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  1. If you don’t find owner I take him.

  2. Joyfull was right. The dog belongs to a family selling wood slabs next to the Carretera. When I saw him there was no one around. This morning I went back there and a man selling the wood told me his wife threatened to kill him when she found out the dog was gone. He was relieved and the doggie is back where he wanted to be.
  3. Any suggestions for an idiomatic Spanish translation of 'dog found'?
  4. Thank you, WideSky - never knew they existed.
  5. Lakeside Facebook page? You mean Gringos Ajijic & Lakeside?
  6. I've been rescuing street dogs in Guadalajara and Ajijic for twenty years. I don't want to let this little guy wander around next to the Carretera. I will go back to where I found him frequently to see if anyone's looking for him.
  7. Little gray Schnauzer type doggie found near the Carretera close to Roberto's Restaurant. He's in good health, recently groomed but no collar.
  8. Thanks, cedros. Would my bank know what my tax ID is? If so, why are they asking?
  9. I just went to my Bancomer site to check my account and was asked to update my numero de identificacion fiscal. Another question was "el RFC es correcto"? Can anyone tell me what that is? Kim
  10. Too bad I showed up at the CHAPALA TRANSITO OFFICE on Hidlalgo at 9 am and the officer sent me away, telling me no licenses would be issued until December. Too bad the person answering from the email that you supplied said zip about WHAT TIME to show up.
  11. I decided to go to the Plaza de Torres in Guadalajara after all. Will have to return tomorrow because their license printing and photo setup wasn't working. I learned that you need to have a copy of the CURP page itself. I thought since my CURP number was printed on my expiring license, that would be enough. Fortunately they have a gal who prints out the CURP page for you for 20 pesos. I also learned that they want an ORIGINAL of your utility bill. I had brought a printout of all pages of my Telmex bill and that satisfied the clerk.
  12. Muchas gracias, Angus! But 35 is what I meant. It heads toward La Barca. So the north shore road is out?
  13. I live in Ajijic and getting my license renewed in Ocotlán four years ago was an easy experience, but it's a long drive taking the La Barca route. Is the road along the north shore of the lake so much worse than driving north and taking route 35?
  14. Hello Harry - I wrote to the email address you cited here. This is the reply I received: From christine bublin ms1cb@yahoo.com "On Monday bring the below documents to the Chapala Transito Office. This is the old municipal building (yellow and white building on the corner side entrance." I just got back from Chapala where I was told no licenses will be issued until December. What gives?
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