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  1. Last month we drove north by the Zacatecas route and returned last Sunday by the SLP route and prefer the SLP route somewhat.  The drive from Saltillo to Lake Chapala took about eight hours.  We use both Garmin and Google maps on the smart phone.  Garmin was showing the speed limit at 80 kph, but with the new, smooth road we could easily drive 120.  The SLP bypass was signed 100 kph, but traffic was doing 80.  The Lagos de Moreno bypass still sucks.  The road from SLP to just north of Guadalajara is still an old road that ten years ago was acceptable, but now seems old and slow, so that's why the SLP route is not an overwhelming preference for us.

  2. I know people Raquet Club, El Limon, Villas Carolinas, Lago Encantado and the village and all say they live in San Juan Cosala.  If you're on Facebook you could join the Westenders Lake Chapala page and find people that live in the area you're considering.  You'll have to be specific about where you'd like to rent.


  3. This week I reserved a car with British Car Rental.  This was a FAQ on their website:

    Do I need an international driver's licence?

    FAQ Answer
    If your licence is not printed in the Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese) you will need to bring an international driving licence and your domestic licence.
  4. I faced the same problem with my Vanguard account last night wanting to text a code to my U.S. cell phone.  There's an app for that.  I downloaded TextNow to my smart phone and chose a phone number in the same area code as my family.  Vanguard was able to send a text to the app.  I now have a US phone number to use on accounts and my family can call me without a long distance charge.  My mother and old neighbor called me this morning and the quality is great.

    US and Canadian calls are free.  International calls are 10 cents if you have money in your account.

    • We ate there Thursday night for the first time.  Two ordered chicken fried chicken steak and liked it.  One ordered chicken fingers and liked it.  Another ordered pasta, thinking it was a healthy choice, and it had a lot of butter in the sauce.  He'll never be happy in a southern food restaurant.  Dinner started with a good salad or soup.  Soup was chicken with veggies.  Homemade, large veggie pieces, good flavor and chicken fat.  Again, southern cooking is not low fat.  We had a choice of two sides.  I had hush puppies (not greasy) and potato salad (lots of pickle flavor, creamy and very good).  Dessert available was peach cobbler, but no one had room.  I think we'll go back just to try dessert and take dinner home. 
    • Every one wanted to return sometime soon.  Service was very friendly.  The food did take awhile to arrive, but considering the oil had to reach high temperature to fry my hushpuppies I wasn't surprised.  The owner came out for a conversation and said her current staff are very good at helping her.
  5. Monday we tried to use Uber from the airport to San Juan Cosala.  The driver accepted, but once we were in the car he told us that it was Uber policy that they only serve the Guadalajara metropolitan area and couldn't drive to Lake Chapala.  I wasn't surprised because last month our friend had a similar experience with an Uber driver that wanted cash payment in addition to the Uber fare.  The total would have been more than an airport taxi so he declined.  We took an airport taxi, which is now $650 (up $100 since August), instead of the $377 Uber price.  Then I was charged a cancellation fee, which Uber reversed this morning after I complained that it was the driver that canceled.

    Is anyone else having this problem with Uber?  Should we just keep trying until we find a driver that will drive to Lake Chapala?

  6. 6 hours ago, Al Wilson said:

    I would like any current information on your experience crossing the border into the US for a day or two with a US or Canadian passport at Laredo.


    I need to make a clarification. The car my friend will be driving has a Mexican plate in this name so a tip is not an issue. I am concerned with how the US Border Patrol is acting under today's administration.


    We crossed Wednesday at Colombia and had the quickest crossing yet.  We were the third car in line and the agent was friendly and efficient. At the second, interior crossing the agent didn't even look at our passports.  He just thanked us for stopping.

  7. Wouldn't you think a popular, local restaurant would give a little compensation as a thank you when my husband stomped and killed a rat under the table last night?  A dessert maybe?  The waiter was quick to sweep it up with a dust pan, so I should be happy with that at least.  That was a first for us, so I don't know.

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  8. To be clear, we did not break the man's door handle.  In the THREE minutes he was gone my husband took a photograph of the man's license plates, noted the make, model and color of the car, and looked for a hang tag from the nearby gated community.  My friends that live there will be glad to know that he is not their neighbor.   Nor did he have a disabled hang tag or disabled plate.  My husband then waited for my observant neighbor to come to the door and tell us where we would find the owner of the car.  In the THREE minutes my husband stood and listened to the man speaking a string of English to my Mexican neighbors.  The husband understands a few words of English and the wife none.  My husband deduced that this was going to be a long transaction due to the communication barrier and asked the man if he'd be long.  I did watch as he opened the rear car door, climbed into the front seat and unlocked the front door from the inside due to the broken handle.  I should be so disabled.  


    When we relayed this story to our friends at lunch yesterday they roared with laughter at the characterization of my husband.  Everyone knows that he's the milk toast personality in the family.  I'm the mean one and I sat, without saying a word, in the drivers seat of the car in the garage simply waiting for the car to move.  


     A few years ago when our neighbor's son-in-law "inadvertently" parked in front of our garage leaving town with the keys for a week we did not retaliate.  That is not what we do.  That is why there are buses and friends that will give us rides.  Our neighbors and their relatives have ben very nice to us since and that is what you earn in return for not being vindictive.


    My husband also thought it said gal/daughter, but most think gay.  It's possible that in Virginia a gal (girlfriend) and daughter can be one and the same, but in either case there was no one else in the car, so I don't know who he consulted for this opinion.  

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