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  1. kmetzger

    Pet urns

    Please contact me if you're interested in a pet urn for your deceased cat or dog.
  2. kmetzger

    Introduction to Woodturning

    Yes, still offering classes. I would have answered earlier, but I don't receive notifications. Do you know anyone who's interested?
  3. kmetzger

    Restaurant to celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary?

    Again, thanks for all the suggestions. I never knew there were so many fine dining restaurants. We've always settled for good. In the end, I chose Go Bistro for fine food, ambience and music. https://www.facebook.com/kmetzger14
  4. kmetzger

    Restaurant to celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary?

    Thank you all very much for your suggestions. I've even received a message from the owner of one of the restaurants mentioned here, offering to have his chef prepare a special menu for the occasion. I’ll visit some of the restaurants this evening to check them out. I’m tending towards a romantic place that might serve shish kebab flambé and provide nice music.
  5. kmetzger

    Restaurant to celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary?

    I was thinking fine dining (steak, fish, pasta, etc.). It would be any day in the middle of the week. I was hoping to get a list of really good restaurants from our community. How about La Mision?
  6. I’m looking for recommendations for a restaurant that offers great food, a nice atmosphere and music to celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary. Money is no object. It can be anywhere in the Lake Chapala area.
  7. kmetzger


    I sell salt and pepper grinders in all sorts of styles at Jose Melendrez' gift shop in the Ajijic plaza. http://tinyurl.com/nvlphtk
  8. kmetzger

    Pet urns

    I just completed this urn. It will hold the ashes of a pet weighing up to 11 pounds. The urn is Mexican huisache, the finial is ebony. Price: MXN $ 500
  9. I'd like to know if there's any interest in pet burial urns that look something like this: http://bowlmakerinc.com/wood-products/pet-urn.html If so, I can provide them at very reasonable prices. Kim
  10. kmetzger

    Introduction to Woodturning

    Something like this?
  11. kmetzger

    Introduction to Woodturning

    Hi Chillin - I would have answered earlier, but I can't figure out how to receive notifications. No, I don't have any kind of duplicating features other than calipers and templates made to suit the particular project. Can you tell me more about the brass and wooden lures?
  12. kmetzger

    dowel rods

    I've lived in Mexico for 20 years and I'm a woodworker. I have never found decent dowels during this time. You might find some rough 3/8" pine dowels or use broom sticks for approx. 3/4" dowels but not in the other dimensions found in the US. Good dowels are usually made of birch or maple. I bring back good dowels from the States or make my own.
  13. kmetzger

    Abandoned mail

    Two days ago someone from Aduana came by with documents to sign. The title of the document is Notification of Abandonment. My understanding is Aduana has a lost package for me. Almost exactly a year ago I mailed a package to a US address that never arrived. I assume this is the package referred to. I was told it was important for me to call a phone number at the Guadalajara airport before doing anything else. For two days I have dialed the two numbers off and on all day long, but it's always busy. Has anyone else dealt with an abandoned package and would anyone know if I could still just show up at the airport with my document without calling first?
  14. hi


     i would like to learn how to use a lathe, i would like to make a few sets of indian clubs using a very hard wood beautiful wood.. about 1 pound clubs about 15 to 18 inches long.

    maybe some about 1 pound and half

    what do you suggest , i can pay for the wood,

    appreciate your help with this

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    2. kmetzger


      Hi Wayne. Let's say Wednesday at 2 pm. Address; Rio Yaqui 109, Villa Nova. When driving west on the Carretera from downtown Ajijic, turn right on Del Arroyo (across from the old Just Chillin'). Turn right on Rio Yaqui (first street you come to on Del Arroyo). I'll see if I can find some guamuchil.


    3. traderspoc


      yes will be there

      heres info on indians club



    4. traderspoc


      see this page also and get copy of anatomy of indian clubs


      i will bring copy of booklet,

      i will pay you for the wood you pick up, like to make 5 to ten sets of clubs


      that 10 to 20 pieces of wood  to make clubs


      may take a few months





  15. I'm offering classes in woodturning for beginners. Location: my home in Ajijic. Cost: MXN $100 per hour, which mainly covers materials. http://tinyurl.com/7w5fm25 https://www.facebook.com/kmetzger14