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  1. That's why I asked for the gender.... Not a name. If it's who I think, I'd PM the OP.
  2. Would this be a female "lawyer"?
  3. Depending on your exact needs, the reasonably new "Say Hi" App from Amazon works to translate over 100 spoken languages. Ukrainian is one of them. I tried it with my maid and at SuperLake and it works surprisingly well. Click here for more information - Say Hi App...
  4. Correct.... It's Chopo and in the strip plaza immediately west of Marisa's and the Real Estate office. If you click on the following link, it will show you where it is. You go in the very left entrance and follow the hallway to the end and turn right . It's right there. If you zoom in on the map view, the entrance is in front of the motorcycle. https://www.google.ca/maps/@20.3002003,-103.2560909,3a,36.4y,185.71h,86.23t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s7zgvSbpFToI2z3Z7EgJE0g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  5. They were open and testing last Wednesday when we did our tests. I think they open at 8.30 AM but we went at 10 AM and no wait. It was 200 pesos. We walked to Scallions for coffee and the results were ready 30 min. later - both hard copy and by email. No problem being accepted by American Airlines at GDL on Thursday AM.
  6. Oatsie


    I actually looked at a map and it is just past the fourth street on the left, north of the Glorieta. I know you are not a techie gringohombre, but if you ae a visual learner, here is a map from the American Legion to Letra CH. Click here for a map from the American Legion in Chapala to the Letra CH restaurant
  7. Oatsie


    Letra CH - del Mar's FaceBook page.
  8. Spencer McMullen is a lawyer and a Certified (by Mexican Gov't) translator. Link - Spencer McMullen - Chapala Law
  9. I'd suggest you contact Rosario Bedoya Guerrero, a registered Clinical Nutritionist. Her cell number is 331 928 3438 and has an office - Nutrycell - in the street level at the east end of the old Hole-in-One restaurant (4th Sentido), just west of the new San Antonio Hospital.
  10. ... and you think Spanish if difficult to learn?
  11. I just asked Sentido the other day via FB Messenger and this was their reply... "Sorry but we don’t have an elevator, but if you need some help out staff with be happy to help you"
  12. I wonder if the "new restaurant" is renting. If that's the case, it wouldn't pay to install an elevator. Same as the 4th Sentido in Riberas (the old-hole-in one).
  13. Any update on the current price of LP (propane) for home delivery in Lakeside ?
  14. Google Translate: Due to high demand, starting today and until March 31, it is not necessary to schedule an appointment, go to your nearest store to take your COVID-19 test
  15. I've tried to search for "propane tank capacity" and found over 1000 entries. I need the answer sooner than the 2 weeks it will take me to read all 1000 plus posts. What is the capacity of the normal household propane tank. I'd prefer an answer in litres, but......
  16. I have heard that a few Lakeside restaurants have a Prime Rib dinner special. Any suggestions of who, when, cost, and quality (best one) etc.? ? ? ?
  17. It is the first fund-raiser for the Tepehua Community Center in three years...please help us celebrate life and unity on April Fools day. Open air dining at the Sunrise in Riberas. It is fun to be a fool for the day. Plus help our Community reap the joys of living on a relatively even playing field. All meal tickets redeemable. If you can not party with us, come any day through April and the Sunrise Restaurant will honour your ticket for a first class meal. We have so much to be thankful for. TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE TEPEHUA TREASURES STORE IN RIBERAS AND AT THE SUNRISE RESTAURANT OR EMAILING MOONIIE KING – moonie1935 at yahoo.com DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE ...........IT WILL BE A BLAST GREAT PRIZES FOR BEST AND WORST COSTUMES
  18. The Lake Chapala Shrine Club is hosting a Mini RibFest - Dine with the Shrine at Adelitas on Wednesday, March 23 from 1 PM to 4 PM. The meal is only 500 pesos with a choice of either: A half rack of Adelitas famous ribs Chicken breast Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, or Pork Tenderloin It includes your choice of soup or salad and Cheese cake for dessert. Take out and home delivery can also be arranged. In 2021 our club paid $434,472 pesos to send 98 Lakeside children to our Shriners hospital in Mexico City and 29 Lakeside children for treatment locally or in Guadalajara. As always, there wasn't any charge to the patients' families. Please contact me or any Shriner ASAP to get tickets. They are expected to sell out quickly.
  19. It was back on around 2 PM..... Odd, but the internet was fine - just the phone out.
  20. Our home/landline in Chula Vista is out and I have tried others (using my cell phone) in the Fracc. AND one other in Ajijic and none of the calls go through. Any one else ?
  21. It's been a few years since the rumour of a McDonalds or Burger King coming to Lakeside.......😈
  22. As Shriners, we appreciate all of the public support we can muster. Because of Covid, our fund-raising activities have severely curtained even while the need of local children haven't. We are currently working on a mini RibFest that you will hear about shortly. As far as volunteers, we definitely could use someone to make and maintain a web page and other social media on the internet.
  23. 3 - 4 years ago Benno's Computer - in Interlago Plaza behind the Pemex on the Libremento sold them. Google says that the owner of Benno's (Luis) has moved to beside Poncho's but I don't know if he now sells MagicJack or if they are still at the original location, or both. Sorry I don't have any new information. Amazon Mexico lists them for sale....
  24. ibarra.... thanks for the update. I hope that when you do contact him you can straighten out the proper address and post it here fo all of us will know in the future,
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