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  1. 4 AM monday, south side of the lake (San Cristobal Zapotitlan) almost an inch.
  2. Southland, I brought in a 07 Honda "Crotch Rocket" from Cali in 2009. I have been stopped over 10 times for MANY infractions (All of them my fault). I have never paid a peso of mordida and I have never gotten a single ticket!!!!! I understand your position regarding cost and the condition of the bike. Mine had 500 miles and it was $5000. The same bike here in Mexico would have had been 7K with lots of brutal miles. Having said all of the above, I would have to agree with Mainecoons. Having a Mexican plate is the way to go. I have tried to obtain Mexican plates,,,,,,BUT, right now most b
  3. I recently purchased a very LARGE water front property in San Cristobal Zapotitlan. The boundaries of the lot have fully grown trees (I would say 50-??? years old!!). We are talking about as many as 30 trees (maybe more). I am looking to hire someone to trim these trees. They may need a “Fire Department type” ladder (LOL) If you can recommend anyone, it would be greatly appreciated. One of the trees lost one it’s branches causing serious damage to a section of my property wall! Thanks,
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