highway 255 in Texas from I-35 to Colombia bridge is no longer a toll road. Is that new? The word "toll" was taped over on the interstate exit signs, so we took it. We've never had Texas tags before and hadn't taken it before.
  4. We just returned from the states yesterday driving that route, which was formerly my favorite, and I would suggest trying the SLP route, or at least get information on that route. The rainy weather has created a lot of potholes just since we drove north a month ago. The two lane mountain roads with heavy semi traffic was dangerous. Highway 45 into Aguascalientes was closed with police diverting traffic, with no directions for a detour, forcing us to take the outer ring road with is under re-construction. It's a muddy, giant pothole riddled mess. Just as I said I was surprised no one was getting stuck, the car behind us got stuck. I'm thankful for our all wheel SUV. If it's still your preferred route I would suggest google maps.
  5. We saw that in the Czech Rep. last year and were told if we decline the first exchange rate we'd be given a better one on the next screen. I haven't seen it here.
  6. Maybe Merrell Moab Ventilator would be a good choice for you. There's a store in Andares.
  7. I don't know why a five month old thread for a restaurant that had previous ownership was started again, but.. Our group of seven ate there Thursday night after a two year absence. We thought the food and service was top notch and agreed we'd return again. The new owner seems very nice, competent and was on top of overseeing drinks and ice were replenished, but at the same time not intrusive. We noticed a few changes in the food quality and he asked our opinion. We liked it all. If you have a problem with cats or dogs this would not be a good choice for you. The cat stopped by, but didn't get much affection from us. The Rottweiler (that big, friendly bear) did get lots of attention and came back for more. I wouldn't take my own pets to a restaurant, but I don't mind seeing well behaved and well loved pets wandering about. I'm wishing the new owner continued success because the town needs more quality restaurant choices.
  8. Yes, Claudia works at Bellon insurance during the day. Don't be fooled by retired people that tell you they will be in the house all day. Our toughest pet sitter critics may be our neighbors who delight in telling us that, yet again, we've chosen the wrong pet sitter, despite having references. They tell us that the sitters are gone during the day, and sometimes during the night. One, who no longer lives here, left a bag of food on the floor and the back door open, while a family of mice moved into the new stove. Another took on the job of watching the dog and cat, only to find out he couldn't stay in the house because of a cat allergy, telling us this after taking the money. Once I returned to find a huge puddle of dried dog urine by the door and our dog is house trained. They didn't even care enough to clean up their neglect. Friends had a pet sitter that routinely double booked, spending little time with their pets. Twice I've returned to find the laundry detergent, toilet paper, and garden tools missing. After living here seven years and traveling extensively we've had both good and bad sitters. Claudia is our keeper, but if you're needs are different I respect that.
  9. Claudia Gomez advertises in the pet section. We love her. We used her about 16 weeks last year and 1 1/2 weeks this year, so far, and think she's the best. She's bi-lingual, so won't freak out if she has to talk to the maid or gardener. She has her own car, in case she has to take a pet to the vet. She's young and healthy and actually walks the dog, unlike some of the older pet sitters I've had. She's honest. I've left jewelry, cash, and computers out with no problems. She's computer literate and sends me photos when I miss the kids. She's clean and takes care of the house. I think the house is cleaner when I return than when I leave. I often have trouble determining if she's even been here other than she leaves the sheets clean and folded on the bed to tell me she's done the laundry. And you know you've got a good sitter when the dog wants to go home with her and gets a little depressed after we return. We love her to pieces.
  10. What about 2nd time around on the careterra in central Ajijic (mountain side)? I haven't been in there since it changed owners.
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