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  1. Eureka! Thank you very much, mostlylost. Rebooting did the trick.
  2. Using my PC. Edge brower doesn't work either. Can't access Outlook/Hotmail or Telmex Infinitum mail. Problem started yesterday. Rebooted several times. Shut down PC last night. I have excellent internet reception, so can't see how rebooting modem would help. Both browsers (Chrome and Edge) give same message. Can't reach this page. login.live.com took too long to respond
  3. Thanks. I have Hotmail too. Not working at all. And my Telmex infinitum mail is also down.
  4. Since yesterday I haven't been able to access my Outlook email account. My internet connection is working fine. Just wondered whether anyone else has had this problem.
  5. Thank you. So I don't have to do anything.
  6. Two months ago, I had to have an IT tech come to my house to help me pay my CFE bill. It took her a long time to accomplish this task. Today I tried again but kept getting El servicio consultado se encuentra Domiciliado, no es posible realizar el pago. Does anyone know how to pay this bill online?
  7. I have had a nice small fish pond in my garden for many years but stopped using it 3 years ago when my electric bill skyrocketed because of the pump I was using. My fish pond guy, Jose Luis Preciado, is no longer doing business at his old location in Ajijic. I am now thinking about restarting the pond but with an energy efficient pump and some water plants. Does anyone know of a place here or in Chapala to buy water plants and pumps?
  8. Thank you, blanketmusic. How's the peeing at night?
  9. If any elderly and clearly disabled people need help getting vaccinated they can contact Ana Siller. She will provide a wheelchair and submit your paperwork at the admin section at the main entrance to Parque Christiana and escort you through the process at the head of the line. The whole process took and an hour and a half for my wife yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/anakillah
  10. Excellent English. Years ago, I bought an antique piano from him that he had restored. He's tuned my piano a few times. Tell him Kim sent you.
  11. Manuel Sotomayor - excellent man. Also likes multiple customers to make the trip from Zapopan. https://www.cylex.mx/zapopan/pianos+sotomayor-11618762.html
  12. Mine was deposited yesterday. One day after it was signed.
  13. Two days ago I tried to access my Bancomer account by generating a token code on my iPhone. Access denied. I went to the bank and a friendly clerk tried unsuccessfully to create a facial recognition thingy on my iPhone. She tried again and again but it didn't work. She suggested I come back the next day because the iPhone indicated "no service." I came back this morning and went through the process again for 15 minutes. No dice. For some reason I am now able to generate the token code and and was able to access my account without facial recognition. Has anyone else been unable to create the facial recognition application? Will I be unable to access my account next week if I can't finally get the thing to recognize my face? Help appreciated.
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