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  1. There are 2 phone stores on the west side of the main street , I think Madero. I want to say across from the bus station. I was advised by a friend to go to the one furthest south. Got mine there a few months ago for 1280p. Had to leave the phone for a few hours and they gave me a receipt. Works great
  2. Your US or Canadian insurance will not be accepted here. Your insurance company may say they do however....The laws here are different. Should you be in an accident and anyone is hurt, even if it is the other drivers fault everyone stays at the accident scene until police AND an agent from each of your insurance companies shows up to prove each of you have valid insurance. If no insurance or no agent shows up you go sit in jail until the insurance is straightened out. You will want to buy the Mexican insurance. That’s why the car rental rate is so low.
  3. Has happened with my Charles Schwab ATM card a number of times. Go mañana
  4. Anyone know f Costco is open today, Easter Sunday?
  5. This beautiful blue eyed beauty is in a too small cage in front of the pet store next to Soriana’s. The only information I could get was that she is from Guadalajara. She is very thin and looks like she recently weaned puppies. Please stop by and see her If you have room to foster or provide a loving home. PM me and I will help with expenses. This is cruel.
  6. This is our normal weather for this time of year. No, LCS does not have a pool. The only public pool I can think of is in Ribera’s. Maybe someone else knows of one near Ajijic.
  7. I don’t think this is a union in the same way we from NOB think of a union. Someone said Thugs...that is more likely. There have been a number of businesses threatened here over the year to pay “protection” money. This sounds more likely.
  8. We have lived here 10 years and have used the Miramontes the entire time. We travel at least 5-7 times a year and have used them as driver for medical procedures in Guadalajara. I have recommended them to many people. They have ALWAYS been reliable. From the many posts here it looks like artsnob is the only one who has had a problem. Perhaps it was a miscommunication since he didn’t give specifics.
  9. If you’re flying just pay for excess baggage. Check with your airline. Volaris to Seattle isn’t all that expensive for excess.
  10. Traderspoc aka Wayne has been doing our taxes for years and has saved us A LOT of money.
  11. Shaw Upgrade Just got an email from Shaw saying I willneed a new dish and receiver to get their channels. Anyone else get this? Would like to hear our local experts chime in.
  12. To me the major advantage is that the new location will be cooler. The village location is so hot from the oven inside that we only had delivery or did pick up. It will be nice to get a hot pizza out of the oven while sitting outside with some elbow room.
  13. If you are referring to the cart...that is Francisco’s and I think he is only open 830am until early afternoon. Always busy
  14. They should do fine in west Ajijic. We love their pizza, but their location is too small and waaaay too hot inside. The new location is great with parking and outdoor seating. They may be loosing some of their walk ins, but many people don’t want to drive into Ajijic. They will have many new customers.
  15. Call or email Gabe Gheda. Very reliable, we have used him for about 3 years and he has been able to fix our issues each time he comes over.....on time. Perfect English spoken etccomputers@gmail.com ‭(376) 765-2538‬
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