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  1. 4 AM monday, south side of the lake (San Cristobal Zapotitlan) almost an inch.
  2. Hi Pedro Malo, tried your PM, but it indicates "no permission". Like you I have an RWS 350, that I want to bring to lakeside. Were you able to bring it in? What mode of transportation did you use? Thanks,
  3. I think I may have to get one of the"boxy" types for 4-5k pesos,,,,,although the Barrel types do seem to come with different options,,,as the one below; http://www.liverpool.com.mx/tienda/lavadora-22-kg-acros-rosa-lapc2235br/1029385927?gclid=CJuO55yfuMYCFQUMaQodaMELyA Unfortunately, the height can not be more than 104 cm. Again,,,thanks for your advice.
  4. I am planning to purchase one of these,,Redando Lavadora ; http://www.famsa.com/lavadoras-iem-lavadora-iem-redonda-15kg-rosa-lic15tm-5011.html?gclid=CNjTuMOHuMYCFQqSaQodBPAH1g The size (height) has to be 102 Cm or lower. Give me the Good, Bad and Ugly of it (if you OWN ONE) I wish they had it in black,,,,,but everything is pink, red, babe blue stuff Thanks for your comments
  5. I am in San Cristobal Zapotitlan,,,,,,If you live in San Luis Soyatlan, San Pedro or San Cristobal and have/know a Gardner that you TRUST, please send me a PM. If he does NOT speak English,,,,the better it is (lol)
  6. Maincoons, Behnwau and Kiko (whom I "may" know!!), You can reach me at abadan11 AT Hotmail dot com. I love riding to Mazamitla specially middle of the week (when drunks are working). I like riding with a group (2 people are a group to me). I do "stupid" things when I ride ALONE, and the road is paved without NO topes. I want to ride with bunch of people just to have "MOTO SOCIALIZATION"! So, e-mail me if you are in the mood for one more tagalong. Last but not least,,,,,,we ALL like bikes,,,,let's not worry about speed, skill, age or the size of you know what
  7. Maincoons, I spoke/e-mailed you before about riding with your group. You asked me what type of bike I ride,,,,,and then,,,,,,,, I never heard from you again I only ride fast when I am alone,,,,,,with a group,,,,I am always the trailer. Because then, it is all about "the group". BTW, I have been riding since I was 11 (50 CC Honda trail bike!).
  8. I ride the kind of bike that no one has mentioned here, sports bike. It is what you call Crotch Rocket in the States. I ride it on paved and NON paved roads. The key is the weight of the bike. Sports bikes are VERY light, easy to maneuver and fast as hell. You have to ask yourself, how old am I, how flexible am I, how good am I and what I want the bike for?! Naturally, dual purpose bikes make it much more comfortable to navigate any roads. For me they are not as much fun as sports bikes.
  9. THANK YOU Sonia for putting things in perspective!! I have a house in El Chante and another one on the South side of the lake. My gardener and maid charge me 50 pesos an hour. At my El chante house, I get charged 200 pesos to have my 500 Sqm garden mowed and my trees watered. At my 6000 Sqm garden on the South side I get charges 200 pesos (YES 200) to cut the grass over two days!! WHY??? The Xpat community have not moved in to the South side,,,YET :) Last year I tried to talk to one of my Mexican neighbors in El Chante about his gardener. Interestingly, they don't have the same gardener or maid as all my American/Canadian neighbors. I asked to be introduced to his gardener ,,,,,,he said "NO,,,you guys ruin all the gardeners and maids,,,,nobody wants to work for Mexicans anymore Minimum wage is 60 to 70 pesos ,,,,A DAY,,,,NOT AN HOUR,,,,I buy two LARGE bags of fruits and vegetables in Jocotepec for 80 pesos.
  10. Joco is right,,,, I live on the South side! I also have a house near Joco. If you give me DETAIL info as to what you are looking for,,,,I can ask my Mexican friends about rental. How much? What size? How long? How many Pets? Obnoxious pets or well trained? :) I live on a 2.5 acre land in front of the lake (I think I spoke/e-mailed you before)! If your Spanish is decent and your "attitude" is to "assimilate", you would never again think of Ajijic or it's surrounding area (lol)
  11. Coming from “where I come from”,,,,loud noise is usually followed by murder and mayhem! When I heard the boom for the very first time, I was riding my motorcycle,,,,,,I almost dropped the bike . My wife is a Mexican from the Chihuahua ,,,,she hates the booms and she actually entered one of the local churches where they were being fired, and chastised the participants. A week later some of the locals asked me If I was married to the “mean girl” from Chihuahua,,,,I said NO (lol) The sound is far worst if you actually live in the center of Ajijic or Chapala. That's why I live far away from the center of the towns.
  12. There is a recall associated with number of vehicles! It has to do with the airbags. Have a look at the site below, if you happen to have one of these cars. It is a "bit" important! http://www.nhtsa.gov/About+NHTSA/Press+Releases/Vehicle-owners-with-defective-airbags-urged-to-take-immediate-action
  13. I withdrew 13,000 pesos (5 withdrawals) yesterday at OXXO in Jocotepec. Zero charge at my Capital One 360 account!
  14. I have US Costco card,,,,,,last week I purchased around $140 USD worth of stuff from Costco in Guad. I used my Capial One credit card and the exchange rate was 13.25 with no fees of any kind.
  15. You can also check it online,,,,,,, https://www.mitelcel.com/mitelcel/login?recuperar=0 Assuming you are registered. Once in, you check the amount left on your Telcel and add 200,300,500 pesos using your credit card (Yes,,you can use US cards!)
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